10 Cardio Exercises that Burn More Calories than Running

10 Cardio Exercises that Burn More Calories than Running

Almost for certain, people have rested on to the fact that running is the best if not the sole reliable way to lose the stubborn, unwanted fat in the body. Surely, there are truths that come to this claim, as many have already seen results from doing so. However, generations of research and even plain experience due to desired innovation have brought about new ideas, exercises, and diets that can certainly bring change. That being said, herewith is a discussion regarding the other more effective exercises to try out other than hitting the treadmill and putting it at the highest setting.

Before anything else, it is worth noting that running is not ruled out as an effective exercise. The same goes for simple brisk walking, which burns at 300 to 400 calories in an hour’s time. Walking is highly advisable for those who are injured, as well as currently in an obese state. However, this can only go so far, especially when it comes to the bigger scale goals and chasing time. Overall, walking is still a highly considerable option despite a slight disadvantage compared to the forthcoming entries on this list.


Also considered a triathlete sport, cycling does wonders to the body, almost identical to running but with a few other perks. Burning up to 600 calories per hour, this can be done whether stationary (mounted, like in gyms) or on the road, the good old-fashion way. With something as simple as tweaking the resistance, anyone who wishes to engage in this can certainly turn up or tone down the intensity of their workout.


Like the exercise above, rowing can be done indoors or outdoors, dependent on goals, availability and current strength. Rowing burns out around 840 calories per hour, obviously a higher burning percentage. Some can even attest that rowing is the best fat-burning exercise there is, using multiple muscle groups and body parts alike to accomplish the move. Despite being a solid, effective action, the injury rate of rowing is outstandingly low, which means that those who wish to engage in this workout will feel a significant sense of safety.


In a way, this can be called a “given” since swimming is a household sport. Even with the absence of conventional sweat-induced exercises, swimming can eliminate up to 600 calories per hour. This can strike naysayers odd due to the irrational logic of being in a weightless environment, but practitioners can grasp on to the fact that swimming works just as well as the other exercises on this list.

High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT

This is one of the newer but definitely not less effective ways to burn fat. A combined set of aerobic exercises plus an imposed time limit will certainly work wonders for the body, with fat-burning capacity that can last up to 24 hours after the workout. Many have resorted to this workout not only to due to the results that it promotes but also because of the sheer diversity that people can undergo upon doing so.

Boxing/Jump Rope

Of course, this list cannot miss the disciplines of combat sports, as it has been known in the past to produce great output due to the convincing training regimen present. Boxing burns almost equally if not more than running, given the continuous movement and short intervals between exercises. Not to mention the fact that boxing is a fairly good means of self-defense and for the simpler aficionados, a consistent hobby that contributes to good health altogether. In the same manner, incorporating jump rope training adds a whole new level of burning into the routine.

Kickboxing/Muay Thai

As mentioned above, martial arts is a go-to cardio exercise that garners great outcome for its practitioners. While boxing is a classic means of sweating, kickboxing holds a strong upper hand with the combination of not just punches, but also kicks, knees and elbow strike. Simply put, it is a whole body workout which not only increases the fat-burning process, but also a person’s strength output.

Battle Ropes

Another fresh exercise to take note of, battle ropes are usually found in gyms and can be used with absolute ease. Aside from weights, this huge paraphernalia is laid out for anyone, and with the consistent whipping or lashing motion that the body needs to finish, the fat-burning hardly ceases. Moreover, usual training circuits suggest battle ropes be aligned with other compound or even isolated exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups and so on.


A consistently recurring activity to date, skiing is also one of the better outdoor activities to try if one has not already. Using the whole body to keep a steady, safe position while mobile, skiing instigates a full-body workout that is not only efficient but also typically fun. It may cost a few necessary types of equipment, but in the long run, this will prove useful for future use.


Technically, burpees can be considered as basic and a must when one trains for overall fitness. With the burning capacity dependent on a person’s present progress, burpees are flexible and can be done anywhere at any given time. This can also be combined with other relevant cardio exercises such as battle ropes and can be inserted into sports training routines alike. Through time, burpees have become a staple from beginner to advanced athletes everywhere.

Kettlebell Swings/Routines

Finishing off the list is one that presumably not many have attempted thus far, namely the kettlebell swings. With a variety of weights, motion and programs to choose from, kettlebell routines have become a fad not just for the traditional fitness buffs but also to the casual or up and coming enthusiasts of losing weight. A program can run from minutes to an hour which can burn more than 300 calories, increasing bodily strength and coordination in the process. Kettlebell workouts are definitely not one to scoff at, especially since the human body may not be completely used to this motion when starting.

Final Verdict

As all of the enumerated options in this list come with a diversity of styles and methods, they all lead to the physical progress of every individual. There are a lot of matters to consider when it comes to choosing which exercise of choice one can utilize the most. This involves lifestyle, time consumption, physical condition (injuries, illness, handicapped, pregnancy and so on), diet plans, goals and more, so taking time and consulting a physician is vital. Conclusively, one’s caloric intake and daily activities affect progress, so make sure to account for these factors when trying to make a change in your physical embodiment.

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