10 Ways You Can Give Back to the Community Through Exercise

10 Ways You Can Give Back to the Community Through Exercise

Are you a health and fitness enthusiast? Did you know that you could give back to your community just by exercising? Yes, you could! Read along and you’ll see that there are actually several ways that you could keep yourself healthy and fit while lending some help to those in need. By the calories you lose, some cash or kind could be gained for charity through these ten ways presented in this article. You could set yourself up for some exercising for a cause with any of these ways mentioned below.

Charity Miles

The more miles you go as you walk; run; or bike, the more money goes to charity through the mobile app, Charity Miles. This is an app that tracks how many miles you’ve reached through GPS. For every mile you reached, you’re able to raise money for any charity that you choose, from among the 40 charities they have partnered with, as the corporate sponsors associated with Charity Miles donate to them. So, if you usually track the miles you’ve reached in your workout, why not use this dual-purpose app. You’re already able to track your miles, and at the same time, you’re able to go the extra mile for a cause you care about.

Workout Mission

With Workout Mission, you could be motivated to achieve your workout goals and at the same time, you’ll be able to donate $10 to one of five featured charities that you choose from called “missions” such as the likes of Special Olympics, Challenged Athletes Foundation, and Big Brothers Big Sisters upon completing 10 workouts. And every time a mission is fulfilled, there will then come a new mission.

You can set the number and kind of workouts for yourself in your Workout Calendar. It’s up to you whether it’s Zumba, lifting weights, swimming, tennis, running, biking, or whatever it is you’re into doing. Once you’re done with a workout, you can log it into your calendar. You undergo a process in which you strive to complete work out goals and you can celebrate every time you finish 10 workouts through donation.


Imagine a company composed of individuals aiming to live healthy lifestyles and doing it also for charity, that is what Plus3 strives to promote to the working class. How about your company? If you’re interested in this option and can picture you and your co-workers participating in some health challenges and wellbeing programs, you and your co-workers should definitely go for it. A workers’ health condition is as important as professional performance. Moreover, it could affect productivity. You could maintain a healthy living with this app, as can you see your progress in the fitness tracker and even hold a friendly competition in the leaderboard standing and donation goals once you sync your fitness trackers together.

Plus3 benefits not only you, not only your co-workers but also others as charity. There are options you could choose from in Plus3 that you and your co-workers can undertake in your pursuance of a healthy lifestyle such as the 30 or 90-day challenge and the Lifestyle 360 which each has hosting, customization, and results in fee and a suggested charitable donation per participant. You get to decide which charities to support and how much to donate.

Atlas Run

All are worth the sweat and miles one reaches running, walking, or hiking, as there is more to just keeping fit for the self that one can attain in Atlas Run. Like Charity Miles, Atlas Run uses GPS to track how far you’ve gone. In turn, the miles you’ve gone are converted to donations for good causes, such as giving aid those experiencing hunger, homelessness, and unemployment funded by corporate sponsors and non-profit organizations.

Girls on the Run

It can be very fulfilling to be a part of an organization wherein you can see the development from the effort you contributed. In Girls on the Run, you can volunteer as a running buddy, after-school coach, or race day volunteer for the 5k running event at each season’s conclusion. Keep fit with third to eighth-grade girls in this non-profit organization that empowers girls and teach them life skills by developing them through a running program.

Walk for a Dog

What are friends for, right? Walk for a Dog is an app that allows you to do a charitable act for man’s best friend that may be as simple as just walking your dog but could make a big difference. Whenever you and your furry buddy go out for a walk, just turn on the tracking tech and it will tally your workout. The amount of the donation you earned from walking your dog, which is funded by sponsorships and advertising, then goes to your chosen local animal shelter or preferred national organization.

American Cancer Society’s walking/running/biking events against cancer

Join the American Cancer Society against the fight against cancer. The American Cancer Society raises funds, conducts research, supports patients, and promote awareness as well as prevention. They hold walking/running/biking events as one of their means to achieve their mission to save lives and free the world from cancer which you can find more details of on their website, www.cancer.org.

Bic Bands

In working out, we have to be in proper workout gear. To keep our hair back when we work out, especially for those with long hair, we need to wear a workout headband. One good suggestion for a headband would be Bic Band. Aside from the fact that these Bic Bands are cute and functional, some of the company’s proceeds go to organizations such as Free Wheelchair Mission; The Cupcake Girls; and The One Fund, Boston. And when you buy Bic Bands, you are supporting local products and the women in the community behind those designs.


Another one you’ll be needing in your workout gear would be socks, and if you’re going to stock up on your socks, get yourself some Bombas. The sock brand that is “buy one give one”. For every pair of sock you buy, the company donates another pair to a homeless shelter.


For those fond of hiking, you could gear up with Cotopaxi. Cotopaxi is an outdoor brand that gives 2% of their revenue to non-profit organizations that work toward the alleviation of poverty and the advancement of health, education, in developing countries.

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