13 Tips on How to Recover From a Rough Workout

13 Tips on How to Recover From a Rough Workout

Before we tackle how you can recuperate after shedding those sweats at the gym and stretching those muscles, let us discuss first why a time-off is important after a workout.

Why do you need to rest?

Taking a rest is very beneficial to your overall health. Experts say that you don’t really grow muscles inside the gym. It happens after. Lifting weights cause tears in your muscle tissues that can only repair when you rest.

A day off from the gym also prevents you from overtraining. That word should be dreaded as it leads to decreased immunity, elevated blood pressure, and decreased performance, among others.

What you eat also matters. After shedding those sweats at the gym, you need to replenish your body fluids and refuel it with nutrients.

Going through a tough workout shouldn’t hinder you from achieving your body goals. There are plenty of ways on how to recover so you can keep pushing.

Get some shut-eye

Sleep is vital for your overall physical health. Your body cells start to reenergize the moment you sleep. Your brain also functions better after. Studies show that people who are sleep-deprived tend to consume more calories and gain weight unhealthily.

Good sleep is also proven to increase productivity and performance among athletes.

Drink plenty of water

You shed a lot of body fluids when you work out. You need to replenish them by chugging down lots of water every so often. Our body is composed of about 60% water. These bodily fluids are vital for digestion, blood circulation, transportation of nutrients, as well as maintenance of body temperature.

Lacking water in your body can just result in damage not only to your body muscles but your overall health.

Listen to your favorite music

Music is known to help reduce stress, blood pressure, and anxiety.  Most people also find it easier to sleep better after hearing good music (talk about hitting two birds with one stone).

So you can now hit the “play” button and be amazed by the power of music.

Consume Protein

When people hear protein and exercise, they associate it with those they see in bodybuilding competitions.

Protein is important to anyone, especially those who are hitting the gym. When you exercise, you tear muscle fibers apart. Enough amount of protein is needed for your body to repair those tissues.

You can get protein from beans, soy produce and products, nuts, and protein bars and milkshakes, among others.

Chug down chocolate milk

Chocolate is a good source of both protein and carbohydrates, which both help with energy and recovery after a workout. According to a recent study, exercise makes a person crave dessert.

Since this sweet drink is beneficial for your recovery, you can crave all you want. Just make sure to have moderate consumption.

Get yourself a foam roller

When we say time-off after a workout, it doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot be moving. Keeping your muscles in motion can bring you relief.

You can roll back and forth on a foam roller to help soothe muscle tightness. Roll on the side of your body that is painful or stiff for about 60 seconds.

This is one of the best massages you can give yourself.

Get serious about post-workout nutrition

Consuming the right food after working out is as important as what you eat before.  When you exercise, your muscles consume glycogen stores for fuel.

Recuperation of these lost nutrients and damaged body tissues can be faster if you eat the right nutrients soon after you work out.

You would mostly need protein for muscle repair, carbs for glycogen refuel and body recovery and fat for muscle growth.

See the following food item examples:

RiceTrail Mix (dried fruits and nuts)
Rice CakesAvocado
Sweet PotatoesNuts
FruitsNut Butters
Dark, Leafy Vegetables

Empower yourself

You’ve been through tough times, including this serious training. Do something that makes you feel empowered. Whether it be singing in the bathroom or wearing your favorite red lipstick.

Kick alcohol to the curb

While alcohol is seen to have a health benefit of increasing good cholesterol at a low consumption, gulping down more than the right amount can just lead to disasters.

Aside from falling into the trap of consuming too many extra calories, your body’s protein synthesis may also decrease.

So better curb your alcohol cravings after a workout if you want to fully recover.

Get a massage

Who wouldn’t want a good massage after being exhausted? No one. Not only does it feel good, but it is also beneficial to our health. Studies show that massage can help reduce chronic low-back pain and leg strains.

Massage therapy is also seen to have potential in helping reduce anxiety and depression.

Get social

Nothing beats being with people who make you feel good after going through a tough time, like a rough workout. Make time to socialize with your friends or family, so you’ll not focus more on the physical pain that you’re experiencing. Rather the happy moments that you share.

Make a cold bath your best friend

You might have heard some myth about a cold bath being bad after a workout. However, studies suggest that taking a full-body plunge after an exercise can reduce inflammation and soreness.

Wear Compression Clothing

Compression garments are clothing items such as socks, tights, and other garments that fit tightly around the skin. They aim to reduce muscle soreness and expedite recovery, improving performance.

To know more about the benefits of compression clothing according to some studies, you can visit this page.

We hope that the things that we have wrapped up in this article will be helpful for your recovery. As we have mentioned before, experiencing pain and straining those muscles should not hinder you from achieving your fitness goals and honing that dream body.

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