4 Easy Ways on How You Can Fix Your Lower Back Pain from Squats

4 Easy Ways on How You Can Fix Your Lower Back Pain from Squats

Squats is one of the most popular yet difficult physical routines that one may experience. But regardless of the fact that it may give you so much pain and challenges, you can expect that all of these sacrifices will all pay off in the time since squats can help you to improve your overall strength including your physique. However, if the pain that you are experiencing is coming from your lower back, you should stop doing the squats since this is not a normal thing when doing this routine. So how to fix lower back pain from squats? Well, before we answer this issue, you have to know first the possible reasons why you are having a lower back pain. So let’s see the list below:

  • Poor technique or strategy in doing the squats.
  • Lack of warm-up exercise before doing the routine.
  • Your squat position is incorrect.
  • You are progressing too fast.

So now that we already determined some of the reasons why you are having a lower back pain every time you are doing your squats, the next thing that you have to do is to immediately fix the issue so you can reap the full benefits of squats such as having a more powerful cardiovascular system, enhanced overall core strength and physique. That being said, if you want to take advantage of these amazing stuff, then let’s go down to business!

Poor technique or strategy

Solution: Wrong squat technique/s will truly give you an intense lower back pain. For an instance, if you are using a high bar and your squat position is the same with you how you sit, you will surely experience a back pain may be because your bar is too high. Another technique that is wrong with high bar is that your body is leaning forwardly.

So in this case, the best thing that you have to do to fix these wrong techniques is to keep your back straight including your torso or by simply putting your bar in a bit lower level so it can perfectly work according to your leverage.

Or if you are using a low bar, prevent yourself from putting your body and weight from a very low level since this will also give you a lower back pain. To do the low bar squats more efficient, simply balance your bar and your squats in a parallel manner so you can properly reach your depth.

Lack of warm-up exercise

Solution: Whether you are doing squats or not, it is very crucial to do some warm-up exercises first because this will serve as your body fuel to keep you from working. Additionally, warm-up exercises will help you from avoiding the muscle cramps and intense body pain since this will condition your overall body muscle including your cardiovascular system.

So before getting straight to your squat routine, it is very important that you warm up your upper and lower body for at least minutes to guarantee that you can go deep in your squats without any pain or inconvenience.

Thus, if you want to avoid injuries and lower back pain, you should do the following warm-up exercises:

  1. Torso turns (15 times in both directions)
  2. Bends (30 to 40 times for both directions)
  3. Hip rotation (10 circles on left; 10 circles on right)
  4. Sit-ups (30 seconds)
  5. Superman exercise (20 times while holding each lift of arms and legs for about 1 second)
  6. Arm circles (20 times front, back, and opposite directions)
  7. Forearm circles (30 seconds inner direction; 30 seconds outer direction)
  8. Wrist rotation (60 seconds for both directions)

Wrong squat position

Solution: There is a right posture and position when doing squats. And if you will follow and practice the right way of doing this routine, you can expect that lower back pain will be totally eliminated. So to properly do squats, the first thing that you have to do is to make sure that the width of your shoulder is the same with the open of your feet and legs.

After that, try to push your hips a bit lower as if you are sitting in an invisible chair. While doing this, make sure your back is in a straight position and your abs tight. And then, you have to bend your knees now for about 90 degrees while holding the tightness of your core muscles.

There you have it! Simply do this for about 10 to 20 times until you master the right position. And if you think that you can already stand on doing these things, you can now add your equipment and do it with much care or better yet, ask for assistance if you are using some weights.

Progress is too fast

Solution: If you are progressing your squat routines in a very fast manner, it has the tendency to give you a lower back pain because you are stressing your muscles too much. Additionally, forcing yourself to upgrade your squats and add more weights will not help you at all. But instead, it will just give you pure body pain which may result in a weakened core strength and muscles.

So when doing squats, it is best suggested to follow a sequence to know when you can increase the level of difficulty of your routine. Do the sequence with tempo and rest to avoid complications. Or better yet, hire an expert or browse the internet on how you can slowly increase your strength, speed, power, and technique to get an accurate guidance. Remember, it is much better to start with baby steps until you learn how to move forward.

Overall, doing squats is not an easy task to deal with. This routine requires commitment, determination, and passion since this will really test your patience and inner strength. But all of these things will only be achieved if you will do your squats the right way. So always do the right posture and technique to avoid lower back pain and also for you to see the winning result and benefits of squats.

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