6 Ways on How to Discipline Yourself to Wake Up Early

It’s 7 am but Chris is still in bed snoozing. The alarm has been reset for more than 10 times because he was supposed to wake up at 6 am and have some big breakfast before attending an early meeting at the office. But just like his previous plans, he fails again. Is this scenario familiar to you? How to discipline yourself to wake up early is the most daunting task most people experience. There’s nothing more comforting than getting some more sleep especially on days when you feel exhausted. However, if you forgive yourself whenever you miss important engagements because you don’t wake up early, it becomes a habit. Would you let the worst thing to happen before you take concrete actions or discipline yourself while you still can? Here are several ways that may help you wake up early. Get back on the track and take charge of your mornings again!

Keep Yourself Off Your Gadgets At Least 2 Hours Before You Sleep

It’s undeniable that gadgets aggravate exhaustion explicitly because of the extra time you spend on them. Whether you check your social media accounts or play games, gadgets make you forget the time by keeping you entertained. While you may feel relaxed, the truth is, your brain becomes stimulated and more active in the process. The result? It may take a few more hours before your brain signals your body that it already needs to rest. It will then be required to compensate for the energy lost through sleeping more. If you are really bent on waking up early, stay away from your gadgets at least 2 hours before you sleep to give your brain ample time to condition itself.

Stop Using Alarm Clock

It may sound impossible to wake up without an alarm clock but discipline actually starts when you stop using it. I understand your dependency towards it but one way of compelling yourself to take responsibility for waking up early is to simply rely on your body clock. When your body gets enough rest, it automatically becomes activated. If you sleep early, you will also wake up early, that’s still the most acceptable analogy. On the other hand, using an alarm clock doesn’t only make you reliant on it but also undisciplined.

Avoid Using Dark Curtains

Dark curtains make your room gloomy and sleep-inducing so always choose lighter ones. Also, try to pick curtains that are transparent so sunlight can penetrate into your room. As soon as the sun rises in the morning, you will automatically be greeted by the sunlight and that will force you to wake up. Knowing how to discipline yourself to wake up early can sometimes occur through certain realizations. By allowing natural things to dominate your ways towards making positive changes, nothing is impossible. Let the sun be your companion every morning.

Spend 30 Minutes On Some Cardio Workouts Before Going To Bed

A relaxing sleep is essential to your goal of waking up early. A good exercise, on the other hand, can promote sound sleep. If you hit the treadmill or simply spend time jogging outside for 30 minutes a few hours before you sleep, the activity can eventually induce sleep. Instead of checking your gadgets or watching TV, invest your time in activities that may require you to move before bedtime. Again, discipline is involved here and may challenge you to choose what you need versus what you want. You simply need to remember that your goal is to wake up early in order to be more productive at work. There should be no more excuses.

Eat Something Light For Dinner and Earlier

Oooopppsss… Don’t think this is misleading. The whole point of eating dinner earlier is not to lose weight but to make you hungry in the morning. For example, if you have some salad and chicken for dinner at 6 PM, the chances of getting hungry at 5 or 6 in the morning get high. When hunger strikes, you don’t have any choice but to wake up. Don’t get this advice wrong. The ways on how to discipline yourself to wake up early are boundless and experimenting with things that may challenge your endurance is the best way to develop discipline. So, the next time you have your dinner, choose something light and have it as early as possible.

Set The Timer for Your Aircon/Fan/Heater 2 Hours Before You Intend To Wake Up

Another probable reason why it’s hard to wake up early in the comfort your aircon/fan/heater brings. In hot places, it feels so good when your room is well ventilated. In cold areas, a heating system would be excellent to neutralize the freezing temperature. So here is the trick, you need to set your ventilation or heater at least 2 hours before you plan to wake up. Let’s say you intend to wake up at 7 am the next morning, set the timer at 5 am. This way, you will feel the extreme difference in the temperature and will be pushed to wake up.

Condition Your Mind As Much As Your Body

Above all things, how you discipline yourself to wake up early comes from mind and body conditioning. No amount of external influence can commensurate with the power of your mind and body combined. If you really want to change this habit of waking up late and veer towards rising earlier, you need to control your mind and force your body to follow no matter what circumstances occur the night before. Taking charge of your mornings and getting back on track need to be a firm decision. Tell yourself to change and set the goal towards making that big leap. Discipline, after all, starts with yourself.

Are you still not sure if you can wake up early tomorrow without the help of your alarm clock? It’s time to take these ways seriously and see how everything goes. Remember that there is nothing too difficult for someone armed with determination and perseverance. Aim it right tomorrow morning!