Danskin Medicine Ball

A Guide and Review to the Soft and Flexible Danskin Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are your ultimate buddy in the gym. It’s highly mobile, easy to use, and flexible to various types of workouts. Moreover, you could also exercise with this medicine ball while at home. It’s an excellent remedy to get sweat in a busy and work hectic day.

The Danskin Medicine Ball is well-toned exercise equipment designed for women who love to workout.

If you want to know more about this medicine ball, then you’re in the right track. We’ll share our experience with this exercise equipment through this on-detailed review.

Brief Overview of the Product

Empower is a community started to motivate and allow women to set their goals. This company started as a concept generally most addressed to women who want to do fitness in their homes. They do not just empower women rather help them excel and practice a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

Part of their project is the Danskin Medicine Ball. Its an all-around exercise accessory improving your body’s vital cores. It’s a great alternative to dumbbells, building strength and muscular endurance. Indeed, it’s an excellent way to empower women!

Who is this Product for?

Though highly advertised only for women, it still suited for use to men who want to exercise. It’s a tool used for everyone at any ages or gender alike. It’s a uniquely flexible way to bring your exercise wherever you are. The manufacturer may endorse this product’s exclusivity for women. However, believe me, in fitness, gender is not an issue. Everybody’s entitled to be fit and healthy.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy Grip Ball

Whatever movement to any desired angles or positions, you’ll find comfortable to catch, throw, or hand over the ball as needed. It has a soft and smooth yet ideal ball texture for grip into its surface. This ball provides control for convenient squeezing it in different directions.

  • Multipurpose Workout Use

A truly versatile ball product to improve your body’s conditions. It enhances your coordination, balance, and muscle resistance. It’s a good way to start your day with workouts such as the reverse lunge, pullover crunch, and adductor walk. These type of workout activities are serving as a guide which is included in the package.

  • Excellent Material Design

Mainly purpose for women, you’ll expect that it will get a feminine touch. Its modernly made with a high-quality latex-free vinyl coating material that gives it a soft, secure, and tacky grip. Its interiors are sand-filled with squishiness feels that delivers stability and balance upon use. It’s circular-shaped with varying diameter depending on the weight of the material. Respectively, a 6-pound ball is about 6-inch diameter, an 8-pound ball is about 6.8-inch diameter, and a 10-pound ball has a 7.4-inch diameter.

  • Variety of Weight and Color Options

There are three available color options that consequently corresponds to a specific weight it possesses. Specifically, a 6-pound ball has a green color, an 8-pound ball has a blue color, and a 10-pound ball possesses a yellow color.

  • Easy Operation

It’s a strength-training activity for fun and convenient muscle building operations. It’s easy to lift, catch, throw, and swing the balls as needed. You don’t have to be assisted by an instruction manual to do exercise. It’s an enjoyable experience to tone and tighten muscles for a flexible movement.

Other Features and Benefits

Other than the things mentioned above, there are other features and benefits that are worth acknowledging. This includes the following;

  • Effortless Transfer

Weighing only about 10 pounds and small in stature, you’ll definitely be able to easily transfer this ball from one place to another. It’s convenient to bring it into different areas from your homes, gyms, to multiple types of workplaces.

  • Excellent for Sports Training

Use this medicine ball for strenuous and high-maintenance training. It’s a perfect exercise for sports enthusiasts most especially those involve a lot of catching and lifting. It will definitely improve your physical abilities such as strength and agility.

What We Like

  • Simple to Use
  • Soft-Textured Material
  • Well-Toned and Stable Ball
  • Variety of Exercise Positions
  • Multiple Weights and Color Options

What We Don’t Like

  • It will leave a mark in wooden surfaces

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FAQ and Additional Tips

  • Does this ball float?

Sadly, it doesn’t go well with water. It ain’t a beach ball or it isn’t purposely created for water-related activities. Nonetheless, it will definitely not float and for sure will sink if you throw it into the pool or water.

  • Does it come with a DVD?

Well, it doesn’t come with a DVD instruction manual. Though, it includes a small paper guide on various exercises that you could do while using this medicine ball. However, if you feel discontented, you could always look online and research for more exercises to recreate. Also, if you are confused about how to use this, you could always ask the manufacturer and visit its pages or website to accompany you regarding this process.

  • Does this medicine ball bounce?

No, it won’t bounce that much. It’s quite heavy, filled mostly with sand. It ain’t like any other balls with air inflated on it. Thus, you can’t expect that it will bounce a lot.

  • Is this a slam ball?

For beginners, it could be a starting slam ball. It has a bit of ‘squishiness’ that prevents it to bounce quite much. Just don’t overdo it, or else the ball will get distorted.

  • Could men use this?

Though it’s exclusively designed for women, this medicine ball could also be used by men. It’s great for light to moderate workouts.

Our Final Verdict

Designed exclusively for women, this medicine ball is quite softly textured suitable for light to moderate type of exercise. It is also great for warm-up exercises. It comes also of various sizes and weights the way you wanted. Overall, it’s a good-shot of purchasing this ball. I definitely recommend it for those who want for easy use ball exercises. Just be careful not to put or lay it over wooden surfaces, my friend. For more information, you could check it here to get you more details regarding this medicine ball.

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