AmazonBasics Medicina Ball at Amazon

Embrace the Classic: Get AmazonBasics Medicina Ball at Amazon

Our workouts are sometimes used by assisting tools. One of the most known types of equipment used for fitness is medicine balls. These balls vary in weights and sizes are an excellent way to intensify your exercises.

The AmazonBasics Medicine Ball possesses a standard ball design yet astoundingly incorporates strong and reliable ball performance. Majorly, it’s manufactured from high-quality materials finished with a strong grip for flexible use. If you want to know more, then we’ll share to you our thoughts about this ball.

Brief Overview of the Product

AmazonBasics brings you closer to everything around you. From home, offices, schools, to gyms, there’ll always be an AmazonBasics brand that you could use. It’s a highly diverse company that combines product quality and value at its optimum.

The AmazonBasics Medicine Ball is just one of their fitness equipment sold. It’s well-designed by a range of fitness experts to ensure aesthetic efficiency and comfort upon use. It’s an all-around brand catering ordinary people who love to exercise even at their homes.

Who is this Product for?

Men or women, young and old. Everyone’s welcome to use this medicine ball. It has a sport-themed design to easily captivate people to use this equipment. It includes a wide range of weights from 4 pounds to 20 pounds at different colors for a great course selection depending on people’s preference. Definitely, a versatile medicine ball suitable for anyone who desires to use it.

Get AmazonBasics Medicina Ball at Amazon

Key Features and Benefits

  • Sturdy Construction

This circular ball at one look resembles a ball used in the sport basketball. It’s widely black striped with a range of color depending on the weight and diameter of the ball. Its outer shell is rubber textured with rough and corrugated lines for easy grip upon use. Its filling is unknown yet feels quite solid and evenly distributed upon its manufacture. We guess it could be sand with a mixture of unknown material.

  • Multi-Range Weight Availability

This model sells at most 10 available weight varieties. These weights include 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14,15, 16, 18, and 20 pounds. For easy identification, the balls are color coded. Among the colors currently on their ball models include orange, purple, green, yellow, light green, red, dark and light blue. Ball diameters among balls could range from 7.5 inches to 11.5 inches respectively.

  • Fitness Versatility

This medicine ball could be used on a different type of workouts. It improves strength, balance, and body coordination. It’s a weight training ball suitable for upper and lower body workouts. Nonetheless, you could do various exercises such as arm raise, squat, sit-up, or lunges.

  • Easy to Use

With an excellent variation, this ball could be utilized for various types of workouts. You don’t have to read a lot of manuals while using this. All you have to do is recreate and improvise fitness exercises. It’s best to research online what particular workouts that you could do using a medicine ball.

Other Features and Benefits

Apart from the features mentioned, here are some of these things to remember. This includes the following;

  • Bouncing Medicine Ball

Unlike any other medicine ball, this ball bounces a bit more than usual even on the hardest surfaces. Thus, it’s important to keep caution when using this ball. You’ll get hurt if you put too much force while slamming it into the floor or even in the wall.

  • Convenient to Grip

Its outer shell is most specifically designed with crimpled layers to ensure total grip upon use. Nevertheless, catching and throwing the ball is convenient while utilization of this ball.

What We Like

  • Simple Operation
  • Sturdy Material Quality
  • Comfortable Grasp
  • Multi-level Weights
  • Can Conveniently Bounce
  • Could be used on different exercises

What We Don’t Like

  • Chemical Smell with the first use

Get AmazonBasics Medicina Ball at Amazon

FAQ and Additional Tips

  • Does it float in water?

This ball seems very solid and dense. It will definitely sink into the water upon placing it over. Nevertheless, this ball ain’t suitable for water-related activities. It should never be used in swimming pools or beaches and exclusively for doing workouts in homes or to the gym.

  • Would the floor get damaged after you bounce this?

It depends on what material used on making the floor and how much force you’d put into it.  Concretes are easy to break. It’s best to not attempt on bouncing the ball most especially if you have highly fragile floor material. Safety is the priority when you’re using this ball.

  • Do I need to inflate this?

It’s definitely not inflatable. It’s dominantly solid with no air filled into it. Not quite sure though which material it’s filled, it could be sand, gel, or anything.

  • What weight of the medicine ball should I buy?

It depends on your vital statistics. If you’re quite tall and a bit muscular, you could start on 14 pounds. However, if this is your first time, an adult could use at least 10 pounds of weight. For teenagers, it’s recommended to start at 8 pounds.

  • Is this latex-free?

It’s not quite sure if it’s latex-free. There’s no indication or notice upon receiving the package. However, let’s just assume that with its smell, there could be a possibility that it contains latex.

  • Does it include a DVD instruction manual?

No, it does not have any. However, you don’t need a manual to help assist in using the ball itself. All you have to do is reinvent on the available methods on various exercises. Research and careful planning is key to this.

Our Final Verdict

It’s a pretty popular brand with more than 1000 reviews on Amazon. It’s convenient for use on the different type of workouts from lunges, situps, and even presses. It’s very durable for long term use. Additionally, it’s quite practical comparing its quality and current price.

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