Bargain The Most Well-Hidden Tips on How to Build Shoulder Without Weights

Bargain The Most Well-Hidden Tips on How to Build Shoulder Without Weights

Even if you don’t have weights, you can still do a super efficient, muscle building and power workout. Another plus for shoulder exercises without weights is that these get to increase the health status of your joints, as opposed to regular lifting.

Further, in this article, you can bargain some of the most well-hidden tips on how to build shoulder without weights, including practical guidance and some useful tricks to shoot your workout to another level!

What Are The Benefits of Training Your Shoulders Without Weights?

One of the principal advantages of working out your shoulders without weights is that you can do it anywhere, anytime. Also, the shoulder joints are among the most easily injured ones, as they are much more unstable, compared to all the rest of your body. Thus, training with free weights hides higher risks of performing poorly the movements.

When it comes to the progress you can make with or without weights – it mostly sums up to your level of persistence.

Another benefit of own-weight shoulder sessions is that you can increase the difficulty of the exercises almost effortlessly, and of course, with less risk of contusions.

What Are The Best Exercises For Building Shoulder Without Weights?

There are many options on how to execute an excellent workout, using nothing but your body weight throughout the whole process. And here is the top five moves you can adopt for massive and sculpted shoulders without free weights.

  • Do The Crab Walk

For a starting position, you need to sit on the floor. Then, you need to place your hands under your shoulders. Your feet must stand flat while your knees are slightly bent. What you have to do next is to raise your hips above the floor. Your entire body position will then remind the form of a crab. Afterward, you have to walk to the front, moving your left leg and right arm, as well as vice versa. Don’t forget to keep your chest up and the hips low for maximum benefits.

Keep the crab walk for as long as you can perform it, without lowering the quality execution of the movements. Typically, about a minute should be enough. Rest for half the time that you have been crabbing around, and repeat for three up to four sets.

  • The Traditional Wide Grip Pullup

For this one, you will need a chin-up bar. Moreover, you will have to focus on hanging your hands with a much broader grip, as compared to the traditional pull-ups. Your palms must face forward, and your arms must be in a large-scale position, exceeding your shoulder width.

Next, start pulling yourself up, until your chin reaches over the bar. Make sure you squeeze your shoulder blades together so that you can make the most out of the controlled movement for better shoulder growth. Make as many repetitions as possible, and aim for four to five sets.

If you are only a beginner, don’t get upset if you can do as little as just a few reps! Practice creates perfection. Moreover, pull-ups require extensive involvement of many other muscle groups, so it does take some patience until you master your pull-up sessions.

  • The Untraditional Push-Up

In the case you are still wondering how to build shoulder without weights, then you might just come to some valuable insights, soon after you try the shoulder-press version of the traditional push-ups. There is an array of reasons which make push-ups a cult classic. That’s why it can be the best idea ever for you to include more of these, regardless of your fitness level!

First, you will need to get into the regular pushup position. The difference here is that you will also need to place your feet on a bench, box, or just about any object that can serve as a suitable option for this purpose.

Afterward, you have to raise your bootie facing the ceiling. You can do this by bending your hips, which will make your torso turn into a vertical angle. Next, you have to proceed by lowering your body all the way down to the floor. That’s until your head is placed between your hands. Then, you will be able to feel the tension in your shoulder area and simply press back to finish one rep.

Bonus Expert Tips on Building Shoulder Without Weights

Every professional bodybuilder will admit that more than 60% of their fitness results is due to proper nutrition. That means you might be training with huge weights and still get less progress than somebody who can track his meals better than you.

And so, if you want to support the shoulder muscles quality, growth, and cut, you need to pay high attention to what you put on your plate. Some of the best pre-workout foods include about 30% complex carbs, 50% proteins, 10% healthy fats, and subsequently, about 10% fibers.

If you want to have the perfect post-workout dish, then you should aim for taking your proteins as soon as you finish a workout. You can also include an additional source of amino acids, which is a huge plus, as this will help to save the muscles from getting eaten up by the body.

Nevertheless, you can also munch on something which consists of simple carbohydrates, as long as you do this the sooner you finish working out. That’s another way to support the process of building shoulders without weights since the sugars are going to provide your organism with quick energy, not allowing it to burn the muscles.

Don’t forget that after-workout protein shakes, amino acids, sources of fast carbs, or any other fast muscle restorative tools will not substitute the importance of your post-training session meal. You must still have a sustainable dose of slow carbs, proteins, fibers, and a balanced portion of saturated-unsaturated fats. Most importantly, make sure you have your meal for no later than an hour after finishing your circuit.

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