Barre Workouts: How to do It?

Workouts can be too challenging, you have to wake up early, run a few miles or go to the gym. You need to have a strong sense of commitment to ensure that you do workout properly, and you’ll have to wait for a couple of months to see results. But not everyone will get the results that they want, some will develop bulky muscles and sore body for days.

Are you looking for the best workout that will fit your body -type perfectly? Imagine yourself committing to a workout session without having to go through rigorous training. Having well-toned and leaned muscles can be achieved easily and committing to a workout will never be an issue.

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Barre workouts were developed by German ballerina Lotte Berk after having a back injury. She thought it would be beneficial if she incorporated her dance conditioning routine and therapy session together. Upon opening her first studio in her London basement in 1959, it was mentioned that a few famous faces like Barbara Streisand would frequent the studio.

An American student of Berk namely Lydia Bach brought the workout to the United States in 1971. She opened her own studio in New York City and it was coined Lotte Berk Method Studio. Through the course of time instructors had managed to create their own variations of the workout, some of which are Core Fusion, The Bar Method and Physique 57. Eventually, as more and more instructors opted to go with the variation, the Lotte Berk Method studio closed in 2005.

What are Barre Workouts?

Although Barre workout originated from a dance, those who are not so gifted in dancing should not worry. It will not ask you to bust your move in the dancefloor. Instead, prepare yourself to have enhanced flexibility, improve balance and target those hard to tone muscles in the core, arms, and legs. The Barre workout is great for anyone regardless of weight, fitness level, and even age. Everyone will surely enjoy doing the Barre workout.

Similar to some exercise session, the Barre Workout will start with the basics.  A mat-based warm-up will be done, this will include push-ups, planks, arm exercises, this might also include free weights that mostly targets the upper body. After warming up, the ballet bar will now be used together with the body weight to ensure that there is resistance and give focus on the thigh and seat muscles. Expect your core to be engaged all throughout the session as this is one of the main targets.

For the cool down session, a series of stretches will be done to heighten flexibility and make sure that your muscles will be able to recuperate. A Barre class will usually take an hour to make certain each target area is given attention.

Simple Barre Workout you can do anywhere

So here you are excited and all in wanting to try the Barre exercise. The problem is you don’t have time to enroll in a Barre class. Good thing Barre exercises can be done anywhere. Look for a spot you are most comfortable in, get in your workout clothes and do the exercise barefoot or with grippy socks, completely up to you. Grab the sturdiest chair you can find, that will serve as your bar and let’s start exercising.

Relevé Plié – leg stretching exercise

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  • Hold on to the back of the chair, make sure your legs are a hip-width apart and toes pointing away to a 45-degree angle.
  • Now with your tippy-toes, slowly bend your knees away from your body in a 45-degree angle.
  • Straighten your legs up and lower down to flat flee. You can do 15-20 reps for this exercise.

Parallel Plie Pulse – targets the back of the legs, glutes, and feet

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  • Stand behind the back of the chair, hold the top of the chair and spread your legs at a hip-width.
  • On your tippy toes, lift yourself and start squatting by lowering your hips down.
  • Ensure that your knees and legs are compressed when you lower down your hips. Then slowly go back up.
  • Do this for 15-20 reps.

Rear fly and Arabesque lift – targets to strengthen multiple areas of the body including arms and legs.

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  • Stand right next to the chair then put your right hand at the top of the chair. Your left hand should be holding a dumbbell and feet should be hip-width apart.
  • Slowly lift your right leg behind you, it should be straight and your toes are pointed. While doing this, slowly bend your left knee slightly.
  • Lift the dumbbell with your left arm going to the side then lower it down and go back to standing position.
  • Repeat for 15-20 reps.

Tricep shaver – targets toning and strengthening triceps and improves balance

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  • Hold a dumbbell for each hand, now bend your arm at the back of your head at a 90-degree angle.
  • Hold your abs tight and push up through your toes until you’re on tippy-toes. While pushing up, lift your hands up toward the ceiling until your arms are straight.
  • Now slowly lower your arms and legs and go back to the starting position.
  • Repeat for 15-20 reps.

Benefits of a Barre Workout

Barre workout will allow you to do two to four movements at a time. For example, while holding the bar your legs might be stretching, heels raised and your torso is angled. By doing these, we are targeting different muscles at the same time. The more muscles working, the more signals it sends out and thus making your heart pulse faster.

Expect to see an improvement in your mind-body connection. Since the Barre workout will let you do multiple movements at a time, your brain is actually adjusting to that coordination. On the next days of the session, you will notice that the movements are easier to do, there is an underlying rhythm that allows you to do the movements spontaneously.

Just like any other workout, the promise of losing weight is there. The results of this may vary individually, we have to consider a whole lot of factors like the eating habit, fitness level and the overall lifestyle of the person. But with continued discipline and focus losing weight is definitely a possibility.

A Barre session will also help you in reducing stress. Sure, it will not make you sweat like the rigorous exercises others do, but doing Barre with help your mind and body coordination. It will give emphasis on the focus of making sure that your body is doing exactly what your mind is telling it to do. From the outside perspective, it will train your mind to focus on what is necessary and not on distractions.

Wrapping this Up!

Nothing like a simple workout routine that you can do with your friends. An exercise session that will allow you to bond and chit-chat with your girlfriends while making sure your body is physically fit. The Barre workout allows you to do all this. Say goodbye to sweating like a pig, sore muscles until the 5th day and worse developing bulky muscles in all the wrong places.

The Barre workout allows you to be physically healthy while targeting core areas and giving out promising results. Think of this as fine-tuning your body with less negative impact. Say hello to lean muscles in both upper and lower body, better mind and body coordination and better flexibility, balance, and posture.

Now I hope you envision the better version of yourself when you add the Barre workout as part of your workout routine.

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