Best Abs Stimulator Review

5 Best Abs Stimulator Review – Comparison and Buying Guide

Creating a well-toned, defined body is the epitome of good health and fitness. However, there are areas of the body like the midsection, upper arms, and thighs that need special attention.

An abs stimulator is a device that is firmly attached to the body, over the target muscle group to stimulate it. This tool helps enhance weight and muscle training regimens and used together with weight training, diet and rest to achieve the best results. This abs stimulator review will help you find the right model for your muscle building needs.

At A Glance: Our Top 3 Choices for the Best Abs Stimulators

The HAIJIXING ABS Stimulator uses modern EMS bioelectrical magnetic waves and the principles of Chinese acupuncture to enhance the abdominal muscles as well as other problem areas. It comes with ten intensity levels and varying modes to adjust the device according to your preferences.

The MOORAY SPORT Ab Stimulator is a portable abdominal trainer that has 6 exercise training modes and ten intensity levels. Using this ab stimulator for only 20 minutes is equivalent to 30 minutes of sit-ups, 30 minutes of swimming or up to 2 weeks of dieting.

The ROKOO Muscle Trainer Stimulator will give you a better figure with sculpted problem areas when you use this consecutively for 2 months. You can train your muscles using 6 modes and 10 intensity levels.

Reviews and Comparisons of the Best Abs Stimulators

HAIJIXING ABS Stimulator Abs Muscle Toner

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The HAIJIXING ABS Stimulator was designed based on EMS bioelectrical magnetic wave technology and Chinese acupuncture.  This is a set of vibrating pads that are placed over problem muscle groups to strengthen, tone and sculpt these muscles.

The HAIJIXING ABS Stimulator is by far the widest abdominal belt/pad. The pad has four large wings on each side, therefore, it can accommodate almost all the front section of the abdominal muscles.

And because of all these impressive features, we have chosen the HAIJIXING ABS Stimulator as the best abs stimulator in our list. Despite a few flaws it remained as the best because of its size and notable features.

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MOORAY SPORT Ab Stimulator

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The MOORAY SPORT Ab Stimulator is recommended for power abdominal training to help men and women get those six-pack abs. Indeed,  muscle training and strengthening require the use of the right exercise routines or weight training, the right diet and adequate rest, but with the help of the MOORAY SPORT Ab, men can tone and tighten their muscles after two months of consecutive use.

The manufacturer recommends using this abs stimulator for at least 20 minutes per session, for two times a day for six or more weeks. This short amount of time (20 minutes) is equivalent to 30 minutes, 2000 m of running and jogging, 2 weeks of dieting and 30 minutes of non-stop swimming.

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ROKOO Muscle Trainer Stimulator Equipment

Get ROKOO Muscle Trainer Stimulator Equipment at Amazon

Train your muscles effectively and safely by using an ab trainer called the ROKOO Muscle Trainer Stimulator Equipment. This muscle trainer has an updated design with larger and wider butterfly wings for the abdomen and wider arm straps.

This ab trainer lets you choose from 6 modes and 10 different intensities which means you’ll have a wide variety of combinations to choose from. Although this has a thicker controller design, it remains as a possible trainer to wear underneath your clothes. You may be able to train your muscles and spot tone problem areas even if you are not at the gym.

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Phenitech Abs Stimulator Abdominal Toning Belt Muscle

Get Phenitech Abs Stimulator at Amazon

Use the Phenitech Abs Stimulator to tone your abdomen, enhance your upper arm and leg muscles and help you slim down. The design of this ab stimulator is based on EMS devices; current transfers electrical signals to the muscles and places it in a state of training.

Because you are using EMS technology and not lifting heavy weights, you are preventing injuries. The Phenitech is for the muscles located in the midsection, leg, upper arm, shoulder, neck, and thighs. Manufacturers recommend using this device for 12 minutes per session which is equivalent to 15000 m of running and 30 minutes swimming.

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UYTHNG Abs Stimulator Abdominal Trainer

Get UYTHNG Abs Stimulator Abdominal Trainer at Amazon

Tone, tighten and strengthen problem muscle areas with the UYTHNG Abs Stimulator. This is a set of updated pads that come with 6 modes and 10 levels of intensity. The set is composed of the usually larger and wider butterfly-like abdominal pad with two smaller straps for each arm.

With the UYTHNG Abs Stimulator, you can spot tone different muscle groups according to what you want to look like. If you have problems with your midsection, flabby upper arms or small buttocks, this may help you get toned and sculpted.

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What is the Best Way to Use an Abs Stimulator?

An abs stimulator may be effective only when it is used properly. Here are a few ways to take advantage of the effects of this muscle training device.

  • Clean skin before applying the ab stimulator

Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe the skin area where the device will attach to. You may also take a shower or bath before you start your routines. But if this is not possible, just wipe the area clean.

Wipe the pad as well and follow through with a dry cloth. Remember, sweat may interfere with the adhesion of the pads so take time to wipe the sweat on your skin as you use this device.

Can you clean the pad and the belt with alcohol to sanitize it? Alcohol and other volatile liquids and solutions can ruin the pad. If you want to completely clean the part of the pad or belt that touches your skin, use only a damp clean cloth and dry cloth.

  • Replace the gel adhesive pads when it’s no longer sticky

Some manufacturers may advise users to replace the gel adhesive pads after a number of uses. But if this is not indicated by the manufacturer, change the adhesive as soon as it is not sticky anymore.

A non-sticking gel adhesive can interfere with the conduction of the pads so remember this every time you prepare to use an ab stimulator.

Extra gel adhesive pads are usually a part of your purchase but these come in a limited number. but don’t worry, you can always purchase more adhesive pads from online stores and sites that sell this kind of product. The size of the gel pad may differ from one product or brand to another so it’s important to purchase adhesive pads from the actual manufacturer.

  • Make sure that the controller is fully charged for uninterrupted training.

For the best results, you must use this device continuously. A weak battery can massively affect the way the controllers perform. Therefore you must make sure that your controllers are completely charged before proceeding with your workout.

  • Correct charging

An abs stimulator controller is like other electronic devices that need extra care when charging. If you overcharge, you could be dealing with a weak battery in just a few weeks. If you under-charge, chances are you will be missing out on your routines, pausing time and again to recharge the controllers.

Since most abs stimulator controllers don’t have a way to tell you if the device battery is fully charged, you just have to improvise.

  • If there is a manufacturer’s instruction regarding the amount of time it takes for the device to charge, follow this. Usually, it would take up to an hour to completely charge a controller. Take note that batteries weaken naturally therefore at around a month’s use, it may take more than an hour to charge one controller so make the necessary adjustments.
  • Use a timer to charge your device. As you use the controller, determine the number of minutes you can use an hour’s worth of charge.
  • Always use the charger and charging cord that comes with the abs stimulator package. As you can see, these controllers come with a mini USB cord with three connectors. This is an ingenious way to charge three controllers at a time. Take special care of this USB cable since it is likely you won’t find these from an electronic or hardware store near you.
  • Never wait till the battery is too drained to recharge. Usually, we do this for all our devices that require charging but do you know that the best practice is to recharge when there’s still some juice?

This enhances the life of your battery and will also make sure that you’ll never run out of power in the middle of doing your routines.

  • Use an abdominal belt to prevent movement of the abdominal pad

The large butterfly-shaped pad used for the midsection can quickly lose its position because it’s placed on the abdomen. To avoid this, use a belt that comes with the package. If this is not included, make sure that the area is clean and dry before applying the pad to reduce movement.

The abdominal pad is prone to movement, therefore, it’s better to choose an ab stimulator with a larger, wider design. A wider pad will hug the belly well and will less likely slip than smaller pads.

When it comes to the small wrap-around upper arm pads, it has to go around the upper arms at least. Choose a longer and wider pad if you have larger or more developed upper arms.

  • Use the ab stimulator according to the manufacturer’s’ instructions

Although ab stimulators have similar designs, there are some unique features that you may need to keep in mind. Therefore you should never neglect to check the manufacturer’s instructions.

For instance, an ab stimulator model has the ability to check power before use. Some models have an automatic shut off features to preserve power. Still, you might encounter models that will never power on unless connected to skin, a safety function, and an energy-saving feature as well.

  • For spot correction of problem areas, consistent muscle building routines are the key

Most users use ab stimulators to correct only a specific group of muscle and not entirely all the muscles of the body part. And because of this, you need consistent, regular routines. Don’t miss your ab stimulation training to get the best results.

The most common example would be users wanting to tone their midsection and develop six pack abs while the rest of their body is already trim and slim. There are also muscle stimulator users that would like to enhance their thighs and to firm up the butt area although they already look healthy and trim.

Consistent use of a muscle stimulator on the area that needs to be improved along with performing specific target exercise routines will spell success.

  • Use an ab stimulator with the right diet, exercise and rest.

Lastly, don’t forget that for your ab stimulator routines to become successful, you must combine it with the right weight training exercise, the best muscle-building diet and adequate rest. If you need help with muscle training routines and diet, consult a fitness trainer.

If you need help with losing weight, talk to your doctor so you can use the best and the safest weight loss regimen that’s right for your needs especially if you are suffering from any kind of medical condition.

How to correctly use an abs stimulator

An abs stimulator will work only when it’s used properly. Consider that no two people have the same body type and appearance but may have similar problem areas.

Consider two women, one with moderate weight and the other slightly overweight. They are of different ages and race but both have problems when it comes to sculpting their midsection.

To trim down the midsection

The very first thing you need to understand that an abs stimulator is NOT the ultimate solution to reducing the midsection or trimming the fat. You must use the abs stimulator with the right diet, exercise and adequate rest to be able to achieve the trim and slim midsection you have always wanted.

To use the abs stimulator to improve the abdominal muscles first, clean your midsection. Wipe this with a clean cloth to make sure that it’s dry before attaching the stimulator.

Take the largest pad meant for the abdomen and place it firmly over the abdomen. The flaps on each side of the pad are designed to hold all the sections of the belly from the front and to deliver the vibrating effect of the ab stimulator more efficiently.

When the pad is in place, you may now attach the controller on the two nodes of the pad. These two nodes will connect to two corresponding connectors from the back of the controller. When you are ready, power on the controller and select the intensity levels or exercise mode.

You may choose to just relax and let the abs stimulator work or you can perform exercise routines as well. However, it’s best if you were just to relax or to just perform light routines instead of performing intense workout exercises because you might end up detaching the abs stimulator from your abdomen or the pad may only move and waste your workout time.

After a particular number of minutes, you may power off the controller or just detach it from the connectors on the pad. Detach the pad from your abdomen and clean it. Recharge the controller so this will be ready for use next time.

Sculpting the upper arms

Another common problem is flabby arms and usually, women suffer from this condition more than men do.  To remove flabby upper arms and firm up chicken wing arms, you need to use the two smaller muscle stimulators.

These small muscle stimulators are as good as the large one and are designed to provide intense muscle stimulation. As usual, a controller is needed for these to work and two connectors are also found in the middle of these small pads. Each pad also comes with wings which are designed to hug most of the muscle area in order to stimulate it.

To improve flabby arms, your target area has to be the triceps found at the bottom of the upper arm when you flex it. As with using a  large abs stimulator, you need to make sure that the skin on your arm is clean and dry before applying the pad.

To effectively enhance flabby upper arms, place the pad around the triceps. Do this on both arms. Connect the controllers on both pads and power these on. Set the level of vibration and mode according to your needs.

After minutes of use, remove the controllers and strip the pad of your skin. Clean the pad and recharge the controllers.

Again, it is recommended that you rest as you use a muscle stimulator on your upper arms. Using these while performing exercises that target the upper arms will only make the pads move and thus will make the muscle stimulator less effective.

Sculpting the butt and thighs

Similar to forming the abs and upper arms, sculpting the difficult areas of the butt and thighs need special attention.  Using the smaller pads and placing these in the right muscle part is the key to success with an ab stimulator.

For the thighs, wrapping the pad around the middle length of the thighs and selecting the most intense mode is important. To sculpt the butt, attaching the smaller pad on the lower part of the butt and using the most intense setting is the key.

How often do you use an abs stimulator?

Timing is important when using the abs stimulator. Most manufacturers recommend using their products once or twice a day. For hard to correct areas, more frequent and more intense settings are recommended.

If you want to use this underneath clothes you need to use special precautions. Use an ab belt to position the abdominal pad on the midsection.

Usually, even slight movements can misplace the pad on the abdomen. A belt can keep it in place and will allow you to move freely and perform your daily routines.

Use non-constricting clothing to avoid moving the controller on the pad. Since you will be moving around, you will be sweating a lot and this can affect the placement of the pad as well. Wearing light, non-constricting clothing will help remove sweat, enhance airflow and will make you feel comfortable as you move with an abs stimulator.

Remember to fully charge your abs stimulator before using underneath your clothes. Never charge the controllers while using the abs stimulator.


We conclude that the HAIJIXING Abs Stimulator is the best abs stimulator because of a number of reasons. One it is larger and wider so it will be able to accommodate a larger area on your abdomen.

Another reason is that it comes with a colored mini display so you’ll know your intensity levels and exercise mode levels. With this, you will be able to better your routines day after day.

Finally, the HAIJIXING Abs Stimulator is easy to use and to remain hidden underneath clothing. It is flat and therefore won’t interfere with your movements. We highly recommend this ab stimulator because of its good features. And if you agree that this is also the right ab trainer for your needs, check it out here.

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