Best Aerobic Step Platform Reviews – Ideal for Home Cardio Workouts

One of the staples in gym equipment is the humble aerobic step platform.  It is the key to performing engaging routines and enhancing your fitness levels using varying resistance levels.

With an aerobic stepper, you can enjoy training in the privacy of your own home; no need to pay for an expensive gym membership. And because there are so many aerobic step platforms to choose from, we have assembled a review of the best aerobic step platforms to help you out.

At A Glance: Our Top 3 Choices for the Best Aerobic Step Platforms

The Step Original aerobic platform has a number of versions and one of this is the Health Club Size with a wider stepping area. The platform comes with a premium non-slip surface that will avoid slips and slides. The foot has four non-skid feet to avoid unnecessary movement as you perform all kinds of routines.

Made from very durable materials, the KLB Sport is an adjustable aerobic stepper that will let you work out at home, at the office or anywhere. It can be adjusted from 4”, 6” or 8” height. It has a honeycomb top surface that will secure your footing. It has a wider step area so you can perform different exercises that are not possible with other step platforms.

Lighter than other aerobic step platforms, the Tone Fitness Aerobic Step is easy to carry anywhere. It has a secure, textured surface that will keep you safe throughout your routine. It has two height levels only and it comes in two color combinations.

Reviews and Comparisons of the Best Aerobic Step Platforms

The Step Original Aerobic Platform

The Step Original Aerobic Platform will help you enhance your fitness and aerobic routines. You can adjust this platform from 4 to 8 inches in height thus giving you variable resistance for different exercises.

The platform has a special non-skid surface to stabilize your step every time you step up and down. The comfort cushioned top will also let you use this platform to perform floor exercises with ease. This may be the aerobic step platform you need to enhance your fitness routines.

KLB Sport 31” Adjustable Workout Aerobic Stepper

Work out anywhere, at home, at work or at the gym with your own KLB Sport aerobic stepper. It is made from very durable materials and therefore won’t lose its shape or wear off even when used daily.

The height of this stepper varies from 4” to 8” with the risers easy to adjust and then dismantle when not in use. You can use the KLB Sport stepper to work on your cardio fitness and enhance your coordination.  The surface is shock-absorbent, non-stick and is non-slip. You can perform your usual exercise routines without worrying about unnecessary movements.

Tone Fitness Aerobic Step

Colorful, lightweight and easy to carry anywhere is the Tone Fitness Aerobic Stepper. It has a non-slip surface that will make you feel secure and stable no matter what exercise or fitness routine you are performing.

The top of this aerobic stepper has a non-slip, textured surface. You can adjust this in two different height levels (4 or 6 inches high). And even if you go with the highest level, you will still remain stable with no unnecessary movements as you work out. This colorful step platform could be your aerobic platform for your fitness or exercise routine.

The Step Studio Platforms

Made from high-density, durable materials, The Step Studio Platforms could be the aerobic stepper for you. It has a larger stepping area so you can move freely without any space limitations.

Adjusting this aerobic platform is also easier because all you need to do is to stack the different pieces and the platform on top. Specially designed slots correspond at the bottom and on the top of the risers. These will keep the platform feet steady so there will be no unnecessary movements as you perform different routines.

Best Choice Products 30” Fitness Aerobic Step

The Best Choice Products aerobic stepper has a larger stepping surface compared to other aerobic steppers. It can be used at the gym or at home for weight loss, muscle toning, aerobic training or cardio training. With this stepper, you can challenge your workout routines with its 3 different settings.

It is easy to assemble and because the risers are neatly and carefully stacked, you won’t need to worry about unnecessary movements as you perform different routines and exercises daily.  The Best Choice Products step adjusts could be the right aerobic stepper for your needs.

What is the Best Way to Use an Aerobic Platform Stepper?

An aerobic platform is effective only when it is used properly. Whether you’re new to using a stepper or a pro, remember the following important tips on how to use this handy fitness equipment

Wear proper footwear before using the aerobic step platform

Water and sweat can interfere with the non-stick or non-skid surface of the platform and this is very dangerous. You could end up slipping and falling if you are not careful. This is why you should wear the right training footwear if you plan to use the stepper platform.

Never use the aerobic platform when you are barefoot or in flip flops because these are unsafe practices. Sweat from the soles of the feet can also remain on the stepper and this could be unsafe. To remove water, sweat or any spills on top of the stepper,  wipe this clean with a damp cloth first and then follow through with a soft dry cloth.

Start with the smallest height/resistance level.

Using the stepper may be learned gradually. If you are new to using this fitness equipment, use only the shortest height. Master this level before moving to a more complicated level.

As you initially use the stepper, perform simple movements first. Don’t’ use weights such as dumbbells or any handheld equipment as you train because these may only distract you. Once you get the hand out of using a stepper you may now hold weights or other equipment. Start with small dumbbells, balls, wands or hoops.

As you may have noticed, there are steppers that have two and some have three riser levels. The most common heights are 4”, 6” and 8” risers. Naturally, risers with 4” height are for beginners while experts can manage 8” risers.

Consider the platform space

The area of the platform should be adequate enough to accommodate the workout routines you want to perform. A wider area is good for basic workout routines and exercises, smaller, narrower platforms are too risky and may cause accidents even if you are just a few inches off the floor.

Consider platforms with rounded edges and corners to avoid accidents as well. Finally, a rough or textured surface is better than a smooth one. This prevents sliding and slipping off the platform surface.

Be sure that the stepper is clean

Steppers can easily become dirty as the dirt, soil, and water from your footwear can transfer to the surface of the stepper. To clean, use a dry clean cloth to wipe the surface platform clean. Wear clean footwear as you workout. Dirt, sand, and grime can eventually ruin the surface of your stepper.

For hard to remove dirt and caked dirt, use a damp cloth to remove the dirt. Follow through with a dry cloth. Remember that every time you wet the stepper platform surface to clean it, wipe it dry before use to avoid accidents.

If you spill anything on top of the stepper, clean it up right away. Sticky and dirty platforms can extremely affect your workouts and may even cause an accident.  And to prevent any spills, messes, and accidents, never eat or drink while using the stepper.

Place the stepper on an even surface

This is very important since placing the stepper on an uneven surface is very dangerous and can cause accidents. Make sure that the area is free from chipping flooring, moving tiles or wooden planks and holes.

This is also true for using your stepper outdoors. Inspect the area for holes, rocks and thick grass which can cause the stepper’s uneasy surface. Sometimes the uneven installation of the risers is the primary cause of an uneven platform. To prevent this, don’t be in a hurry to connect the risers. Keep the risers even and if there are interlocking parts, make sure to connect these well before stepping on the platform.

Never rush your routines

Take your time and never rush your fitness routines. If possible, master one level at a time until you perfect it before you move on to the next level. Lastly, monitor your progress with the stepper. If you feel any kind of pain, stop using the stepper. Take a rest before returning to your routines.

Pain is a common side effect of using new equipment so therefore you must expect that your legs and feet will feel the strain of working out on an aerobic platform. This is natural so don’t be alarmed. But if the pain lasts for days and becomes more intense then you might be overdoing it.

Consult a fitness trainer

With an aerobic step platform, you will surely be tempted and challenged to perform workouts on your own. Although there’s nothing wrong with these, you may be prone to injuries as you perform these routines without proper guidance.

As much as possible, consult a professional trainer. You may also check videos and tutorials online. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry especially when you are using a gym fitness equipment that you are not very familiar with.

Never use a broken stepper

As you may have noticed, almost all of these steppers are made from plastic.  There will be some point in time that these will eventually wear out causing cracks and uneven surfaces especially in the middle of the platform. If this happens, do not use the stepper. This can only cause accidents. This is the time to discard your old one and get a new, more durable stepper.

Never buy cheap steppers because these can only cause accidents; you’ll end up paying for more than what you spent with a cheap, non-durable aerobic stepper.

Some important exercises using an aerobic step platform

The basic aerobic step platform has a lot to offer especially for cardio workouts and aerobic routines. Check out these 5 important exercises that you must do now.

Step platform press up

Muscle group targeted: lower and middle chest, shoulders and triceps

This is also called inclined press up and this reduces the pressure on the shoulders and triceps as it develops the chest area. This is a routine that helps people who find doing push-ups very hard. You can do this exercise with a platform stepper or a very low bench.

Place your hands at the edge of the step platform. Position your hands that these appear wider than the width of your shoulders. Place your feet back with your arms and the rest of our body straight. Take note that your arms should be positioned perpendicular to the body.

Keep your body straight as you lower your chest towards the edge of the platform by bending your arms. After doing so, push up until your arms are fully extended. Repeat several times.

Remember to take it easy and aim for proper positioning and not the number of repetitions you can do the first few routines. Also, the platform should be placed in a stable area since you will be relying on its stability for support the whole time you’re doing the routines.

Decline press

Muscle group targeted: upper chest and front shoulders

The decline press up will develop the upper chest area and the deltoids more than the incline press up. To do this with the platform stepper, place your feet on the step with your hands on the ground.

Your feet must be together with your toes basically supporting your lower body on the stepper. Your hands should be on either side of the body and should be aligned to your shoulders and chest. Lock out your elbows and keep your entire body straight as you lower your chest to the floor.

Pause as your chest is against the floor and then push back. Return to your previous position. Repeat this routine several times.

Elevated kettle squats

Muscle group targeted: gluteus maximus

To perform elevated kettle squats, you need to aerobic platforms of the same height. You will stand on each platform, one foot for each platform, therefore, these should be positioned correctly. There should be adequate space in the middle of the two platforms where you can move the kettlebell up and down.

To perform the kettlebell squats place each foot on each of the steps creating a wide stance like a sumo wrestler.  Point your foot outward to firmly attach your body to each of the platforms. Place the kettlebell in front between your legs and then squat downwards until the kettlebell reaches the ground. After it has touched the ground, pull it up and squat down again to bring the kettlebell to the ground once more. Perform this routine a few more times.

This routine is for women and men who would like to develop a stunning squat body. This develops the butt rather than the quads. It will also develop your arms, shoulders, and chest.

Elevated split squats

Muscle groups targeted: glutes

Another aerobic platform routine that will help you develop the glutes is the elevated split squats. For this, you only need one stepper.

Place the top of the right foot firmly on the step. Your left leg should be straight. Bend the left knee to engage the right glute. Slowly lower your hips to the ground. Take note that your left foot should be positioned far enough that when you begin lowering your hips, your knee will remain over your ankle. Afterward, slowly stand and assume your previous position. Perform this several times.

You may simply place your hands on your waist for this routine but you may also hold dumbbells or a training ball instead.

Tapping with You Toes

This is a good routine to increase your heart rate. It is a warm-up routine that may be used before a HIIT workout. You need a stepper with this which should be firmly planted to level ground. Position yourself behind the aerobic platform and then place one toe on the platform with the knee bent. You will only rest your toe or lightly touch the platform; no need to step the entire foot and not place any weight on it.

Quickly remove this foot and then alternate with the toe of the other foot. Moving from one foot to the other should be done quickly in tapping steps. Complete this cardio routine quickly,  you can perform toe-tapping routines on a stairway if you don’t have a platform stepper at home.

Triceps Dip

Muscle group targeted: shoulder muscles

You need one stepper for this routine. Place your hands firmly along the edge of the step. Your hands should be positioned on either side of the hips. Lift your butt from the bench with your arms. As you perform this routine, keep your back straight as you slowly lower yourself to the ground. While bending your elbows.

For all these routines, you will be relying so much on the platform to hold your weight. It’s important that you use a durable platform so never overlook value and features.

Some Reminders When Using a Stepper Platform

  • Consider a flat area to workout on
  • Assemble the platform well, paying attention to the height of each riser/leg
  • Make sure that your hands are dry before you touch the stepper to avoid accidents.
  • Perform routines one at a time, taking a rest in between intervals.
  • As much as possible, consult a professional fit ness trainer for cardio and aerobic routines.
  • As you are able to perform different basic routines, improve resistance by adding more risers. Take time to perform routines on a small height before you gradually move to a higher resistance level. Take note that it’s not about the number of risers you can work on but it’s about the improvements in your body that matter.


The many impressive features of The Step Original platform has made it the top choice among other aerobic step platforms. It is user-friendly, easy to use and adjust and is able to provide ample space for stepping.

It is made from durable materials, therefore, it won’t warp, bend or lose its shape even when used often. The surface is textured and is non-slip while the risers come with non-skid feet for added safety and to prevent scratching your precious wood or stone floors.

We recommend The Step Original platform because of its good features and despite some disadvantages of using this stepper, we believe that these will be overlooked because of its impressive advantages.

If you think The Step Original aerobic step platform is the best and you would like to learn more about it, check it out here.






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