Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

Best Basketball Shoes for Kids: Buying Guide

Basketball shoes are just so great to use by kids. This is simply because of their anti-skid and traction properties. And they are valuable to use for protecting them from tripping and falling easily as they play basketball. So far, there are regular rubber types of shoes having not this property. They also could get slippery once when worn off. That is why it is advised to buy for basketball shoes that fit well and assure the comfort of kids.

Reviews of the Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

Under Armour Shoes for Kids’ Pre School

(Best Choice)


Under Armour is a company in America that excels in the manufacture of sports, casual apparel, and footwear. It is headquartered in Baltimore in Maryland. It is continuously being trusted for the selections it offers to customers. 

On top of the choices, it offers the Under Armour Basketball Shoe. This is made up of synthetic materials and is so far imported. It features a rubber sole and a shaft that measures in the middle top beginning from the arch. It is also constructed using textile and mesh for support and breathability. It includes molded heel, too backed by engineered perforations. This is to bring about added ventilation. It comes with TPU film too on the top cap. 

Key Features

  • TPU film on the toe cap
  • Textile and mesh in the upper part
  • EVA midsole that is compressed and molded


  • Colors: Royal, Blue Ink, Mod Gray, Halo Gray, Black, Blue Heights, Downpour Gray, and Many More
  • Special Size: Little Kid for four to eight years old


  • Absolutely perfect to wear
  • Fit great
  • Great-looking
  • The colors are much nicer


  • Said to wear down faster

Jordan Retro 10

(2nd Choice)

Jordan Shoes are a reputable shop for the things that you need relevant to sports performance for basketball, baseball, football, and many more. Grab the many choices not only for kids but for men and women, too.

Include in your lists for the kids Jordan Retro 10 that is available in colors of black and pearl white. It is made up of leather material and suede sole. It is fully supported by leather material. 

It is manufactured and applied with a polyurethane sock liner and reinforced eyestays. It is fine as it consists of full-grain in the leather upper part. It has its dynamic fit type of sleeve offering superior fit. It also blends well stability, fit, comfort, and exceptional cushioning. Its phylon midsole and air-sole kind of unit add up to it being a good choice. It features the right flex grooves providing excellent traction. 

Key Features

  • Leather material
  • Suede Sole
  • Polyurethane sock liner and reinforced eyestays


  • Dimensions: 11 by 4 by 7 inches
  • Sizes: 4 (little kid), 5 (big kid), 5.5 (big kid)


  • Fits as it is expected
  • Feels like one is walking on the cloud
  • Shoes are as described


  • Is poorly-made of replica

Under Armour Pre-school Lockdown 4

(3rd Choice)


This basketball shoe is made up of synthetic material. It is imported as a shoe featuring a synthetic sole. Its shaft also measures the middle top from the arch. It comes with a breathable mesh in the upper part. It also combines lightweight and molded synthetic overlays. This equates to medial and lateral support. It has its engineered perforations that bring about additional ventilation. It comes with a TPU film type of toe cap for durability and protection. 

Key Features

  • Mesh upper in a breathable form
  • Engineered perforations
  • EVA midsole injection molded
  • Plush sock liner


  • Dimensions: 5 inches by 5 inches by 0.7 inches


  • Great to use for basketball
  • Cool-looking and comfortable to use
  • Is lovable


  • None, so far

Adidas Hoops Mid 2.0  


Adidas AG becomes a popular multinational corporation in the manufacture and design of shoes, accessories, and clothing. They are by far the biggest sportswear manufacturer in the entirety of Europe. 

And today, they remarkably introduce Adidas Hoops Mid 2.0. This is made up of 100-percent textile and synthetics material. It is imported and is designed with a rubber sole. Its shaft measures the middle top from the arch. The platform also measures between zero to three inches. Its boot opening also measures zero to three inches. It brings about a regular fit for wearers. 

Among other features it includes are TPU kind of midfoot support, knit type of textile upper, Eva midsole, and rubber outsole. This pair of shoes is inspired to be worn by toddlers. It has its synthetic and nubuck upper part. It has its breathable mesh type of collar that provides for comfort for the feet. It comes with a hook & loop kind of closure. 

Key Features

  • Regular fit
  • Support
  • Midsole and outsole
  • 100-percent textile and synthetics


  • Dimensions: 5 inches by 5 inches by 0.7 inches
  • Colors: black, white, red & white, real magenta, trace blue


  • Good-looking
  • Well-made
  • Ensures fit
  • Comfortable to use


  • An issue with the size 

Nike Kid’s Hustle D 7 

Nike, Inc has become a known multinational corporation. It specializes in the development, design, and manufacture of equipment, footwear, apparel, services, and accessories. It is also headquartered in Beaverton in Oregon. 

On top of its products offered is the Nike Kids’ Hustle D 7. This is made up of synthetic material. This is styled to be used for playing basketball. This is also consisted of upper and outsole materials. It features toe style and closure type. 

Moreover, it comes with a durable upper and plush for lockdown, comfort, and support. 

Key Features

  • Toe Style
  • Type of Closure
  • Upper and Outsole materials
  • Basketball style


  • Dimensions: 5 inches by 5 inches by 0.7 inches
  • Color: Game Royal/Black/White & White hyper pink/Black


  • Fits well
  • Beautiful color
  • Good quality
  • Well-constructed
  • Nice


  • When compared with other Nike shoes seems not comfortable

AND1 Show Out Basketball Shoe for Kids


AND1 is famous as a company offering clothing and footwear. It specializes in clothing, sporting goods, and basketball shoes. It was established in 1993 in August. It focuses merely on basketball. That is why it presents AND1 Show out Basketball Shoe for Kids.

The shoe is manufactured for superior comfort and improved performance. It also reduces the weight of a kid once when worn. It is lightweight as it features EVA midsole. It does not compromise performance or stability. It comes with an all-new and fit technology. This is for the purpose of court feel and improved performance.

Key Features

  • EVA midsole
  • Fit technology featured
  • Comfort


  • Sizes: 1 little Kid, 2 little kid, 3 little kid, 5 big kid, 6 big kid, 7 big kid
  • Color: Blue, Orange, and Navy


  • Easy when worn and when moving in
  • Super comfortable
  • Fit exactly as it arrives
  • Look stylish
  • Fit the same as the American sizes


  • The front easily gets scratched

Under Armour Curry 3

This basketball shoe is made up of synthetic material. This is the third version of Stephen Curry, the notable GSW star. It comes in the selections of colors of clear blue, silver, white. 

It delivers control and support in a lightweight package. It is crafted using thread borne upper. It also features a carbon fiber type of shank. Stability is as promised by the show. It comes with a charged and cushioning technology. It features a rubber outsole and multi-directional kind of traction pattern. 

Key Features

  • The third version of GSW Stephen Curry shoes
  • Synthetic and threadborne materials
  • Sizes listed in the youth and grade school in the U.S.


  • Dimensions: 11 inches by 4 inches by 7 inches
  • Sizes: 5.5 and 6
  • Colors: white/blue/clear/silver |stealth gray/smash yellow/white|black /black-black|steel/red/black, & more


  • Held up just so nicely
  • Fits well
  • Extremely comfortable


  • None, so far

Nike KD 8


This basketball shoe is a good fit for male kids. This is made up of mesh and flywire materials. This comes with a lace-up type of closure. Its colors are lunar grey and alligator. 

Other features it includes are a high-rising and heel counter and split. It is inspired by the tiger. The number 35 cannot be found anywhere in the shoe. But, there is a rubber outsole and a traction pattern. This gives the needed traction for fast breaks and quick cuts. Moreover, it includes the midsole of Phylon cushioning, Flywire cables, and rubber outsole.

Key Features

  • Flywire and Mesh
  • Lace-up type of closure
  • Imported


  • Dimensions: 11.5 inches by 7 inches by 4 inches
  • Sizes: 8, 10, 10.5, 12, 14, 5.5 little kid, 5 big kid, 6.5 big kid


  • Comfortable show
  • Fine to wear when walking in
  • Fits as it is expected


  • Not such a high top

Under Armour Pre-School Jet


This is manufactured with a combination of textile upper and mesh. This is to provide for support and breathability. This is also constructed with a molded heel. It has its engineered perforations. Added ventilation is as brought about by this shoe.

Moreover, it features TPU film type of toe cap, underfoot supports and cushioning, die-cut type of EVA sock liner. It also comes with a rubber outsole and an EVA midsole. 

Key Features

  • Imported
  • Synthetic
  • Mesh and textile upper as combined
  • Molded heel


  • Sizes: 3.5 big kid, 4 big kid, 4.5 big kid, 5 big kid, 5.5 big kid, 6 big kid, 6.5 big kid, 7 big kid
  • Color: Pitch gray/Black


  • Good design
  • Worked perfectly
  • Nice and quality material
  • Stylish and durable


  • None, so far

Adidas Marquee Boost for Kids


Adidas AG is established as a sportswear manufacturer all over Europe. It is an expert in the design and manufacture of clothing, shoes, and accessories. And today, it introduces the Adidas Marquee Boost for Kids. The product is made up of synthetic and textile materials. It features a rubber sole and lace closure. It has its mesh upper that promises breathability. 

It gives performance and comforts the same as the Ortholite sock liner. It has its Herringbone-pattern outsole. It’s when an excellent grip is as promised by the show. It presents a classic appearance. It is upgraded with the most modern details. It is designed with agility and quickness of a hardwood. It is also molded in an ankle collar and a cushioned heel. It has a midsole and a herringbone outsole. 

Key Features

  • Lace closure and regular fit
  • Synthetic and textile
  • Mesh upper and rubber outsole of Herringbone-pattern


  • Sizes: 7 big kid, 3.5 big kid, 4.5 big kid, 5 big kid, 5.5 big kid, 6 big kid, and 6.5 big kid
  • Color: Legend Earth/ Linen/Legend Earth


  • Good quality
  • Amazing style 
  • True to its size as it arrives
  • Well-made
  • Very comfortable
  • Great fit


  • None, so far

Guide to Buying the Best Basketball Shoes for Kids & FAQ

It is right to buy the best basketball shoes for kids for the immense benefits brought. These are also designed to bring about fast movements when on the basketball court. What’s more, they highlight ankle protection and excellent traction. This now results in them less likely to injure or slip while playing. 

Why Do Kids Need Basketball Shoes?

Below are so far the benefits to get by kids from wearing basketball shoes.

  • Help improve their gaming skills
  • Help improve the footwork movement inside the basketball court
  • Improve the force of traction
  • Improve the skills of kids for dribbling

Types of Basketball Shoes for Kids

Be guided by the types of basketball shoes to buy for kids that are as follow:

High Tops

High tops basketball shoes are known for providing support for the ankle. They may seem heavier as compared to other types. But, they decrease the speeding ability required for handling fast breaks.

Mid Tops

These allow players in leveraging additional movement. These can best provide medium among players when it comes to ankle support. These also allow an increase in flexibility. These are great to use by all-around players and athletes. 

Low Tops

What these low tops provide is less ankle support. They enable players to getting advantage of swiftness and speed.

What to Look for When Buying Basketball Shoes for Kids?

Basketball has become popular over time not only for adults but even for kids. That is why kids are interested more in playing this sport. The mere fact that it is not that costly, it also is somehow fun to engage in. 

Be sure to buy the right basketball shoes that fit your kid. Below are the things to look for when buying the best basketball shoes.

Skill Level

Consider in mind the skill level of a child. Add up the training that your kid has undergone. Even the hours spent in the entire training need to be included. The motivation and commitment to playing will also guide you in choosing the right shoes for him. 


The challenge in choosing an outsole is that if it working on different surfaces. A rubber material must be used in the outsole. Consider the thickness as well as the rubber. The pattern and softness are also important factors. This makes sure that the traction or the grip of the shoes is tight.


Comfort is essentially considered for the playing experience of your kid. When one is comfortable wearing the shoe, it’s because it is brought by proper cushioning. 2 types of cushioning can be found like the foam and the air. It will then vary by the responsiveness of each of them. As per the air cushion type of shoes, it responds a lot better as compared to the shoe of foam cushioning. 

Body Build

The signature shoes are designed to complement a player who will wear it. That is when parents like you should do a comparison of the shoes. Choose one that looks closer to the child. This is true when prioritizing the physical aspect. 

If your kid is playing as a captain or as a center and is big, he will need more support from the big guy. This is the same as with Lebron James. Look for a shoe with speed emphasized. 


Price is one pre-requisite in buying basketball shoes. Weigh down possible options. Set a specific price intended for the item. This reduces the time of searching. It also cuts the time needed in searching for the right shoes. If you will buy a cheap shoe, it might not work well and might not improve the skill of your child.


It is important to think about the style that best fits your kid. He should also look cool when inside the basketball court. The style will improve the gaming experience of the child and boost his confidence level. 


Choose shoes that are the most durable. A good pair won’t break in the middle of performing a game. Shoes that are made up of suede and leather materials are also a good choice. 

Tips for Buying and Using Basketball Shoes

Below are more significant tips to consider when buying and using basketball shoes.

  • Should there be a need to leave a space in the shoe for a kid? Yes. This is a must thing to do so that the toes won’t feel like being cramped when the shoes are worn. 
  • What are the three features combined to keep in mind when buying basketball shoes? The basketball shoes to buy for your kid should combine the features of flexibility, stability, and support. This is because basketball game involves more deceleration and acceleration. 
  • Why it is essential to buy a pair of basketball shoes? It is because although it does not fix the skills of a player as for your kid. But, it provides great traction right through the soles. This will help your kid to get better positioning. 


Here are a few of the questions that deserve to be answered so that you be fully-guided in choosing for a good pair. 

What can be considered as the best pair of basketball shoes?

It will always just boil down into one factor— best feel on the feet. Never be afraid for your kid to try on even twenty pairs. Do not settle with one unless it fits the size of the kid. Just buy what suits your kid’s feel. 

Why choose 150-dollar worth shoes than 50-dollar shoes?

The 150-dollar worth shoes will always be a remarkable option than a 50-dollar worth of shoes. This is especially because of the appearances, materials, and quality build. Signature shoes may seem more expensive, but they are worth of every game played. 

Is it also good not to wear insoles? 

Yes, it will also do well for your kid not to wear insoles if they do not feel better. Better to look for shoes that do not need insoles. When there only are fewer parts that are involved, the better the experience will be. 

Our Top Pick

We have Adidas Marquee Boost for Kids as our top pick as it is made up of synthetic and textile materials. It also promises breathability, performance, and comfort. It comes with modern details. And there is nothing to tell about its disadvantage. It has its amazing style and sizes that fit kids. It is also is of good quality that makes you want to buy it. That is why we recommend you buy this good pair of shoes!