5 Best Biotin Supplement Review (Updated 2021)

Are you really getting enough biotin in your diet? Biotin or also known as vitamin B7 is a very essential vitamin that your body needs to maintain a healthy glowing and growing hair, skin and nails. Who doesn’t want your crowning glory to shine beautifully right?

This is why you need to take on biotin as an addition to your diet because not all food or supplements can give you the right dosage that you need every day. Yes, that’s right! There’s a certain level of biotin that is needed to say that it is sufficient for your body to use and for the results to show.

There are a lot of biotin supplements on the market that can provide you with the nourishment you need. But not all of them are the right one for you. That is why we came up with this list of the best biotin supplements because you deserve nothing less.

At a Glance: Our Choices for the Best Biotin Supplement

Natrol Biotin Maximum Strength Tablets – If you’re a vegetarian and wants something to keep your hair shiny and healthy then Natrol Biotin Maximum Strength Tablets can be the supplement that you’re looking for.

Sports Research Biotin – Here’s another biotin supplement for vegetarians that is also a non-GMO product. Sports Research Biotin contains an additional ingredient, which is coconut oil, that works well with biotin to promote beautiful hair, nails, and skin.

Amazing Nutrition Amazing Formulas Biotin Supplement – contains 10,000 mcg of biotin that poses a lot of benefits for your body including your muscles and bones plus it is good for those who are weight conscious.

Nature Made High Potency Biotin – If you worry about large capsules or softgels which are hard to swallow then Nature Made High Potency Biotin which is easy to swallow yet are still packed with the required dose of biotin your body needs.

Pure Encapsulations Biotin – And last but not the least we have Pure Encapsulations Biotin that is meticulously manufactured and processed for the best results.

Reviews of The Best Biotin Supplements

Natrol Biotin Maximum Strength Tablets

This biotin supplement has made a name for itself for providing the sufficient amount of biotin needed for best results to surface. It contains 10,000 mcg of biotin in each of its tablets. This number is known to be the maximum amount that can give the utmost strength of biotin for the body.

One bottle contains about 100 tablets of 10,000 mcg of biotin which means you have enough nourishment for your hair, skin, and nails for almost three months!

  • Each of its tablets keeps your hair and skin naturally glowing and radiant which is an indication of a healthy body.
  • You can say goodbye to hangnails and brittle nails because of this biotin-packed supplement that nourishes and strengthens your nails up to the tip.

It doesn’t only keep your integuments in its A-game but also aids your body in metabolizing food properly and efficiently.

  • When your body properly absorbs and metabolizes the food that you eat then that’s when you will feel that surge of energy inside.
  • Biotin can also prevent your body from storing too much fat because everything is metabolized by your body and converts it to energy for you to use.

Aside from biotin, this supplement also contains another helpful nutrient that works hand-in-hand in keeping your skin glowing. Lutein, a natural nutrient found in plants, is also incorporated in each tablet of Natrol Biotin Maximum Strength.

  • This added nutrient helps in keeping your skin elastic and prevents wrinkles and other skin problems to surface.
  • More than that, it also has an antioxidant property that prevents cell damages and keeps your body healthier as the days go by.
  • It keeps your skin hydrated so that you can feel much younger than usual.

Moreover, it also contains 66 mg of calcium that helps build and maintain strong bones. This means it doesn’t only nourishes your outsides but also works well in the inside.

One thing that people has been praising in regards with this biotin supplement is its capability of keeping their hair healthy. They already said goodbye to thinning of their hair and embraced a new perspective where their hair grows thick and beautiful. Not only that but their hair grew longer and fuller faster.

Things We Like

  • It keeps your skin well hydrated and healthy.
  • This product is suitable for vegetarians.
  • An effective way to prevent and recover from hair thinning.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It worsens cystic acne.
  • There are stearic acid and magnesium stearate present in the formula which may cause a laxative effect.

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Sports Research Biotin

Here’s a biotin supplement which is made from coconut oil and has about 5,000 mcg per softgel. There’s something about coconut oil that makes it a good partner with biotin. Coconut oil is abundant with antioxidants and it also has properties against fungal infections.

  • Coconut oil is said to be good at keeping your hair follicles healthy to accommodate fully strong hair.
  • Its anti-fungal properties also contribute to a healthy scalp by preventing dandruff and other scalp issues to occur.

Just like any other biotin supplements, this ensures you a good hair growth, a flawlessly beautiful skin, and a pack of strong nails.

  • Every inch of the contents of this product was surely tested and retested to assure you the utmost quality that you deserve.
  • It doesn’t stop there! Sports Research hired a third party company that checked it furthermore to ensure a high-quality product for people to consume. What can we say? It is IGEN certified.

Aside from the awesome things mentioned above, this biotin supplement also promotes a healthy metabolic process and a well-accomplished repair and regrow of damaged skin and hair.

It is a non-GMO product which means everything came from 100% natural ingredients that don’t pose any side effect on your body. Vegetarians also approved this one due to its components that are purely organic and doesn’t contain anything that is against their diets. It is also both gluten-free and dairy-free which are good for people who have allergic reactions to dairy products and the likes.

Aside from biotin and coconut oil, this supplement also contains tapioca, vegetable glycerine, purified water, and rice bran wax which composes its capsule.

Now let’s go to what people think of this product. Vegans really do appreciate its potency and its pro-vegetarian components that really worked well with keeping their hair stronger, fuller, and longer in such a short period of time. It also reduced the implications of hair loss.

But there were stories which show that the growth of their hair poses silver or gray strand coming from the hair follicles. Nonetheless, they loved how it made their hair become better looking and manageable. No wonder it earned a rating of 4.4 out 5.0 stars on Amazon.

Things We Liked

  • A guarantee of 90 days to feel and see the results.
  • It is easy to swallow.
  • You’ll say goodbye to hair loss immediately.
  • It is packed in GMP and NSF-certified laboratories.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It has a very strong fish oil-like
  • Softgels were a little bit too oily.
  • It may cause allergic reactions to people who are not good with tree nuts.

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Amazing Nutrition Amazing Formulas Biotin Supplement

There are numerous benefits that you can extract from taking biotin supplements. And that’s what Amazing Nutrition focused on providing their customers through their amazing formulas for biotin supplementation. Each of their easy to swallow capsules contains 10,000 mcg of biotin enough to make your body feel its effects.

  • Intake of biotin creates an avenue for healthier growth of hair, clear and younger looking skin, and strong nails.
  • Daily intake of this supplement helps aid in proper digestion and metabolism of food. Aside from those, this vitamin helps people who are struggling with weight issues.
  • Improvement in the brain’s function is also an effect of taking this biotin supplement.
  • It also improves the function of the thyroid and adrenals glands.
  • Sufficient intake of biotin also contributes to a healthy heart.

Daily intake of this biotin supplement helps in the metabolizing glucose in your body. This means that your body can utilize more the sugar and carbohydrates that you’re taking transforming it into usable energy. More energy means higher productivity during the day.

  • It also helps your body to make use of the amino acids coming from the protein for improved body functions.
  • Its role in weight management comes from the activation of fatty acids from the fatty foods that you eat.

Your bones and muscles also benefit from taking biotin supplements like this one because it aids in the proper development and protection of these vital organs of your body.

  • What it does to your muscles is beyond imaginable because of its active guide in strengthening and stimulating muscle growth.
  • You can say goodbye to joint pains and sore muscles due to its anti-inflammatory factors.

Amazon reviewers were satisfied with the results that this biotin supplement has done to their hair and nails. They saw improvement with just a few weeks of taking it. Their hair grew stronger and longer and they said goodbye to brittle nails in a flash.

Although others were feeling good with this biotin supplement, some were experiencing extreme acne breakout because of the high biotin content in this supplement.

Things We Liked

  • It doesn’t cost that much.
  • One bottle contains 200 capsules.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Some have allergic reactions after taking this supplement.
  • People experienced cystic acne.

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Nature Made High Potency Biotin

This biotin supplement only has 2,500 mcg of biotin in each softgel. This supplement is best for those people who have biotin deficiencies.

  • Its 2,500 mcg dosage of biotin matches the daily recommended dose for your body to use.
  • This supplement provides the sufficient needs for your hair, nails, and skin to exude a healthy glow.
  • It also aids in metabolizing carbohydrates, fats, and protein to energy and other uses that your body needs to perform well on a daily basis.

A softgel of this biotin supplement is made from natural ingredients that are safe to ingest by the body.

  • There are no artificial colorings and flavors used in this product.
  • It is gluten-free and there are no preservatives added which make it all-natural.
  • There are also no traces of starch or yeast in its formula.

You only need to take one softgel capsule per day to enjoy the benefits of this biotin supplement. The softgel capsule is also easy to swallow because its size is smaller than a penny. Isn’t that convenient? All the things you need with just a tiny capsule.

Did I mention that it is USP verified? Nature Made always makes sure that every product that they distribute is of the best quality. This is why they partnered with USP to act as a third party advocate that tests if all batches of their biotin supplements are top-notch in quality.

Customers were fascinated by how easy it is to swallow and how a tiny pearl-like substance can do a lot of things to their bodies. It helped them achieve the naturally long, beautiful and strong hair and nails that they want to have. It also reduced the thinning of their hair which in return reduces the amount of falling hair.

There are some claims which show that taking this biotin supplement made their tummies upset and some didn’t notice good hair growth but nonetheless it made their nails stronger. Others also experienced pimple outbreaks which may be a side effect of biotin.

Things We Liked

  • It has a low price per bottle.
  • You only need to take one capsule per day.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It contains soy lecithin.
  • The color of the softgel isn’t appealing.
  • It is not vegetarian-friendly.

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Pure Encapsulations Hypoallergenic Biotin Supplements

This biotin supplement doesn’t have any allergens in its formulation which is safe to ingest especially to those people with sensitive stomachs. Pure Encapsulations promises a quality biotin supplement that has zero compromises for better and pure results your body needs.

  • There are no artificial sweeteners or even artificial colorants used in making the capsules.
  • It is gluten-free and there are no coatings used in its manufacturing.
  • Aside from these, there are zero traces of magnesium stearate which is a laxative and may cause an upset digestive system.
  • There is also no hydrogenated fat in this biotin supplement making it a healthy addition to your everyday

Pure Encapsulations only uses the most premium raw materials for their products. These ingredients were outsourced from reliable suppliers and have undergone strict quality assurance process. Each of the final products was tested individually for potency and pureness.

  • Everything that was used in this product is listed on its label so that you can have a clear view of what’s in each capsule.
  • Even the allergens, if there are any, are duly listed for your perusal.
  • It is certified safe and good for vegetarians and vegans alike to consume.

What about the manufacturing of their products? Of course, everything screams satisfaction and safety with a spoonful of quality.

  • These biotin supplements were manufactured in their high-end facilities that are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery.
  • The machines used are dismantled and sanitized every after production which adds up to the purity and safety of their products.
  • The warehouse where they keep their products is secured against climate disturbances and temperature changes.
  • Their step-by-step process is all aligned with the guidelines set by nutritional supplement requirements.
  • And of course, it is GMO-free which is safe for everybody to consume.

Everything that you need in biotin nourishment can be found in each of this capsules.

People loved how this biotin supplement helped them in maintaining a healthy growth of hair and nails. It surely did its job well by strengthening their nails and thickened their lovely crowning glories. Another thing that they liked is that it’s from a trusted brand which is Pure Encapsulations.

It worked well especially for those who have thyroid issues. It didn’t meddle on their medications and didn’t pose threats to their bodies or any adverse reactions. This is because of the purity and the assured quality it has for its consumers.

Things We Liked

  • It contains no artificial sweeteners.
  • It is made from hypoallergenic ingredients suitable for people who are sensitive to some food products.
  • A guaranteed reduced loss of hair and brittle nails.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is rather hard to swallow.
  • The dosage may not be of highest strength.

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What to Look for in a Biotin Supplement?

It may seem that all of the stated biotin supplements above offer the safe thing for your body.

You can’t just go on buying anything that you think is okay for you or deem too much on its claims. There are certain factors you need to consider and to actually check before deciding which biotin supplement to buy. Don’t fret! Because we got your back.

Here are the points you need to know before selecting your own set of biotin supplements.

Why do you need one?

Yes, that’s right. You must know why you need to have an added daily intake of biotin for your body. Are you experiencing hair loss? Or does your nails feel brittle and are easily broken? If your answer is yes then you might need to have some biotin in your system.

It is important to validate if you really do need one because of the side effects that it can pose to your body. There are certain reasons why you experience thinning of hair or even baldness. Other than stress and endocrine imbalances, one cause is the deficiency in certain vitamins including biotin.

You must approach your physician to know what kind of vitamins you need. No one knows your body much better compared to your trusted doctor. They can identify which vitamin you are deficient in and provide you with the necessary prescription that you need to take to improve your conditions.

Once you’ve identified what vitamin you’re deficient in and if it is biotin then you’re in luck with this reviews. Your doctor will also guide you with on which biotin supplement to choose and on what dosage you need to consume.

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Always check the labels of the products

Just like any other product that you buy, it is also important to check carefully the labels on the packaging of the biotin supplements in the market. It is vital to know the ingredients that were used in the formulation of that supplement because there might be some constituents that are threats to your body.

There are certain manufacturers that include allergens to their formulas. While others contain minute levels of dairy or other compositions that are not vegetarian-friendly.

It is not also bad to do some research on the products you are eyeing on. Just like what you are doing right now! Further investigations and Google-ing won’t hurt but negligence will do more damage instead of the opposite.

Reviews do matter

People who had the first-hand experience with these biotin supplements can help you decide which product you should buy. They already experienced the pros and cons of consuming these biotin supplements and basically, you’ll learn more from them compared to other methods.

There might be some fake reviews that are scattered on the internet especially those who post negative ones. You must identify which one is correct and not. Despite these, knowing the point of view of other customers can greatly help you in deciding which product to use.

The goods and the bads are what you are looking for. So when you scan through the reviews, you should check the effects it did on their systems.

Here are some you must look into in these reviews:

  • Did it make their hair thicker and grow longer? Did it make their nails stronger? What is its effect on the skin? Or is there any effect at all?
  • Did they experience upset stomachs or even pimple breakouts?
  • How about the size of the softgel or tablet? Is it easy to swallow or not?

You definitely need to know what to expect once you’re taking them so that you will not be surprised by the reactions of your body.

Check the prices

There are expensive biotin supplements that can do the same thing with cheaper once. You should always consider their prices and compare them with others to know which one has the true value. Remember that the price is always right.


Probably one of the things you need to think of is that effects don’t happen overnight. Don’t expect too much that you will feel okay immediately. It doesn’t happen that way.

This is where false accusations arise. People expect that their hair will instantly grow longer or their skin will be more radiant in just a flick of a finger. Everything takes time.

And you will not feel all of the effects that these biotin supplements. It will still depend on your body and how it reacts with supplementations.

This will not be effective if you don’t do your part in making it effective. What do we mean about this? You should also remove external factors that might affect or cancel out the effects of these supplements.

For example, if your hair loss is primarily due to emotional stress then you should also try to fix this issue to assure that the benefits of biotin supplements are really felt fully.

Other than that, your diet and lifestyle can also be factors in its effectivity. Remember that there are just supplements and not the actual cure for what you are feeling. They are meant to lead you to a better you.

With all of these in mind, you should have already made a choice of your own.

The Winner for Best Biotin Supplement Is…

Based on everything that we stated above in our guidelines for choosing the best biotin supplement, it is safe to say that Pure Encapsulations Hypoallergenic Biotin Supplementsclearly bagged it all.

Why? Here’s our blow-by-blow on this competition.

  • Everything you need to know about the product is clearly stated in its label. From the ingredients to the possible allergens present, every detail is listed for your safety and information.
  • The ingredients used were of top-notch quality and have passed the careful testing and control of their state-of-the-art facilities.
  • There are definitely no artificial flavorings or any artificial stuff involved in its formula which is beneficial for your body to ingest. Every part of this capsule is made from natural and raw ingredients.
  • It is GMO-free and is pro-vegetarian and pro-vegan.
  • The reviews say it all. Yes, a bunch of customers was really satisfied with the results that Pure Encapsulations’ biotin supplement did for their hairs, skin, and nails. It really did justice to what they expect it to be providing them.
  • There were also no claims of acne outbreaks from the users which are present in other biotin supplements out there.
  • A happy and healthy body is a happy customer, right?
  • The price also didn’t fail us because it has rather a very affordable price for a value of a worthy biotin supplement.

Isn’t that amazing? If you are convinced enough that this is the best biotin supplement there is then feel free to try one. But don’t forget to follow the first thing we said in our guidelines – always ask your doctors.

It is still up to you on which one you choose to purchase. Your preferences and likings are still that matters in deciding the biotin supplement you want to try.

For whatever reason you want to take biotin supplements, always make sure that it is safe and it follows the standards set by the higher parties.

On that note, it is time to embrace a fuller and longer hair, radiantly glowing skin, and strong nails plus a better outlook in your life. It’s all in the biotin.

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