Best Disc Golf Discs

10 Best Disc Golf Discs for Beginners

A lot of benefits can be obtained from playing disc golf. The lists can go impactful and numerous. Indeed, disc golf does a good sport as it continues to gain recognition and popularity. A lot of courses are also opening from across the globe. And many spectators and players are attending the World Championships in each passing year. 

Now, as a beginner, know that you need to choose from the choices of golf discs that can suit a range of preferences and needs. The discs come in different types of plastic materials having unique properties. What they provide are unique feel and added durability. They also come in different colors requiring you then to choose the one you like best. 

Below are so far the best disc golf discs for beginners you might want to consider. 

Reviews of the Best Disc Golf Discs

Driven Disc Golf

(Best Choice)


Driven Disc Golf is a manufacturer located in Westfield, Indiana. It is offering specialty items that include disc golf in starter sets. Included in the products being sold is the Golf Starter Set. This is a perfect disc set to be used by both beginners and experienced disc golfers.

It features Innova discs that can easily be thrown. It also includes 1025 form of screenshots. It helps in challenging yourself further while building your confidence and improving your skills. 

Key Features

  • 1025 Scoresheets
  • Innova Discs
  • Free MiniDisc and Disc Flight kind of Reference Card


  • Item weight: 15.8 ounces
  • Dimensions: 21.8 by 20.6 by 6.1 centimeters


  • Easy When Thrown
  • The discs made from plastic material are good in their performance
  • Discs are of great quality


  • Not to be used when playing in the woods

Innova Disc Golf

(2nd Choice)


The Innova Disc Golf is a starter set with colors that differ from 160 to 180 g. This is perfect to use by professional disc golfers. This is also beginner-friendly that can easily be used when throwing weights. 

The set allows you to hit the course and to play the best. It helps in throwing reliable approaches and making the center chain form of putts. As for your scores, they show the exact difference using the right discs to your hands. 

This disc is an all-around kind featuring an easy grip. It also ages nicely perfect for finesse shot methods and roller shots. The long-distance driver highlighting a predictable and gliding finish is good for experienced players and beginners alike. 

Key Features

  • Special Edition of MiniDisc
  • The Cobra and The Beast
  • Varying Colors


  • Item weight: 1.19 pounds


  • Driver disc flies forever when tossed
  • Lightweight that allows the skill to be developed further
  • Fun when you play with it


  • Does not have better packaging

Axiom Discs Proton

(3rd Choice)


Axiom is a known brand for disc golf that is manufactured by the MVP. It utilizes many different color options and gyro technology. The discs look so great and also fly so well. 

And now, it introduces the Axiom Discs Proton that is a stable and understandable kind of distance driver. It is made up of highly-durable plastic material. It is when long and consistent life is achieved. It comes with a transparent and optic effect. It offers an improvement in the visibility in the light-night kind of throwing and low-light kind of conditions. As with the colors, they vary in this case. 

Its distance driver is at the 20-millimeter class. It comes with diminished fades and high-speed of turn. Once this is thrown, it can then be remarkably achieved to be straight. Turnover lines and precise slip are also best executed with ease. Give this a shot when wanting Inertia lines or aiming for a sweet-spot disc flight.

Key Features

  • Understandable and Stable Distance Driver
  • Durable plastic
  • Transparent Optic Effect 


  • Weight: 155 g to 175 g
  • Diameter: 21.2 centimeters
  • Rim width: 18.5 millimeters
  • Max weight for PDGA: 175. 1 g


  • When thrown, the disc just goes far
  • Something perfectly crafted
  • Worked well


  • None, so far

Innova – Champion Discs

This Innova-Champion Disc is the best choice to consider when wanting to achieve accurate fairway type of drives, flex shots, and utility driver. This is excellent when used for distance or pin-point kind of accuracy. It is reliable and accurate as a driver. It is also preferred as a fairway driver by Ken Climo, a world Champion. 

It has its DX material that could provide for a wide range of weights. It comes with a speed of 7, glide of 5, fade of 2, and a turn of 0. The colors it has also vary in this sense. 

Key Features

  • Excellent accuracy for pin-point
  • DX material
  • Reliable and Accurate Fairway Driver


  • Diameter: 21.1 centimeters
  • Height: 1.6 centimeter
  • Rim Depth: 1.2 centimeter
  • Rim width: 1.8 centimeter
  • Maximum Weight: 510 g


  • When released flat, it also flies straight having its slight tail
  • Easy when thrown and also is notoriously reliable
  • Perfect disc when it comes to distance
  • Great Quality


  • DX plastic get chewed up easily

SS Elite Z 


The Discraft is recognized as a company founded in 1978 in Ontario, Canada. It began as a group of enthusiasts for disc sport. They are as: Gail McColl, Jim Kenner, Mary, and Chris Greenwoodl. The company is the leader when it comes to disc sports. And it continues to manufacture the highest quality discs like the SS Elite Z.

The product is known as a golf driver at such a maximum distance. It is suggested for different skill levels. It is best to use for novice players aiming for maximum distance. It comes with a stability rating of 1.0. The colors of the disc also vary in this case. It flies the same as the seasoned Buzz. It also hits up pinpoint gaps. It benefits from its nice and perfect glide. It creates out buttery and smooth anhyzers. It is indeed wanted by Buzzz fans.

Key Features

  • 1.0 stability rating
  • Disc colors that vary
  • Golf driver at a maximum distance


  • Diameter: 21.2 centimeter
  • Height: 1.5 centimeter
  • Rim Depth: 1.1 centimeter
  • Rim Width: 2.5 centimeter
  • Maximum Weight: 176.00 g


  • Flies straight
  • Can be thrown flat
  • Looks so great as a disk


  • None, so far

DX Leopard


This golf disc is the best choice when it comes to Anhyzer shots, roller shots, and straight-line kind of driver. It is also mainly valuable to use for gentle hyzers, turnover shots, and long straight type of shots. Its DX material provides for a wide range of weights. It comes with a speed of 6, glide of 5, fade of 1, and turn of -2.

This one is by far the longest line of drive flier. It is an ultra range, and the first driver ever used. It makes a perfect roller once when it becomes already experienced. 

Key Features

  • DX material in differing weights
  • Speed of 6, Fade of 1, Turn of -2, and Glide of 5
  • Varying Colors


  • Diameter:  21.2 centimeters
  • Height: 1.6 centimeters
  • Rim Depth: 1. 1 centimeter
  • Rim width: 1.6 centimeter
  • Maximum weight: 180 g


  • The disc helps take a couple of strokes
  • Stays just straight
  • Has a nice weight without the arm thrown out
  • Variety of sizes and discs to choose from


  • None, so far

Mako 3


This disc is heavy as it weighs about 180-grams. It goes stable when thrown in the wind. It also comes in different colors. It has a reliable flight. It comes with a small and nice fade at its end. As this is thrown flat, it creates out nice and straight shots. It flies beautifully. 

It is also durable. It is likable in its disc rim. It flies straight in mid-range. It can be thrown accurately to about 200-feet. It is indeed recommended for beginners. It is also great when it comes to practicing backhand. Its flight pattern is also somehow predictable. It enables you to create some good shots. 

Key Features

  • 1-disc rounds
  • Straight shots
  • Smooth and hyzer shots


  • Diameter: 21.7 centimeters
  • Rim Width: 1.2 centimeters


  • Amazingly creates a straight and mid-range flying
  • Used for 150 to 250-feet shots
  • Works perfectly for an approach shot


  • Complaint with the color since there is no other choice once you order it



This is a first disc coming from the MVP. It comes with a beaded rim of design. It’s when it creates a reliable straight through the overstable putter. It features a stable and overstable putter. The power putters utilize the ion with much confidence. Its defining flight is found in a straight and stable flight. It highlights as well as a late and subtle fade. 

It is an 11-millimeter class. It means to say that it can hold powerful and long lines with the late sort of subtle fade. It is a versatile putter used in different conditions. It has a speed of 2.5, a glide of 3, a turn of 0, and a fade of 1.5. It consists of a proton plastic, which is a performance material. It is also designed so that it can withstand even the roughest conditions. It is approved by the PDGA.

Key Features

  • MVP Ion
  • 11-millimeter class
  • Proton Plastic
  • Approved by the PDGA


  • Dimensions: 20.1 by 19.6 by 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 181 ounces


  • The disc is produced to feel good in the hand
  • Works better for the style of spin or putting
  • Great to use when wanting to achieve a hyzer approach shot


  • None, so far

Franklin Sports

This set of disc golf is perfect for a get-together, barbecue, and family picnic. This is easy to set up. This comes with an assembly frame of design. This is when setting it up on any surface is done quickly. 

Moreover, it comes with the shape of a unique umbrella providing foldable simplicity. Included in it are 3 golf discs. These are enough in playing disc golf. This includes everything to enjoy a backyard or an afternoon play. 

It can easily be folded up and down for easy storage and transport. It comes with carrying case so that things stay organized. It is portable to use for yard games, backyard games, and beach games. 

Key Features

  • Easy Transport
  • 3 Disc of golf discs
  • Easy Assembly
  • Complete Set


  • Item weight: 7. 05 pounds
  • Warranty: Ninety-day Limited


  • Fun and challenging to play with
  • Comes already with carrying case
  • Ease of folding it
  • Durable enough


  • Gets broken after one session



TESLA is acclaimed as a fairway driver. It is known for its long-range and pinpoints accuracy. It comes with a stable and overstable driver. Its flight path has been characterized by the turn resistance. It brings about a stable and fast option making it perfect for sidearm or backhand throwers. 

It is classified as an 18.5-millimeter class. It comes fully-responsive in its design that balances a reliable fade and subtle turn. It has a forward finish and pronounced glide. It has its speed of 9, the glide of 5, turn of 1, and fade of 2. It is manufactured using neutron plastic material. This is exceptional in its feel and look. It is also as approved by the PDGA.

Key Features

  • Neutron Plastic material
  • Stable and Overstable Driver
  • Approved by the PDGA


  • Weight: 155 grams to 175 grams
  • Diameter: 21.1  centimeters
  • Rim Width: 18.5 millimeters
  • Maximum Weight for PDGA: 174.3 


  • Made from a plastic material that is why it holds up perfectly
  • Turns over consistently
  • Aesthetically and super clean in its design


  • Would not fly for about fifty to seventy-five yards

Guide to Buying the Best Disc Golf Discs and FAQ

If you have not played the kind of sport using disc golf, it may now be the right time to consider this buying guide. This way, you will end up with the best disc golf discs to use for the sport.

Why Do You Need Disc Golf Discs?

You will need disc golf discs to improve your performance and strategy. They are great to use among players. They make a big difference in aiming for the score that you want. And for as long as they suit your target and ability, the more they become useful in this case. It is as suggested to buy different golf discs to choose from throughout the play. 


  • The disc golf discs are made up of sturdy materials offering great durability, good control, and flexibility.
  • The disc golf discs provide superb resistance to the wind and good distance control.
  • The disc golf discs are ideal to be used when aiming for an accurate and reliable performance 

Types of Disc Golf Discs 

Below are the different types of golf discs to ever consider in mind.

Distance Drivers

These are something to look forward to when aiming for maximum range and distance. The distance drivers can seem sharp-edged and thin as discs. They demand a lot of speed when thrown. These discs can fly up to about four-hundred to five-hundred feet and more. 

Control/Fairway Drivers

The fairway drivers are often accurate and consistent in the long-range. They are easy when thrown and controlled as compared to the long-distance driver. When looking for a sense of balance between the distance and accuracy, these control or fairway drivers are your best option.

Mid-range discs

These are essentially considered as the multi-tool of the bag. These are used in almost any situation. These can be practiced with and be used for any shot. These may seem a little bulkier as compared to the drivers. This is when they become less aerodynamic. They are less likely to fly over long distances. 


Putters are a knight in the shining armor. They are a disc that can rescue you despite those bad shots. They are somehow bulkier as compared to other discs that are when they become less aerodynamic. They are not intended for long drives. But, they can be utilized for increasing the distance like when practicing. They could also be utilized for different shots like long and short putts, short drives, and approach shots.

What to Look for When Buying Disc Golf Discs?

Disc Speed

Discs also have different speeds. It’s now up to you to choose which speed you like. As with a high-speed kind of disc, it might not allow you to throw farther and better. Light golf discs may increase the speed of the disc. Focus on the control and power to further increase the speed. 

Type of Disc

Think about the different types of a disc in mind: the drivers, putters, and mid-range discs. As with drivers, they feature sharp edges with the weight on the single rim side. They have so far the longest kind of flight. It is just that they can be hard to control. Distance drivers are great for an advanced player. They are thrown over eighty meters. However, beginners must stick with the fairway drivers that move slower. 

The putters have the slowest and shortest flight. They are perfect when you want to hit the chains and make the shots through the baskets. And they are perfect to be used for controlled and short upshots within fifty meter-target. 

The mid-range discs are also more accurate. It is just that they are slower as compared to the drivers. They are known for predictable flight and stability. However, they may seem more difficult to control as compared to the putters. They are utilized for the close shots so that the greens are obtained within fifty to a hundred meters. 

Disk Weight

For a beginner like you, you need to choose for a lightweight disc for a farther throw and better control. You could then be comfortable with using a lighter driver as compared to a heavier putter. The weight can differ from 120 grams to 180 grams. That’s when you need to choose for the material and the strength of the basket. 

Tips for Buying and Using Disc Golf Discs for Beginners

What to do with the disc golf disc so that you improve with the game?

Be the player you ever wanted by using the disc golf disc. Improve your game with it by practicing, learning, and doing anything. 

Why is it that the plastic disc golf disc seems a better option?

A disc golf disc that is made up of a plastic material seems a better option. It is as suggested to be used for beginners. It is also less expensive, which is why you must buy it. It comes with a great grip while it breaks in a lot easier.

What does the symbol yellow “b” mean for a disc golf disc?

It means to say that it is perfect to use among beginners. It does not require much arm speed and power, so that it glides.


Question: What is the ideal golf disc to use among beginners?

Answer: It is answered as to choosing for the putters. When thrown, they are more engaging and funnier than mid-range and fairway drivers. They are also suggested for beginners. There’s no need to have the arm strength in flying farther as compared to the putter.

Question: Why not choose for drivers yet since you are a beginner?

Answer: The drivers are disc types that tend to fade out completely. That’s when a putter glides for several days in just a straight line. It then racks up the distance needed. 

Question: How will you possibly increase the arm speed of the disc golf?

Answer: Know that you could not get to it overnight since you are just starting. It is best to begin with a low-speed and less stable disc. This is because you aim to get a more focus on the controlled throw. As you try too hard, it will only bring more strain through your muscles.

Our Top Pick

The Axiom Discs Proton is our top pick as it is a stable and understandable kind of distance driver. It is also made up of a durable type of plastic material. It comes with features that make it one-of-a-kind. It is thrown to achieve a straight line. It is easily executed to achieve turnover lines and precise slip.