Best Fitness Tracker for Kids

Best Fitness Tracker for Kids – Get your Kids Outside!

The world we live in is now relying more on technology every minute. Kids nowadays often stay indoors content on playing with their mobile devices or watching television. The long-run effects of such will eventually lead to unhealthy habits, which will affect their fitness.

That said, there is still a new way of helping your kids stay fit. And the good thing is you will be taking advantage of what technology has to offer us. Without further delay, you might want to use fitness trackers for your kids instead.

So if you are looking for a good fitness tracker for your kids, you might want to check what we believe fits your child’s needs.

At a Glance: Our Top Choices for the Best Fitness Tracker for Kids

Lintelek Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor – This fitness tracker prides itself on having 14 different fitness modes along with easy switching functionality in your three selected modes. Also, the heart rate monitor is superb and highly accurate with most of its features.

Twobefit Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor – This waterproof fitness tracker has an OLED display screen that does not hurt your child’s eyes. The comprehensive data analysis dedicated to this tracker allows you to have more detailed results that you can view.

Teslasz Fitness Tracker Sleep Monitor with Calorie Counter – Teslasz is a very affordable fitness tracker that has its own customizable calorie counter and calorie consumption calculator for high accuracy in calculating energy consumption. The sleep monitor also allows you to track the duration and quality of your child’s sleep.

Reviews of the Best Fitness Tracker for Kids

Lintelek Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

Get Lintelek Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor at Amazon

This tracker has a simple design, but the functionality packs quite a punch. The 14 different sports mode or workouts to choose from are a plus Aside from customized fitness training settings, it also features a heart rate sensor. The Lintelek Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor device comes with a comfortable strap and the length is adjustable for use. No matter what wrist size your kid has, it would sure to fit. The small tracker size is ideal for children and has straightforward and simple navigation that is easy to comprehend.

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Twobefit Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

Get TwobeFit Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor at Amazon

This activity tracker is a multi-functional device that can be integrated into your smartphones. The waterproof functionality is a great plus and the functions include 14 training modes, alarm, calories burned, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, pedometer, call alert and even message alerts. The heart rate monitor is accurate enough for fitness use. Meanwhile, the sleep tracker measures your kid’s total effective sleeping time so that you can monitor how well your child is sleeping. And finally, it comes with its own integrated USB port for quick charging.

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Teslasz Fitness Tracker Sleep Monitor with Calorie Counter

Get Teslasz Fitness Tracker, Sleep Monitor with Calorie Counter at Amazon

This low-cost tracker holds a lot of valued features that are ideal for both children and adults. Even though it is fairly new to the market, it has enough qualities to compete to be the best fitness tracker for kids. Like most fitness trackers, it has a step counter or pedometer that is accurate for counting your steps and is very useful for when your kids are jogging with you. Another feature that could help you rate your fitness is the distance counter that allows you to keep track of how far you’ve jogged or run. It also has a sleep monitor and a calorie counter for a more holistic approach to your health and fitness goals.

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Garmin vivofitjr. Activity Tracker

Get Garmin vívofit jr 2 Activity Tracker at Amazon

Garmin is one of the leading producers for trackers, GPS equipment, and other devices. As such, Garmin attempted to make these trackers more appealing to kids by partnering with Disney to deliver different character themes and designs kids will surely love. As a fitness tracker, it has a functioning pedometer and accelerometer for movement tracking. The device itself is very easy to use and does the basics, tracking the time for action and counting the number of steps. And, best of all, it has a Disney-themed app that makes moving and exercising appealing to children so that they can have the time of their lives using and playing with this fitness watch.

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Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker for Kids

Get Fitbit Ace, Activity Tracker for Kids at Amazon

The Fitbit Ace is Fitbit’s attempt at penetrating a new market, which revolves around parents looking for a fitness tracker that is designed to be used by their children. What’s good about this is that you can be sure of the quality that this fitness tracker has because it was made and designed by one of the biggest names in the industry. It covers all of the basics by tracking your child’s steps and monitoring the quality of sleep they are getting at night. It is also a fun experience for kids to use because of how it allows them to complete challenges and achievements that reward them with special badges.

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Why you should buy a fitness tracker for your kids

It might be true that there are other ways for your children to stay fit and to actually do things outdoors instead of just staying all day inside the house playing video games and watching videos online. However, in this day and age when most of what we do are now tied up with technology, we need something that our digital-age kids can actually relate to. That means that there are good reasons why you should get them a fitness tracker.

  • Makes them more active

This is obviously the biggest reason why you need to get a fitness tracker that was made for your kids. A good fitness tracker will be able to make your kids more active by using interactive ways of encouraging them to go outdoors and do some activities they certainly will love doing. For example, there are certain fitness trackers that have mini games that allow them to compete with their friends who also use the same fitness trackers. These games and activities reward them with badges and other prizes so that they could get a sense of accomplishment out of those activities.

  • Become their role model

The number one aspect of being a good parent is to make sure that you become a role model for them. In a sense, children follow the good and bad habits that their parents do. That means that you also should play a big role in their health and fitness by securing a good fitness tracker for yourself. If your kids see that their biggest role model is also putting their fitness tracker to good use, they themselves would actually go get their own fitness trackers so that they would be able to follow into the footsteps of their fitness-inclined parents.

  • It provides them with insight

Your child might think that he/she is already active enough on a daily basis. However, there is no way for them to prove such a claim unless they actually count the number of steps they take or the calories they burn. But by providing them with a fitness tracker, which gives them accurate data of their daily activities, you will be giving them insight. For example, they will realize that the number of steps they take in a day is not actually very impressive. Or maybe the really are not burning as many calories as needed to stay healthy.

  • Make exercising fun

Unless they love sports, kids do not really think that exercise is such a fun thing to do. Doing fitness activities will feel like doing chores for them. However, if you can make things for them, they might actually enjoy exercising. The best fitness trackers for kids have a way of providing kids with a game-like experience. As such, they will eventually love doing fitness activities and exercises as it will feel like playing games for them.

  • They get encouraging feedback

The biggest reason why kids and even adults stop in the middle of trying to achieve a fit and active lifestyle is that they are not getting the right feedback they need to stay encouraged and motivated. However, fitness trackers for your kids can provide your child with the proper feedback to encourage them to continue staying active. For example, after a good exercise or workout, the fitness tracker will show your kids how they did better that day or how they could do better in their next workout. Only a fitness trainer can give you and your kids that kind of insight but they are too expensive. As such, the best alternative is a fitness tracker.

Benefits of a fitness tracker for your kids

  • Measures your heart rate

Although not all fitness trackers measure heart rate, a good fitness tracker for your kids provides a good way for you to accurately keep an eye on his/her heart rate. A low resting heart rate means that your child is in good physical condition. Meanwhile, if he/she has an abnormally high heart rate after certain physical activities, that means that changes must be made in how you go about your child’s diet and fitness routine.

  • Makes it easy for you to count steps

Truth be told, you can actually manually count your steps. Doing so might even be more accurate than using any gadget or fitness device. However, it is such a tedious task to do. Moreover, you cannot focus on your daily activities while keeping a count on your child’s footsteps. As such, fitness trackers for your kids do the counting for you so that all you have to do is to look at the tracker at the end of the day to see how many steps your child had that day.

  • Helps to make sleep a priority for you

In this fast-paced world, we live in, even our children have neglected the importance of sleep as a part of their process of growth as well as their overall health. But if they are using a fitness tracker, they will be able to track their hours of sleep and overall quality of sleep and see how it affects their health. Kids that sleep properly will be able to have more energy during the day and will also perform well in class. In that case, if you get to see how well they are sleeping, you can help make sleeping a priority of them.

  • Forms early healthy habits

When it comes to fitness, the best time to start forming healthy fitness habits is as early as possible. In that case, it will be better off for your children in the long run if they get to develop such habits while they are still kids so that it will become a normal part of their lifestyle as they grow up. And if you want to help them develop such habits early, you can provide them with fitness trackers that allow them to see how their daily activities contribute to their overall fitness.

  • Makes your kids accountable to their own fitness

Fitness trackers are personal devices. Although you gave such devices for your children to make it easier for you to assess the data they gathered in an attempt for you to make some changes in your child’s fitness habits, it will still ultimately boil down to how receptive to fitness your child is. In a way, providing them with fitness trackers will allow them to become more accountable for their own lifestyle and health. You as a parent may be able to help them by providing them with the proper nutrition and exercises but it still boils down to how serious and dedicated your child is. This ultimately allows them to become more responsible adults when they grow up.

  • Challenges your kids

Whether it is by showing your child data regarding his/her activity level or by giving him/her encouraging messages, fitness trackers can be great at challenging your kids to do better and to push themselves to become healthier. They just simply are great at making your child feel the need to improve their fitness habits. Also, some fitness trackers have certain challenges your child can take to get a sense of accomplishment after doing the tasks. They can even challenge other kids who also have the same fitness trackers to make things more interesting and competitive.

What to look for when choosing the best fitness tracker for kids(BUYING GUIDE)

Technically, the keywords on what to look for are already there. Fitness tracker, and for kids. If you aim towards making your kids more active, then you should look for features that will help your child be active and stay active.

  • Accuracy

First, you have to check how precise and accurate the fitness tracker is. Technology is not perfect. However, there has to be a minimum room for errors especially when it comes to your child. Highly accurate fitness trackers should be one of your priorities to ensure that the fitness activities that your child performs will be assessed perfectly.

  • Child-friendly

This aspect is a very important one. As you are allowing your child to use it, make sure that the device is good enough for children. Studies have shown that there are gadgets that hinder the mental growth of children when exposed at a very young age. Thus, devices that stimulate your child’s development rather than cause detrimental effects, is more preferable. Also, make sure that there are parts that are not choking hazard and causes discomfort in your children. Always put the health of your child first as your kid’s safety is the priority. Keep in mind every gadget about how it will do well with your kid.

  • Price

Are the prices reasonable? If you are going to choose the best fitness tracker for kids, would you pick the most expensive one? Not necessarily. You might have to check if the quality and features itself is up to its price. There are actually fitness trackers for kids that are not very heavy on the wallet. If you are cutting costs, make sure that you’ll get what’s really for your child rather than buy the cheapest one immediately with very poor quality.

  • Features and functions

Only the best fitness trackers will give your child a wide range of features and functions that make them versatile devices on your wrist. Some of the best fitness trackers have built-in heart rate monitors while some allow you to track your child’s different types of exercises and workouts. There are even those that allow your child to check your phone’s calls and messages through the screen on the fitness tracker. In that sense, your kids will basically have everything you need all on your wrist.

  • Style

The truth is that no child would ever want to wear a fitness tracker that does not look good or stylish on their wrists. If the fitness tracker looks a bit too bland or adult-ish for their tastes, your child might not even want to use it in the first place. In that sense, you will be spending money for nothing. But if you choose a stylish fitness tracker for your child, he/she will actually like putting it on his/her wrist and even mix and match it with their own personal style to create a unique kind of look he/she will certainly love.

  • Comfort

In plain terms, no child would ever want to wear a fitness tracker that feels uncomfortable and heavy on the wrist. That means that you should also take comfort into consideration when choosing a fitness tracker because, if the tracker seems too uncomfortable for your child to wear, it will bother him/her during workouts and exercises and will ultimately end up hindering them from doing their best or even unwearable for them.


Our choice for the best fitness tracker for kids is Garmin vivofitjr. Activity Tracker!

This is a highly accurate and straight to the point fitness tracker that every kid should love. Customizable straps with Disney themes will be appreciated by your child. The in-app features provide a reward system, unlike any other fitness trackers. This functionality alone boosts itself to the top because it allows parents to help make and give incentives to their children without added work. Thus, it helps in parenting while helping the child at the same time.

The sleep monitor is highly accurate compared with other activity trackers. Detailed data is also available on app integration and are compatible with most smartphones. The swim waterproof rating is unique when placed among the majority of fitness trackers since most of them are limited to minimal water splashes and can only be used while washing hands. Although it has no heart rate tracker, the long battery life and the waterproof capabilities become reasonable with the very affordable price for a Garmin vivofitjr. Activity Tracker. Simple design, straightforward features, long battery life, durable, highly waterproof, very affordable, kid-friendly, superb. This might be your best solution to help your kids stay active from now on!

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