Best Glutamine Supplement of 2021 – Top 5 Review and Comparison

Do muscle soreness and fatigue get the most out of you after workouts? Don’t let them get in the way! Boost your workout performance with these five best glutamine supplements that we picked just for you!

At a Glance: Our Choices for the Best Glutamine Supplement of 2021

BulkSupplements Pure L-Glutamine Powder– This is a pure blend of top-grade L-glutamine powder that is clinically tested in laboratories to assure you of safe weight loss and effective muscle growth.

Cellucor Glutamine Powder– It is a COR-Performance glutamine formulated to guarantee that muscle recovery is achieved at full potential.

Optimum Nutrition L-Glutamine– It has L-Glutamine that is compacted into capsules to ensure convenience and efficiency of fast absorption to the body.

Body Fortress 100% Pure Glutamine Powder– This glutamine supplement is calibrated to provide the utmost refill of glutamine and at the same time secures a good production of the naturally occurring lactic acid buffers in your body after every workout.

MusclePharm 100% Pure Glutamine Powder – The formulation used in this glutamine supplement is one of the most advanced there is in the market with a total of 3 various forms of glutamine incorporated in each powder granules.

Reviews of The Best Glutamine Supplement

BulkSupplements Pure L-Glutamine Powder

Glutamine is a naturally occurring amino acid in your body that is slowly depleting every time you workout. Every serving of this glutamine supplement has 1 g of L-glutamine suitable enough to replenish its worn out levels in your system.

  • One of the important amino acids involved in rebuilding your muscles is glutamine which is generally important in providing enough energy and endurance for muscle development.
  • It is helpful especially if you’re into strenuous sports that induce a lot of protein burning. Your muscles need a lot of building blocks to improve its mass and strength.
  • Other than that, glutamine is important in maintaining a strong immune system and an intestinal health.

You may experience muscle fatigue whenever you do hardcore sets of exercise. This is why glutamine is essential in muscle recovery so that you won’t feel weak at the end of every workout and that you’ll not lose the muscle mass you want to gain.

BulkSupplements assures you that every serving has gone through tough laboratory tests for purity and quality. There are actually no other ingredients or even fillers mixed into it keeping its efficacy at maximum.

  • You definitely know what kind of substances go inside your body because it only has one ingredient in it.
  • It removes the worries of ingesting elements that might affect your health condition.

Affordability is one of its edges. There are different serving sizes available in the market which you can choose from that will surely last for a couple of days or even years.

People are really satisfied by its power to suffice the daily requirements of glutamine in every post-workouts. The thing these customers are fascinated about this product is that it gives the same benefit as its high priced one of the same caliber.

Things We Liked

  • It is one of the purest glutamine product in the market that assures you of completely absorbing the right substance to your body.
  • It is very affordable.
  • A non-GMO product that is safe for your body.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • There are claims that it has an ammonia-like smell.

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Cellucor Glutamine Powder

Glutamine levels usually go down whenever you engage yourself in exhausting exercises that involve intensive muscle actions. So instead of you gaining that hardcore abs and dream guns, your body slowly deteriorates which leads to stress and muscle disintegration.

You need to restock your supply of glutamine in the body to achieve the muscle mass you always wanted. In doing so, Cellucor uses their own innovative form of glutamine to assure a stable and complete supply of muscle building.

  • COR-Performance Glutamine provides the edge for muscle recovery every after workouts.
  • 5g of glutamine is available in each serving that promises faster muscle cell repair caused by intensive training.
  • You can definitely go for more work and more exercise without worrying about losing much of the essential amino acid in your body.

Insufficient amounts of glutamine in your body can be detrimental to the immune system. This is why you need to take certain amounts of this muscle-building amino acid to fuel your cells and make the best out of your body systems.

Premium ingredients are used to achieve the quality of this glutamine supplement. These patented ingredients were carefully mixed into a blend that brings out the energy and stamina your body needs to reach your fitness goals.

To get you more stimulated in taking glutamine supplements, this product offers 8 different satisfying flavors to pump up your drive. You can choose from cherry limeade, icy blue razz, tropical punch, soft gels, fruit punch, green apple, pink lemonade, and of course, an unflavored one is also available to your likings. Now that’s a yummy treat for your taste buds and your muscles to dig in.

Those people who already tried taking this one are really satisfied with the results plus the juicy flavors really added up to the joy of consuming it. They really felt the sudden boost in energy and with a proper workout routine plus a daily serving of this glutamine, drink improved their physique well.

Things We Liked

  • You can have a variety of flavors to choose
  • Its brand awareness is top-notched.
  • Quality ingredients for a reasonable price.

Thing We Didn’t Like

  • There’s a problem with the consistency of this formula when mixed with water.
  • Results vary from user to user.
  • The dosage of glutamine is rather small.

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Optimum Nutrition L-Glutamine

If you don’t feel like taking powdered glutamine formulas then there are products that present L-glutamine in capsulated forms. Optimum offers state-of-the-art simple yet effective dosage of L-glutamine that can be found in each capsule of their product.

  • For each capsule, there is about 1g of L-glutamine available for your body to absorb.
  • It is convenient for you to take because you don’t need to mix or blend it. You just have to take it as it is. It’s really that easy!

Each capsule is packed with pure L-glutamine that is highly concentrated to live up to its purpose of muscle recovery and muscle construction.

Compared to other glutamine supplements that you take as a post-workout punch, this one is taken as a pre-workout and sometimes you can take it before sleeping. Doing this can provide you with the energy you need to start your day well.

Did you know that L-glutamine can do wonders in your workout routine? That’s why adding glutamine to your everyday diet plan is beneficial in obtaining your A-game in every exercise.

Improved body performance and intensified strength in your exercises are what glutamine can do to your body.

The first-hand experience with the product can tell it all. People usually felt its benefit immediately after taking it. They became more active and the usual muscle pains and stresses began to disappear in a flash. This enabled them to gain more from exercising than the customary workout-only routine.

Things We Liked

  • It’s manufactured and produced by Optimum Nutrition, one of the leading brands when it comes to workout supplements.
  • It is safe to consume and is good for leaky guts.
  • It can act as a good pre-workout supplement for that maximum energy boost.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The dosage of glutamine is a little bit small.
  • There are other ingredients aside from glutamine incorporated in each capsule.
  • It is difficult to mix.

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Body Fortress 100% Pure Glutamine Powder

If you’re looking for a post-workout regime that can soothe your ailing muscles then Body Fortress’ might be the one you’re looking for. It focuses on providing glutamine to your body and hastening the recovery process of your muscles to prevent muscle fatigue.

  • Lactic acid buffers are produced when your body uses glutamine during intense workouts. In turn, it reduces the risk of lactic acid formation that causes extreme muscle strains, pains, and
  • Its formulation is carefully patterned to the standards set by cGMP which makes it a good dietary supplement. This means that adequate levels of glutamine can be found in every serving.

You can now say goodbye to muscle soreness thanks to the action L-glutamine can do in your body.

Aside from increasing muscle recovery, it also helps your body build good defenses against diseases and promote a perfectly working digestive tract.

  • Using products with L-glutamine doesn’t only stop you from experiencing the horrors of pains and burns in your arms, legs, and bodies but it can also be used as protection against post-surgery infections.
  • L-glutamine also diminishes the risk of gut permeability and provides a somewhat solution to the dreaded “leaky gut syndrome”.

It is an affordable addition to your nutritional plan without sacrificing the quality of the ingredients present in every serving. You can also customize it depending on your likings. Why not try adding it to your other supplements?

People’s testimonies towards this glutamine supplement say it all. There are no side effects associated when taking this glutamine supplement. It does what you expected it to be doing and there’s no doubt about the quality and effectiveness it does to your body.

Things We Liked

  • There’s no trace of aspartame or gluten in it.
  • It is designed specifically to recover from strenuous workouts.
  • It is manufactured by cGMP certified plants across the USA.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • This formulation doesn’t dissolve well in other liquids and it suspends in your drink.

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MusclePharm 100% Pure Glutamine Powder

Ifone form of glutamine is not enough to empower the body then why not add two more of its form? MusclePharm believes that incorporating the 3 different types of glutamine in their product will boost its effectiveness and efficiency in performing its role in your body.

  • L-Glutamine helps in muscle recovery, digestive health, and immune boosts.
  • Glutamine peptides are believed to be the ideal form of glutamine that must be put in protein shakes. It is more stable and can be absorbed better because of its linkages with other amino acids.
  • Alanyl-L-Glutamine reaches the muscles easier compared to the basic glutamine form. It also induces absorption of electrolytes for better muscle contractions and improved endurance for longer workouts.

MusclePharm’s glutamine formula poses different maximum benefits that your body can enjoy.

  • There’s a thing with this supplement which increases the absorbability of the glutamine to your body.
  • Not a single glutamine is wasted in its formula. Everything goes specifically to your muscles and tissues for superior repair and recovery.
  • Your body is nourished completely to assure proper rehydration and resilience of worn out muscles.

It is highly rated in leading online stores and the people are amazed at how it improved their post-workout feeling. There are also claims that they felt much better after workouts compared before when they didn’t take it as a supplement drink.

Things We Liked

  • 3 different types of glutamine work hand-in-hand to provide a maximum effect on your body.
  • It is unflavored so that you can try a variety of mixtures to your own satisfaction.
  • Its price fits its function well.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • There may be allergens present in it because it is produced using the same equipment for making other supplements that contain gluten, dairy, or eggs.
  • The number of scoops per serving is kind of confusing because there are two serving sizes printed on the bottle.
  • Recent formulations depict a different blend which opposes the usual 3 types of glutamine present in it.

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A Thing or Two in Choosing the Right One for You

Glutamine is a nonessential amino acid that is produced by our body but due to intensive workouts and burnouts, it drops off to a point that you might need to resort to a glutamine supplement. You know how glutamine is important in muscle recovery.

We already have presented you with a set of the possible best glutamine supplement in the market. After that, you might get a little confused on which one to choose among these 5 products right?

We came up with a checklist to help you in deciding which glutamine supplement will fit your appetite and your needs.

  • How much glutamine do I need for my body? 3-5 daily
  • Which glutamine supplement fits my budget?
  • What brand will I go for value?
  • Do I prefer my own glutamine supplement in powder form or capsule form?

Almost every product offers the same feature although some of them carry a different light that you might blind you. You must have that keen eye to avoid getting blinded by false advertising.

Remember that in purchasing the best glutamine supplement that will feed your needs you must always consider the cost and the quality. You don’t need a cheap supplement that doesn’t provide you enough glutamine.

Don’t buy something just for the sake of having it. And that’s rule number 1 that is also applicable to any products.

You should also check the ratings in different online stores so that it can help you decide which one to buy. Sometimes the sentiments of the people who already tried using them can help you big time in which one to spend your money on.

By this time, you might already have an idea on which one to buy based on your preferences right?

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The Simpler the Better

Based on everything that we’ve discussed above and on the sets of questions we presented to you, the best glutamine supplement is BulkSupplements Pure L-Glutamine Powder.

First and foremost, it got us with its purity and substance compared to other products that have already other elements incorporated in them. This means that you get the thing that you only need.

It is clinically tested and quality assurance made sure that it is 100% pure and safe for you to take. And the price is just right compared to other expensive products with other shenanigans that you don’t actually need.

It a non-GMO product which means that there are no harmful chemicals in it. It is definitely safe to ingest and to take daily as a part of your post-workout regime. It is guaranteed to have not even a single filler nor additive in it. Not bad right?

When it comes to value, there’s no denying that this one has it in its bag. You can buy a certain amount, like a kilogram for example, and it can already last for years!

You don’t have to go to the store frequently just to purchase a bag or bottle of glutamine supplement. Come to think of this: you only need to go to the store or purchase online once in a year or so because one bag is enough for you to consume without sacrificing the right amount of glutamine needed.

If you’re a busy person then this might be the one for you. Just like what we said before there will be fewer trips to the stores and less cash will flow out of your pockets.

You will also not have to worry about drinking those hard to swallow capsule because it is in powder form that you can take anywhere and any time. It is that convenient. And who doesn’t like convenience?

The ammonia-like stench is just a normal thing and you don’t have to worry too much about it.

The ratings for this product are also clear enough for it to grab the trophy for being the best there is. With 4.6 stars out of 5.0 stars, there are already people who believed that this one provided everything that they need to recover and rebuild after a strenuous workout session.

Now you don’t have to worry about getting those big muscles of yours into shambles or your immune system getting low or even your digestive tract being loose because all you need to have is this bag of the best glutamine supplement in your possession.

It is time to feel the benefits of taking care of your body to the next level. A simple treat for the overall benefit of your body. It is not just for your muscles but also for your immune system which is a more important part of your health.

That’s it for this one. We hope we helped you in some ways in deciding which one to purchase.

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