Best Mobile Gym Apps to Help You in Your Workout Journey

Today, more and more applications downloadable through our phones can help us in many ways. There are thousands of them available through iOS as well as android phones. From helping us to make delicious food, helping our business, and of course, apps that help us with our workout journey. These apps can guide us to track our workout data and can also provide step-by-step instructions, so we don’t have to leave our homes just to workout. So, here are some of the best mobile gym and fitness apps to help us with our daily workout and physical fitness routines.

Workout Trainer (Free: Android and iOS)

The Workout Trainer app by Skimbles will offer you training and exercise routines for both beginners and veterans. The app is like a simple questionnaire that measures your physical fitness and workout plans for your desired fitness goals. It also provides notifications and stat tracking to help you focus. Also, you can even hire trainers that can help you with different fitness specialties on this app. Although this app is one of the best free fitness apps in the Google Play and App Store, they also include a premium subscription. The paid subscription can offer you with expanded access to more than 100 different workout programs and more.

FitOn (Free: Android and iOS)

This app aims to be like a Netflix-style service app that provides exercise videos. It offers a wide variety of videos about exercise classes, routines, training, and techniques. The video workouts come with full video instructions and voice, allowing your phones, laptops, and tablets as a portable guide. Some classes are facilitated by some celebrities, such as Katie Dunlop of Love Sweat Fitness and Cassey Ho of Blogilates. The app is originally a premium subscription service, but it is now free that opens its entire library of fitness and exercise to everyone. 

Freeletics (Free: Android and iOS)

This fitness app will provide you with hundreds of fitness routines that cover a wide variety of fitness levels and muscle groups. It is only designed to apply to your body weight as your fitness and exercise equipment. The videos, as well as the audio guides, will provide you with step-by-step sequences for your routines. It also comes with premium subscriber service, offering access for further training plans. It may also include performance analysis, 2×2 training mode, and workout goals.

Seven (Free: Android and iOS)

Well, many seven-minute fitness apps are available in both the App Store and Google Play, but the Perigee Seven is one of the best. Seven by Perigee app will challenge you to work out for 7 minutes a day for seven months. It has a tracker screen that monitors your progress and programs that you can achieve. These achievements can unlock new activities, such as other types of physical fitness and exercise. Also, this app has 3D guides, which is also easy, and you will surely get comfortable with each exercise you engage in.

As said earlier, there are thousands of fitness and mobile gym apps on both Android and iOS phones. Some of them are paid subscriptions, and some of them are only free. Well, the mentioned apps above are the most common apps which you can find in Google Play and the App Store. So, we hope that it will be helpful for you, and if it’s not, you can always try other apps. Happy work outing right through your home!

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