5 Best Multivitamin for Bodybuilding

It takes more than lifting weights to build muscle. You must eat a healthy diet, follow a strict exercise regimen, take adequate rest periods and use the right multivitamin. If you are looking to find the perfect multivitamin to complement your bodybuilding journey, check out these five best multivitamin for bodybuilding!

A Glance: Our Top 3 Multivitamin for Bodybuilding

Animal Pak Multivitamin is known as sports nutrition vitamins that contain amino acids, digestive enzymes, and antioxidants. It is recommended for athletes, bodybuilders, and for people serious about working out and building muscles. This multivitamin improves immune system health, muscle recovery after injury and enhances overall health.

MuscleTech Platinum Multivitamin is a supplement made for men and women who would like to build muscle and enhance their health. This is a once-a-day multivitamin that’s safe to use daily. It is loaded with vitamins A, C, D, E, B6, and B12 needed for good health and improved energy levels.

Controlled Labs Orange Triad is a multivitamin that’s developed for improved muscle health to optimize your daily weight training. It is for overall health with complete vitamins and minerals plus Joint Complex, Flex Complex, Digestion, and Immune Complex.

Reviews and Comparisons of the Best Multivitamins for Bodybuilding

Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

Get Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Multivitamin at Amazon

Universal Nutrition Animal Pak is known for its top-quality amino acids that will help you develop muscles that will grow bigger and stronger. It comes with antioxidants to protect the body from the effects of harmful free radicals to prevent illness, even cancers.

This multivitamin is also easy to digest with digestive enzymes for a healthy GI tract. This multivitamin also enhances muscle repair while training. It has nutrients that will help support the body and repairs injuries due to muscle strain and pain.

MuscleTech Platinum Multivitamin

Get MuscleTech Platinum Multivitamin at Amazon

MuscleTech Platinum Multivitamin comes with important vitamins like vitamin C and A. These are potent ingredients that can help boost energy levels, enhance immune system health and improve digestive system health. This is easy to absorb and thus your body will be able to benefit from its good effects.

MuscleTech Platinum Multivitamin is tested safe and effective by a third-party testing and verification company. This ensures that you are getting a product that has 100% quality and is effective. This is made in the USA and therefore you can guarantee good quality.

Controlled Labs Orange Triad

Get Controlled Labs Orange at Amazon

Controlled Labs Orange Triad is a multivitamin from natural and effective ingredients. It is composed of vitamin A, C, D, E, and K, folic acid, biotin, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, selenium, manganese, chromium, potassium, sodium, and other essential nutrients. This comes with Controlled Labs’ Joint Complex, Flex Complex, and Digestion Immune System Complex for total health and wellness.

This multivitamin keeps your immune system healthy therefore you are protected from common diseases and health conditions. Foremost, you need to have good health and strong bones and joints before you start working out. This multivitamin will support the health of your body especially your bones, immune system, and cardiovascular system as you deal with the strenuous physical demands of bodybuilding.

Legion Triumph

Get Legion Triumph at Amazon

Legion Triumph bodybuilding multivitamin is made from ingredients known to help build leaner, stronger muscles. But aside from improving the body’s muscular health, it can enhance mental health so you can concentrate on your muscle-building regimen.

It comes with a complete selection of nutrients, therefore, you can expect good health, body, and mind. Legion has vitamins C and E which are known to enhance the immune system. You can have better energy levels and overall wellness so you can pursue your dreams of building leaner and stronger muscles.

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

Get OPTIMUM NUTRITION Opti-Men at Amazon

Optimum Nutrition or ON is a popular brand of muscle-building supplements. Opti-Men is one of their popular products and this has nutrients that will give you more power and high energy to pursue a bodybuilding and muscle gaining regimen.

Opti-Men has 75+ active ingredients with 22 vitamins and essential minerals. It also comes with vitamin D, botanical extracts, amino acids, and antioxidants to ensure that you have good nutrition so you can start fitness training.

How to use multivitamins for bodybuilding?

Multivitamins intended for building muscles come in different formulations. But no matter what brand of vitamin brand you use, remember the following techniques to get the most out of your multivitamin

When to take your multivitamin?

Most multivitamins are formulated with vitamins and minerals that can enhance energy levels. It is natural to feel energetic like there’s a sudden burst of energy coming from inside you. Therefore, it’s best to take your multivitamin an hour before your muscle-building or bodybuilding activity.

Some people take supplements in the morning before they start their day. There’s no problem with this practice but if you are going to work out in the afternoon, chances are your energy will wear off before you even get to the gym.

Do you take your multivitamin in the evening? We recommend avoiding this practice because you will be fully awake in the evening when you should be resting. Remember that rest is an important factor in building muscle. It is during rest periods that your muscles grow and your body recuperates from stress and from any injury that you may have sustained while working out.

How to take your multivitamin?

Multivitamins come in pills, capsules, and powder form. To avoid any untoward effects, you must take your multivitamins with food or beverage such as milk.

Most people who have used multivitamins for bodybuilding often complain that the capsules or tablets are too big while multivitamin powders are too bland, bad-tasting, or nauseating.

Again, these may be reduced by consuming multivitamins with food or with a beverage. Stay within your recommended dose and never overindulge. Most people new to building muscles think that taking more supplements means larger muscles or developing muscles quicker.

There is no truth to this! The key to gaining more muscles is to stick to your prescribed regimen, consuming the right food, following the best workout routine, and adequate amounts of rest. There are no shortcuts.

Important nutrients that your multivitamin should have

Not all multivitamin brands are similar. There are brands with higher vitamin content while some come with amino acids,  digestive enzymes, and other additional content. Looking beyond additives and features, the following nutrients should be a part of your multivitamin for bodybuilding as well as your regular multivitamin brand.


We all know that bodybuilders need calcium therefore when choosing the right multivitamin for bodybuilding, you should always check for calcium levels. Calcium is a mineral needed to develop strong bones as well as teeth. Calcium is also needed for muscle contraction as well as the metabolism of energy.

If you don’t have enough calcium in your diet, your body will release a hormone known as calcitriol and this will make you store more fat. You are also prone to fractures and injuries when you lack calcium in your diet.

Bodybuilders need calcium to strengthen bones to support larger and stronger muscles. Calcium can improve energy levels, something that bodybuilders need to be able to endure long hours of weight training.

What is the recommended daily allowance of calcium?

Women 50 years of age and younger need 1,000 mg of calcium daily while those older than 50 need 1,200 mg in a day. This is because women tend to lose bone mass as they reach their menopausal age.

At this age, women become prone to fractures and hair and teeth loss; having a healthy diet rich in calcium and taking supplements are ways to prevent these conditions. Meanwhile, men of any age need 1,000 mg of calcium per day.

What foods are rich in calcium?

You can get calcium by eating cheeses, almonds, sardines, sesame seeds, yogurt, and drinking milk. If you don’t have these in your diet your best chance is to use a multivitamin supplement with high amounts of calcium.


Biotin is a nutrient that has a special function in bodybuilding. Biotin converts carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into energy. You may have heard about biotin included in your shampoo or skin cream because this vitamin keeps hair and skin healthy. It can prevent hair from turning grey and for maintaining a healthy scalp.

Bodybuilders need biotin to improve their energy levels as they perform bodybuilding exercises. With enough biotin in their diets, they can harness renewed energy to lift weights, withstand workout routines, and basically improved overall performance.

What is the recommended amount of biotin?

At present, there is no recommended daily allowance of biotin but usually, biotin capsules or tablets come in 10 mcg. You will only find recommended adequate intakes of biotin in most supplements. Men and women need 25 mcg of from 14 to 18 years of age. Those over 18 need 30 mcg.

What are the foods rich in biotin?

Biotin may be found in foods like peanut butter, egg yolks, oats, almonds, and hazelnuts. If you don’t have access to these foods, you must take multivitamin supplements fortified with biotin.


Iron is needed for healthy blood cells. The body needs red blood cells to deliver nutrients and oxygen to different tissues of the body. Iron will improve energy levels and can enhance the health of your immune system.

Bodybuilders need iron to power their muscles with nutrients and oxygen. They need iron to give them pure energy so they can cope with different exercise and bodybuilding routines. If you want to maintain your energy levels before, during, and after working out then you should choose a supplement with adequate iron content.

How much iron do you need?

People in their teens, from 12 to 19 years of age need 16.3 mg daily. Men older than 19 need 19.3 to 20.5 mg per day. Women older than 19 need 17.0 to 18.9 mg daily.

What are foods rich in iron?

Aside from getting iron from supplements, you can also get this nutrient from dried apricots, venison, bran cereals, and sardines. Iron-fortified food products are also good sources.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant. This helps the body metabolize carbohydrates so you can use this for fuel. Vitamin C protects the body from illness and from exercise-induced oxidative stress.

Vitamin C can assist the body to absorb iron from the food we eat. You’ll be able to fight infections can prevent a number of diseases when you take vitamin C daily.

Bodybuilders need vitamin C to improve overall health. Basically, you cannot work out and train with weights if you are stressed, sick, and tired. Vitamin C will improve your disposition and help you get ready for your workouts daily.

What is the daily allowable requirement for vitamin C?

In adults, 65 to 90 mg of vitamin C is needed daily. The limit is up to 2,000 daily. You must make sure that your supplement has vitamin C in the content.

What foods are rich in vitamin C?

There are a number of foods rich in vitamin C and the most common are citrus fruits. And aside from citruses, green peppers, blackcurrants, broccoli, and apples. If you don’t have access to fresh fruits and vegetables in your area, taking multivitamin supplements with vitamin C is a priority.


Selenium is a trace mineral needed for immune system health. It can help you fight cancer and avoid heart disease. Selenium is a nutrient that can help you have a good mood. It prevents depression and gives you an overall disposition.

In weight training, selenium can stop free-radical damage. Stress causes an increase in harmful free radicals in the body. You need to free your mind and body from stress so you can focus more on your workout routines. Exercise actually increases the happy hormone known as endorphins.

Aside from relieving stress, selenium’s heart-friendly and immune-system supporting powers can also help during weight lifting. A strong immune system and cardiovascular system can make you endure countless hours of training especially weight training.

What is the daily dose of selenium?

The safer limit for selenium is 400 mcg daily for adults. Men who would like to prevent prostate cancer should take 100 mcg of selenium.

What foods do you eat to get your daily dose of selenium?

The best kinds of food to eat to get selenium are fresh tuna, Brazil nuts, wholemeal bread, and sunflower seeds. These foods are not easily found in most areas of the world therefore if you do not have access to these selenium-rich foods, use a supplement.

Omega 3

You must choose a multivitamin with Omega 3 fatty acids. This is because no one can manufacture omega 3 fatty acids artificially. People who have taken omega 3s have enhanced blood flow and have better heart health.

Omega 3 fatty acid is primarily found in fish oil. But a diet of fish oil is hard to come by which is why most people supplement with Omega 3 fatty acids instead.

For men and women who are working out or building muscles, omega 3 fatty acids can help you lose weight. You will be able to burn more fat and improve your shape and weight when you take omega 3 supplements.\

What is the recommended requirement for omega 3?

There is no set value for omega 3s but according to some experts, a minimum of 250 to 500 mg combined DHA and EPA is needed for specific health conditions.

What are the best food sources for Omega 3s?

Omega 3 is found in Brazil nuts, flaxseed oil, salmon, mackerel and other types of fresh fish.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D assists the body in absorbing calcium and phosphorous as well as other vital nutrients. As mentioned, calcium is needed for healthy bones, teeth, and hair. Meanwhile, the body needs phosphorous which is necessary for the synthesis of ATP. This is a usable form of energy found in the body cells.

Vitamin D is essential in bodybuilding workouts because of its ability to enhance bone and joint health plus gives you more energy to perform strenuous exercise routines.

What is the recommended daily dose of vitamin D?

The recommended intake of vitamin D is 400 to 800 IU daily or around 10 to 20 mcg. Some experts recommend taking higher levels of vitamin D at 1000 to 4000 IU to enhance overall health.

What foods are rich in vitamin D?

You can actually get vitamin D from the sun. Just around 30 minutes of sun exposure during the early morning can help provide your RDA of vitamin D. But if you’re the type whose work requires you to stay inside a building 9 to 5 or you live in a place where it is colder or you don’t get enough sunlight, take multivitamins with vitamin D.

Vitamin D is present in oily fish, sunflower seeds, yogurt, and eggs. There are also some foods fortified with vitamin D.

Vitamin B12

Another important nutrient in multivitamins includes vitamin B12 or cyanocobalamin. This nutrient is necessary for the formation of red blood cells as well as converting food to energy.

B12 also works to provide you with the nervous system and muscular system health. It makes sure that the brain and the muscles communicate well so you can coordinate movements better and work efficiently in your different weight lifting routines.

What is the recommended dose of vitamin B12?

The usual supplemental dose of vitamin B12 is 1 to 25 mcg daily while the RDA is 1.8 mcg in older kids and adults.

What are foods high in vitamin B12?

You can get B12 naturally from foods like eggs, meat, milk, marmite, and offal. Multivitamins can supplement vitamin B12 in case you don’t have these foods in your daily diet.


Copper is a nutrient that is present in the environment and is also abundant in the body. Copper protects the heart, nervous system, and skeletal system. For people who want to indulge in bodybuilding, copper can strengthen the tendons.

What is the RDA for copper?

The RDA for copper in adult men and women is around 900 ug daily.

What are the foods rich in copper?

The best natural sources of copper are sardines packed in tomato sauce, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and crabs.


Magnesium is necessary for muscle contraction. It is found in the soft tissues, muscles, and body fluids. It can increase energy so you can complete weight lifting routines without fatigue or cramping.

What is the daily recommended dose of magnesium?

You must get around 310 to 420 mg of magnesium for adults but there are specific amounts per gender and age.

What are the natural sources of magnesium?

Magnesium is best found in green leafy vegetables, seeds, bran, nuts, and garlic. If you can’t find these in your diet, supplement with a multivitamin.


Zinc is an important mineral in producing testosterone. It enhances recovery when you have developed muscle strain or pain during exercise. You need zinc to improve fertility and enhance the number of infection-fighting T-cells.

What is the RDA of zinc?

Adult women need 8 mg of zinc while men need 11 mg daily.

What are the foods rich in zinc?

Zinc is abundant in many kinds of food. Rich sources of zinc include eggs, red meat, cheese, and pumpkin seeds.


Universal Nutrition Animal Pak is the top multivitamin for bodybuilders on our list. It comes with important amino acids so you can develop bigger, stronger, and leaner muscles. It also comes with antioxidants to protect the body from harmful free radicals and prevents illness especially cancers.

This multivitamin is easy to digest because it comes with digestive enzymes for a healthy GI tract. This multivitamin also improves muscle repair as you train and work out.  It supports the body and repairs injuries as a result of muscle strain and pain.

And despite a few flaws, we recommend Universal Nutrition Animal Pak to people who want to grow muscles and stay healthy.






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