Best Music Playlists for Meditation and Massage

Music and tunes can promote relaxation. So if you visit a massage parlor or spa from time to time, you are familiar with it. 

This article will present to you songs and music that can hone your wellness. It’s not only good for a massage but as well as meditation or even with your daily lounging. 

So you can start making a playlist for meditation and massage, and you will feel like you’re being rocked in a paradise of serenity. 

Include These Songs and Music in Your Playlist

1. Illumination of the Heart by Deuter

Deuter is distinguished as the DJ for massage music. His specialization is focused on spiritual music enhanced by the sound of the flute. 

He crafted his music in his home in Santa Fe. He made 20 albums, but ‘Illumination of the Heart’ is the favorite of many for relaxation.

2. Living Room Songs by Olafur Arnauls

Arnauls is an Icelandic musician. His album is filled such emotional tunes, and he made them all within the walls of his living room.

His classical music is great at giving you the at-home feel. 

3. Solitudes and European Spa by Dan Gibson

Can you imagine getting a massage in the middle of the jungle? So with this music, you feel like you’re surrounded by trees.

 But there are no wild animals. Just massage oil.

European Spa is a mix of several instruments such as piano, flute, xylophone, and other embellishments for sparking serenity. You can use this for the zen zones during yoga. It is applicable for meditation and massage.

4. Dakshina by Deva Premal

You will be introduced to ancient Sanskrit chants as it is Deva Premal’s expertise. The best of this artist’s work is Dakshina.

It has stirring tunes, and it gets into your soul.

5. Healing Sanctuary by Dean Evenson

His style leans on acoustic style, and it includes chirping from the birds and sound of a pan flute. It soothes every listener’s ears.  

It also works well for individuals who are struggling with sleeping issues. 

6. Ca Sarvetaratra by Vive

This music was made out of the collaboration of Gabriel Mann and Tanya Whitman. They used Sanskrit mantras mixed it with modern tunes. 

It is a bit energetic, so it’s recommended for sports massage.

7. Shamanic Dream II by Anugama

This music is filled with drums and flutes. It is accompanied with Sanskrit chanting. All of these create a trance state.

It got the approval of many massage therapy professionals.

8. Thursday Afternoon by Brian Emo

Eno has established a reputation for making ambient music with an electronic vibe. Thursday Afternoon has a single note throughout its regular playing time for 61 minutes. 

So it has the right time to go with an hour of massage. It goes with some chords and notes. 

9. Elements of Air by Peter Kater

You will be soothed and feel relaxed with the tunes from pan flute and piano as it created the fantastic sound of jazz.

10. Soundtrack by Word of Perdition

It is based on the theme of mob revenge movies, so you can expect violence. It’s odd to be known as a relaxing sound.

It was nominated in Oscar as it is wonderfully calming. Once you heard it, you will agree with this statement for sure.

11. Le Spa Sonique by Jens Gad

Listening to this album is a great way to end your day, especially if you’re tired and stressed. You can listen to 11 tracks. Of course, it is perfect for zoning out when you’re getting a massage, or you’re meditating.

The songs are slow with the association of upbeat tunes.

Jens Gad is a German musician, and he is famous for Enigma musical project. He was a guest guitarist and co-producer. 

12. Spa by Roger St. Denis

It is composed of 12 songs, and each of them runs for around 4 minutes. They’re classic chill songs, but it stood the test of time as it doesn’t fail to gain fondness.

Denis has an exquisite performance by playing the piano, cello, and flute. 

There are massage practitioners that use this while tending to their clients. Some use this as background music during dinner or when they meditate.

13. Desert Spa

It is consists of New Age sounds derived from the fascinating landscape of Arizona and New Mexico. This album is filled with the gentle falling of rain, bird’s song, and sound of the Andean flute.

Listeners will teleport to meadows of peacefulness and serene ocean. It will no doubt make them relaxed, and it can take them to Dreamland.

You would appreciate the songs are made out of instruments, and there’s no sound from a synthesizer. Many massage practitioners frequently use this as per the request of the clients. 

It is composed of 9 tracks, and it might seem short for some. But four of the songs run for 11 minutes. It gives you enough time for meditation or zoning out.

14. Spirit Spa by David R. Maracle

It is an ultimate stress reliever that is patronized by many people for long. You can unwind after a busy day with the peaceful tones from Native American flutes. 

It is usually played during massages, bathtubs, nursing, or giving birth. There was an individual who used it to calm her senses during MRI as she is claustrophobic. 

The combination of intricate harmonies and low-key melodies helps people clear their minds, so they feel relaxed and fall to slumber. The songs in this album go for 4 to 6 minutes. 

It’s enough for you to go with the flow and sink to its relaxing effect.

15. An Open Sky by Ryan Judd

It’s music made of sounds from cello and guitar. It is suitable for relaxation and meditation to nurture your well-being as it can melt away stress and drain tension.

Ryan Judd is the talented musician who got in at the top 10 recording artist of Billboard. He is a certified music therapist and a master’s degree in Psychology.

16. Native American Flutes and Sounds of Nature 

Some of the songs in this album are entitled ‘Coolness– The Sound of the Wind as It Leaves the Sky’ and ‘Thunder on a Warm Summer Evening.’ You will feel relaxed within the sound of nature that this album offers.

The sounds that naturally go around this planet and the Native American flute create calming music that can end your day right. It is applied for various purposes like massage, meditation, sleep, spa, and yoga.

The entire track goes for an hour and twenty minutes. 


The tracks and albums above are more than enough for a playlist that you can reserve whenever you meditate and get a massage. It’s good to have more choices so you can switch from different tracks.

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