Comparison of the 5 Best Running Shoes for Treadmills (Updated 2021)

In today’s generation where almost everyone wants to get fit and fab, there are a thousand means of getting into a shape depending on your preference and budget. One of the common ways that people look into for a better physique is jogging and running. But before you hit the treadmills, you need a good pair of running shoes to match your on-the-go mood.

You can’t just use your everyday sneakers or rubber shoes in pursuing a career in running. There are specialty shoes that are fit for this purpose. And I tell you, they’re not just your average shoes – they’re something.

What we have here is a listing of what can probably match as the best running shoes for treadmills. Whether you already have decided to venture on the tracks or an elite runner that wants to change your already worn out running shoes, this quick guide will help you decide for the right pair that you can use in your everyday jog or run or anything more than that.

AT A GLANCE: Our Choices for the Best Running Shoes for Treadmills

Asics Men’s GEL Venture 5 – If you’re after with running shoes that are customized with a Rearfoot GEL Cushioning for your daily comfort and an outsole shaped for any environment then Asics Men’s GEL Venture 5 might be the one that you’re looking for.

Brooks Men’s Beast 14 – Then there is Brooks Men’s Beast 14 that is fit for those who have problems with overpronation.  This men’s running shoes provide a sturdy control over varying movements through its external heel counter for a maximized stability when on the move.

Nike Women’s In-Season TR 6 Cross Training Shoe – For the women that are always on the go, there’s Nike Women’s In-Season TR 6 Cross Training Shoe that is considered as a lightweight shoe that is comfortable and keeps a steady hold on the ground. Did I mention that it has a very feminine design?

Whitin Unisex Barefoot Shoes – If you’re into a minimalist design then the WHITIN Unisex Barefoot Shoes might be the one that you’re looking for. It will feel like you’re wearing nothing without losing the functionality that running shoes should have.

Tesla Men’ Ultra Lightweight Running Shoes – Finally, there’s Tesla Men’ Ultra Lightweight Running Shoes that is another ultra-lightweight running shoes that you can easily slip your feet in and carry around for added convenience.

Reviews of The Best Running Shoes for Treadmills

Asics Men’s GEL Venture 5

A high performance and very durable running shoes are something that must be in your arsenal of running equipment. Let us get you through this Asics Men’s running shoes’ features.

  • The underfoot’s cushion of this running shoes is comfortable and soft to motivate you more to keep up with your jogs or runs.
  • There is a shock absorbing mechanism on its upper unit which is beneficial when you are going for fast runs.

Thanks to the lugs that cater different movements attached to its outsole, you don’t have to worry about slipping and getting your bum hurt all the time.

  • It is made from Asics High Abrasion Resistant Rubber (or AHAR as what they call it) which is one of the unique features of this running shoe that promises that it will last in your possession for a long time.
  • Its increased flexibility is due to the vertical and horizontal grooves present on the outsole that enables your feet to move naturally through different obstacles.

You won’t have to worry about your feet being smelly every after a workout. The mesh is dedicated to providing a breathable environment during running.

  • Aside from keeping your feet from smelling, it also promotes the elimination of discomfort and overly heated feet.
  • Asics is best known to provide the best comfort for their customers’ benefits.

The style will not also be a problem with this running shoes. There’s a wide line of different color schemes that can match your personality.

It has been a talk of the town due to the comfort and workability that it provided its wearers. Its perfect for those who love outdoor runs or even treadmill runs. The design lives for its purpose and people really did like how it fits their feet.

Things We Liked

  • It possesses good stability suited for different kinds of runs.
  • Its materials were carefully chosen to fit daily intensive activities.
  • The sock liner is detachable to accommodate added comfort.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The size increases after n times of using it.
  • Washing it is kind of hard. The dust and dirt that is stuck on the mesh are rather tiring to remove.

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Brooks Men’s Beast 14

If you love the great outdoors and is fond of engaging in workouts that involve running then you must be equipped with shoes intended for it. Brooks Beast is crafted to sustain a stable running experience whether it is for running outside or on treadmills.

  • Its design offers protection against overpronation of your feet that may cause serious injuries in the future. It is also suitable for people who are prone or overpronation but loves to run and keep a healthy life.
  • The cushioning present in this running shoe provides comfort and added stability when doing runs.
  • You can say goodbye to smelly feet that results from sweating on your feet. Its breathable mesh makes it possible for the odor and sweat to easily diffuse out of the shoe and it also gives a cool environment to your lovely feet.

How about its outsole and midsole?

  • The outsole is made up of differently specialized rubber intended to provide flexibility, stability and increased traction for a better running experience.
  • The midsole, on the other hand, is composed of a Super DNA foam made especially to protect your feet from intense pressure.

If you’re up for heavy-duty running shoes that can withstand the test of the time then this might be the one you’re looking for. It is a little heavier compared to other running shoes which restricts you from doing fast runs or quick works.

This running shoes’ responsiveness is lacking. You can’t feel the bounciness when you run and the energy returned to your feet is lost.

Don’t expect too much on its style. It’s not that kind of stylish and the available colors are a little dull and limited.

What the people loved the most about this running shoe is its comfortable fit and the way it prevents overpronation of the feet. This one’s really recommended for people who are flatfooted who usually feels discomfort when using regular running shoes.

Things We Liked

  • It is good for people who experience overpronation a lot.
  • The maximum support that it provides is really applauded.
  • The element mesh secures a cool and dry feel on your feet.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The available sizes were rather a little smaller compared to their usual sizes.
  • It doesn’t have the same responsiveness and ground feel just like its predecessors.
  • The design was not that pleasant to the eyes.

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Nike Women’s In-Season TR 6 Cross Training Shoe

If you’re up for a running shoe that is lightweight and comfortable for treadmill runs then we can suggest you this set from Nike. Its slick and trendy design is fit for those perky women who love to run for fitness.

  • The memory foam in the sock liner adapts to your everyday movement which provides the comfort and flexibility you needed to do hassle-free runs.
  • To add more flexibility, the foam located on the forefoot of the shoe is altered in a way that it allows the reduction of weight experienced by your feet.
  • The pods on its rubber sole provide utmost grip on your treadmill eliminating the risks of falling over.

Stability and support are no problem with its lace-up closure and the straps located inside which holds your feet in position. This enables your feet to move in different directions without losing balance.

  • It helps you feel the ground, or in your case the treadmill belt, whenever you run which is beneficial for keeping everything fluid as you go.
  • The tongue and collar are both padded for your feet’s added comfort.

We know that being a woman of finesse and style, you’re searching for something that lives to its purpose but doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics. Don’t you worry about it because this women’s running shoes offer a wide range of color schemes that you can choose from?

Women who tried using this said that the design was really lovable and the comfort and stability it provides really did well in their workouts. Although some may say that it fits perfectly and lives up to their expectations, there are some who are not satisfied with the width of the shoe that resulted in sore feet.

Things We Liked

  • The design was very likable and fashionable that is dedicated for women who are fond of aesthetics.
  • The memory pad is a good catch.
  • There is enough room for your toes to snuggle in without losing the support in the middle section of the shoe.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The heels are set too low.
  • There’s poor arch support which leads to pain in the heels.

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WHITIN Unisex Barefoot Shoes

Do you want to know something about a running shoe that makes you feel like you’re not wearing any? Oh yes! There’s a pair of running shoes that are extremely lightweight to a point that it feels like you’re wearing nothing.

  • It’s easier to run if you feel like you’re not carrying extra weight on your That’s where its cloth design comes in.
  • The extensive cloth covering is made up of Polyester Lycra mesh and Microfiber that is responsible for the increased breathability whenever you wear it.

Its rubber sole prevents accidental slipping and the numerous pores present in each backside allows the passing of sweat to the outside for a cooler feel in your feet. This feature also enables it to double as amphibious shoes which you can wear during trips to the beach, swimming pool, or even a quick run on a rainy day.

You don’t want your running shoes to leave you along the way right? The lace-up system in this shoes makes sure that they are securely attached to your feet in every step that you take.

Running enthusiasts really loved this shoe but for the main purpose of outdoor recreational like hiking and swimming. They even use them without putting any socks on! That’s how convenient it is for other users. But for some, they find it a little off when the rubber pads were easily removed after a few days of using it.

Things We Liked

  • Its minimalist design provides you with great comfort.
  • The pores on its backsides keep your feet cool and sweat free.
  • It’s easy to wear.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Even though it is branded as unisex, the sizes are still too wide for some women.

Tesla Men’ Ultra Lightweight Running Shoes

Here are another minimalist and ultra-lightweight running shoe that might catch your fancy. If you’re up for an easy-to-wear and feels-like-nothing-there running partner then this might be the one that you’re looking for.

  • Don’t be fooled by its lightweight design. It can save your feet from scratches or protect them from harsh surfaces.
  • It is quick-dry and safe to use even in watery areas.
  • You don’t have to worry about slipping because of its on-point traction on any surfaces, even on your treadmill.

Even though they are mainly designed for outdoor sports concerning water, it can still perform well as running shoes you can use on treadmills. You can bring it anywhere because it doesn’t take much that space on your bag and isn’t heavy enough to carry around.

If you’re after the design then it can be your partner even on your casual days.

What people liked the most about this pair of running shoes are its weight and easy slip-on functionality. There’s also enough padding to support the feet during long minutes of running.

Things We Liked

  • There are no laces involved which means it bets fit those people who are always on the move.
  • They’re really comfortable to use.
  • It’s cheap and doesn’t require a lot of cash suitable for those who are just getting started with their fitness goals.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • You might want to go for a bigger size because it is too tight for some people even if it’s their actual foot size.
  • The seams were starting to run off after a few uses.

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Buying Guide

Now that you have a quick idea of how the best running shoes for treadmills work, let us help you decide which pair you should choose based on different parameters.

First is does it fit perfectly on your feet? Isn’t it too tight or too loose?

You need a running shoe that will stick to your feet even when running rigorously. A pair that is too tight will lead to feet and heel sores while a too loose one can cause serious injuries like slipping or tipping over the treadmill. It should be just in between where it is comfortable yet safe to use.

Next one to check is the heels and the soles. Slipping should be off the list and there should also be proper padding that will support your feet in every run. It must also have a great leg support system to prevent injuries from occurring. Remember that it’s always better to be safe than to be sorry.

  • The heels must be securely locked in place when worn but not too tight so that you can still move your toes for comfort.
  • There should be a little allowance for your big toes to move around. Why? After every exercise, your foot tends to swell which means it needs a bigger area to grow.
  • Your feet should be able to breathe inside the shoes. You don’t want to end up having a smelly foot right?

And lastly, you need to check if the price is right. What’s your allowable budget for buying a pair of running shoes? One thing’s for sure is that you shouldn’t sacrifice comfort, stability, and functionality over a lower class running shoes just because they’re cheaper.


Considering everything that we’ve stated above, it is clear that the best running shoes for treadmills are the Brooks Men’s Beast 14!

First and foremost, its concern on the overpronation of the feet is really a good plus for a running shoe. It’s designed that mainly protects the feet from the most common injury most runners experience is a great feature to have.

The cushioning didn’t fail us either. It performs its function well by providing enough comfort and stability that a runner really wants on their running shoes.

The breathability of the shoes is also commendable. The mesh provides enough ventilation to keep your feet fresh even after workouts. It also cools your feet when the running starts to get heated.

The overall material used in the whole shoe, from the heel to the sole and to the coverings, are chosen carefully to give its wearer flexibility and stability. The traction on the soles to the ground is also significantly astounding while the pressure your feet is reduced to prevent strains and injuries.

The price may be a little high but the benefits that you get are all worth it. It’s definitely the best running shoes for treadmills in the market.

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