Best Stopwatch for Any Fitness Activity Reviewed

Have you noticed that the majority of sports events are quantitatively measured by time? Even while training, we try to evaluate ourselves how long did we run a certain distance or how long have we been swimming the same three laps. We love to see improvements especially if we spent less time finishing a 5k run as compared before.

Calculating how much time you’ve spent doing something is by using a stopwatch. However, accuracy and the precision of your stopwatch could be a potential problem. Have you used a stopwatch before that was a delay for a second? See, this is a significant problem especially in sports and fitness.

To help you choose the perfect stopwatch for your own, let us introduce our candidates for the best stopwatch in 2021.

At a Glance: Our Top Choices for the Best Stopwatch for Any Fitness Activity

Adanac 3000 Digital Stopwatch by Marathon–This is arguably one of the best stopwatches that we have tried. It has high accuracy, very quick response, and highly resistant to water and dust that makes it able to keep up with the action.

Pro Survivor A601X by Accusplit – Packed with a lot of amazing features, Accusplit Pro Survivor stopwatch has an exclusive million-cycle no-fail switches that are accompanied by its ergonomic design.

Digital Stopwatch by Travelwey–This digital stopwatch by Travelwey can be described in four words: Straight to the point. This stopwatch is simply superb with its high accuracy and its easy operation makes it loved by many.

RS-013 Sports Stopwatch by ProCoach–Very handy stopwatch! This could be your friend if you want a high-quality stopwatch with on-point accuracy.

Digital Stopwatch XL-013 by LuckyStone–This stopwatch may not be real fancy, but it presents itself as a very durable stopwatch. Weather resistant and highly accurate down to the millisecond!

We would like to show you the basic product features that these stopwatches have. More of their in-depth review later.

Reviews of the Best Stopwatch for Any Fitness Activity

MARATHON Adanac 3000 Digital Stopwatch Timer

Marathon stopwatches are tried and tested with the waves of time. Thus, this is one of the most reliable brands of stopwatches in the market. The Marathon Adanac 3000 is one of the latest models from this brand, and it features its compact design and improved accuracy to make it stand out.

You may calculate minutes, seconds, and milliseconds with this stopwatch. Laser tuning by this stopwatch results to high accuracy up to 1/100th second. Large display allows for easier viewing even with dim lighting and intense action.

The Marathon Adanac 3000 Stopwatch can be used in single and multiple events because of its split timer functionality. It can also perform “freeze split” which allows you to continue timing after recording the first split. Marathon Adanac 3000 is also capable of time display, calendar, and an alarm clock that you could set.

The durable casing of this stopwatch makes it water resistant, but not completely waterproof. This could help you record time during various weather seasons like rainy and snowy. The material components of its casing prevent unnecessary breakages and make it dust resistant. A replaceable neck strap is included for easier use and multitasking even during training.

What we like

  • Easy-to-use
  • The accuracy of the stopwatch
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Large and crisp LCD display

What we don’t like

  • No countdown timer
  • No backlight

What do people say about Adanac 3000?

  • This full-featured stopwatch is highly accurate and easy to use even without the manual. The display is very large and clear, plus it is durable and waterproof.
  • Although very accurate and reliable, the stopwatch has no countdown timer. You can still customize the settings and the calendar plus clock is very handy. Too bad that there’s no backlight available in the stopwatch.

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ACCUSPLIT Pro Survivor A601X Stopwatch

This stopwatch might be best when it comes to aesthetics. The ergonomic design makes it popular and sought-after by coaches, trainers, and sports instructors.

The split timer feature of this stopwatch only allows cumulative splits, which shows all split times from the start to the last split record time while the current elapsed time is running. This is unlike other stopwatches that shows lap time instead of an accurate split time event. Time and date are available on the display, and the 1/100th seconds timing interval is very precise.

Two-buttons are mainly used for this stopwatch, the right button acts as start and stops while the left functions as split and release. You will be able to see the time clearly with its large digital display. The water and shock resistant feature of this stopwatch will keep it safe from breakage caused by accidental drops and extreme weather.

ACCUSPLIT Pro Survivor A601X Stopwatch has a 5-year long-lasting battery which makes it more economical since you would not need frequent battery replacements. This unit also has 10 colors to choose from, so you can pick your favorite color from the available ones!

What we like

  • Very affordable for its features
  • Easily visible digital display
  • Shock and water resistant
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Available in 10 colors
  • Reliable, no-fail switches

What we don’t like

  • No backlight
  • No LAP functionality

What do people say about Pro Survivor A601X?

  • One thing that you should consider before buying this stopwatch is that it has also a clock mode. The settings may not be altered but with some buttons, you may figure out how to adjust the clock.
  • The buttons of this stopwatch are very unique, and they work well every time. The battery is also very good since this stopwatch has been going for 3 years and no need for replacements as of now. It is also available in many colors, so you can choose your favorite one easily.

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Travelwey Digital Stopwatch

Travelwey digital stopwatch is a very simple and straightforward watch. This stopwatch is ideal for use in Physical Education classes, games, home exercises, and coaching. The lightweight plastic component of the casing makes it very comfortable to hold. The same casing provides durability against accidental falls and potential breakages.

The power source of this watch is an AAA battery which is unlike any other stopwatches. Thus, this stopwatch allows easier replacement for its power. It also has three buttons, but mainly top left and top right buttons are needed for easier operation. The right button allows for start/stop, while the left works for lap/reset functionality.

The lap time feature is similar to “freeze split” which permits you to record the time after a pause while the time is still running in the background. The built-in alarm clock and a calendar are also featured by the Travelwey Digital Stopwatch. The hourly alarm can be toggled on and off for convenience, unlike other stopwatch brands. The wrist strap makes the usage easier especially for athletes who exercise and time their personal best at the same instance.

What we like

  • Easy to use because of minimal buttons
  • AAA battery source
  • Lightweight, durable hard plastic components
  • Reduces strain on the wrist
  • Comprehensive manual included
  • Very affordable but highly accurate

What we don’t like

  • No countdown functionality
  • No backlight
  • No proven weather resistant properties

What do people say about Travelwey stopwatch?

  • The stopwatch is very affordable and easy to use. Unlike other stopwatches, it has an on/off button and has a comprehensive English manual. The battery source is only AAA and can be easily replaced.
  • This stopwatch is consistent but somewhat inaccurate because if compared to US Naval Observatory time signal, the stopwatch is 1.45 seconds per minute faster over 12hrs. But then with simple math, you can still record the correct time.

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ProCoach RS-013 Sports Stopwatch

This stopwatch could be described in three words: Built for sports. To fight for the best stopwatch, ProCoach RS-013 Sports Stopwatch prides itself on its 1/100thsplit-second timing function that allows you to measure numerous events in an accurate and precise manner. Because of this function, many sportspersons have considered this as their favorite stopwatch.

Three display modes allow ProCoach RS-013 Stopwatch users to view the time, date, and alarm clock settings. As a sports watch, it boasts itself of its weather resistant feature that allows itself to be reliable in the face of action – even if it’s raining or snowing. The large and crisp display makes it easier to be viewed even at dim light.

This stopwatch is very light-weighted. Thus, this stopwatch is a favorite tool among runners and swimmers alike when they time themselves. The included strap is an adjustable lanyard which dual functions as a neck strap and wrist strap, depending on the adjustment.

What we like

  • Highly resistant to weather
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • No clutter on your viewing space
  • Split time feature
  • Crisp display
  • Highly reliable and accurate
  • No complex settings needed to use

What we don’t like

  • No backlight

What do people say about ProCoach RS-013?

  • This stopwatch is made available for use by people with an assortment of hand sizes because of its size and shape. Lightweight and easy to use because there are no more complex settings needed to customize.
  • The crisp display and multiple displays modes don’t obstruct you from reading the correct time. The waterproof components allow for use even at poolside. The stopwatch feels good and comfortable when pressed.

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LuckyStone Professional XL-013 Stopwatch

This premium stopwatch is not as popular as the other brands, but it is completely reliable! This stopwatch measures the time to 1/100th accuracy, even during split time functionality.

The multi-functional display allows one to switch in 3 modes: time, date, and alarm settings. The split time mode has a good precision that makes it ideal for use in multiple events. Full functionality is expected for coaches, referees, and other sportspersons.

LuckyStone Professional XL-013 Stopwatch is a lightweight but durable tool for use in sports. The waterproof casing permits use in various weather conditions, making it ready for rain, snow, or the sun. There is also an included lanyard for user convenience.

What we like

  • Cheap price, but high quality
  • Reliable up to 1/100th second
  • High accuracy
  • Split time functionality
  • Easy to use, even by children
  • Weather resistant
  • Large display

What we don’t like

  • Built-in battery
  • Manual not too comprehensive
  • Only 1 color
  • No backlight

What do people say about Luckystone XL-013?

  • The stopwatch is well structured and performs well. It is very straightforward and easy-to-use. The large display allows for easier time viewing. The only problem is there is only one color available.
  • The weather-resistant property of this stopwatch is completely reliable. Good thing that it is easy to use since the manual is not comprehensive enough.

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Things that you should look for when buying stopwatches

Buying stopwatches may seem pretty easy and simple. But, you have to look out for certain features when choosing your own. Finding your ideal stopwatch for any fitness activity will have to depend on certain factors.

Accuracy – How are you going to use the stopwatch well if it is not accurate? The accuracy and response play a huge role especially in sports because one second off the record may tell who the clear winner in a competition is. When trying to beat your personal best on any fitness activity, one second missed would be able to hide the improvements in your training progress.

Power source – The battery is also important in buying stopwatches. When you’re out in the field, you wouldn’t want your stopwatch to die in the midst of the action. Ensuring that your stopwatch has a reliable and long-lasting power source is important.

Comfort – As a coach, you might have to hold your stopwatch for a long period of time. Thus, the shape and comfort should be noted as more comfort will reduce the strain while holding the stopwatch. The weight of the stopwatch also comes into play as lightweight stopwatches are easier to handle.

Components and build – Durability of the stopwatches is not an issue if your stopwatch is made of high-quality materials. You also would love that your stopwatch is waterproof or sweatproof, since engaging in fitness activities may put you in extreme weather action too. The switches are also important and should not fail when pressed.


The best stopwatch for any fitness activity is… MARATHON Adanac 3000 Digital Stopwatch Timer

This stopwatch has proven itself as a fully functional, easy to use, and very affordable stopwatch for all events and ages! The weight is in the middle range, the price is very reasonable, and of course, the durability of ACCUSPLIT Pro Survivor Stopwatch is something to take pride in. The device itself is very comfortable to hold on to and comes with a free strap.

The battery of the ACCUSPLIT Pro Survivor Stopwatch is not to be frowned upon. The 5-year long-lasting battery is an ace among all the contenders, and it proves economical as you don’t need to replace it frequently. The range of the price is also reasonable, considering how frequently you can use a stopwatch for five long years. Most stopwatches make loud beeps when they are pressed. ACCUSPLIT Pro Survivor A601X Stopwatch was created to have no-fail switches that “snaps” instead of the loud, annoying beep. Buying this unit allows you to somehow personalize it since you have 10 colors to choose from. Getting a stopwatch in your favorite color has never been so easy.

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