A Definitive Guide on the Best Waist Trainers in 2021

Slay while wearing a bathing suit on the beach with your hourglass figure and give men an enticing look wherever you’ll be. What’s the secret?

Waist trainers have been a trend nowadays for its immediate body transformation. Without dieting or exercising, you’ll be able to falsely lose a couple of inches into your waistline by wearing this garment.

It’s a no joke, girl. As a matter of fact, you could also use this waist trainer to achieve that permanent hourglass figure by repeatedly use it during workout activities.

For proof, then check out our reviews on five of the best waist trainers that you could have in 2021. If you’re interested in having one, then scan below to find out more.

At a Glance: Our Choices of the Best Waist Trainers in 2021

True Corset PLAYGIRL Corset – It is our best pick for waist trainer in 2021. It’s highly flexible ranging with different designs and sizes that every woman would love to wear on many occasions. It’s sturdy, very efficient, and suitable for long term use.

Lady Slim Colombian Latex Waist Cincher – Durability at its finest. If you’re looking for one, then this is your best choice.  Its made from the highest quality medical grade fabrics in Colombia. Its created mainly to ensure quality, comfort, and effectiveness of the waist trainer.

SHAPERX Waist Trainer – A typical waist trainer will not do well with workouts. This trainer belt will get you fit while enjoying every exercise. It’s easy to use and helps you to improve posture as well. It’s an ultimate buddy to every woman’s curvy dream.

Reviews of the Best Waist Trainers in 2021

True Corset PLAYGIRL Waist Trainer

Get True Corset Playgirl at Amazon

Play all you want. This all-around corset includes a variety of designs ranging from vintage, punk, to cosplay outfits that will match over your clothes. Its an aesthetic combination of art, design, and durability with its highly reliable and well- detailed fabric framework construction. It’s a trendy waist and improves your back posture. Truly, it’s an ultimate waist trainer to those who want a fashionable statement without noticing wearing it.

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Lady Slim Colombian Latex Waist Cincher

Get LadySlim Colombian Latex at Amazon

Experience the Colombian latex to the extreme! This waist cincher is strongly created to reduce waist sizes up to 5 inches. It’s built from 100% Colombian latex intricately manufactured to deliver a high compression and comfortable wear on every day to day occasion. It’s very durable with tripled front glue closure to secure upon use. It’s a non-toxic waist cincher for every woman who loves to groove and move its perfectly sized curves without being notice wearing a waist cincher by anyone.

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SHAPERX Waist Trainer

Get SHAPERX Women’s Waist Trainer at Amazon

Simple yet strong and elastic. This waist trainer belt keeps your workout fast-paced and inspiring. It’s manufactured to become every woman’s companion during weight loss workout activities. Its strongly driven with velcro straps and modern acrylic made Flex-boning technology for convenient waist adjustments and cozy wear. Also, it’s good to enhance posture and to mediate back injuries.  Comes in multiple colors and sizes, this waist trainer will keep you sweat and wet burning a lot of fat content into your stomach.

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Lover Beauty Women’s Latex Underbust Corset

Get Lover-Beauty Women’s Latex Underbust Corset at Amzon

A traditional corset design that every woman is looking for. This multi-color and size corset is driven with high-quality compression capability sufficient to reduce your waistline up to 4 to 5 inches. It comes with the classic three hook-and-eye closure design that could be readily adjusted depending on the user’s preference. It’s uniquely incorporated with 9 spiral steel bone pieces to induce strength and resilience to any movements. It’s flexible and durable works with the long torso as well.

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Ann Cherry Waist Trainer and Shaper

Get Ann Chery Women’s Waist Trainer at Amazon

An expensive yet timeless waist shaper. It comes with a classic yet sophisticated corset design. This comes with a single black color delivering durability and efficiency at its finest. Its an ultra-high compression waist trainer to suitably reduce waistline upon single use. It’s fabricated from a blend of latex, cotton, and elastane to ensure comfort and smoothness upon wearing it. This corset is available at the long torso with highly ranging waist sizes for versatile accommodation.

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What is a Waist Trainer?

A waist trainer is a high-compression shaping garment that is worn around the stomach and abdomen area to induce an hourglass curve upon one-time use. Most waist trainers decrease waist measurements about 3 to 5 inches upon wearing.

Apart from that, waist trainers are used as a supplement to attain fitness goals. There are testimonies shown that waist trainers truly reduce weight and enhance curves after wearing it for a few months. Its created to sweat more and burn fat excessively on the abdominal area for a fast-paced weight loss activity. Along with diet and regular exercise, you’ll be able to get that hourglass curve that every woman wants to have.

Currently, there are a lot of waist trainers available for purchase. Each comes with different designs and sizes depending on what suit the needs of every user. It’s an ultimate guide to boost a woman’s confidence and slimming motivation.

Beginners Guide for Waist Training

As easy as it sounds, waist training is a major decision that every woman should think before doing. Like anything, there are risks in waist training that could lead to undesirable circumstances and conditions affecting your health.

In fact, it’s not recommended by dieticians and nutritionists to try using waist training. There’s no direct scientific evidence that this method is safe, secure, and all-natural. However, like everything in this world, total accuracy is inexistent. Even the safest thing we think, do sometimes fail. There’s nothing wrong if we try on something new.

Though it doesn’t have a concrete scientific basis, there is a lot of evidence pointing out how efficient is waist training. There are a couple of testimonials from different women that even famous celebrities are totally into it.

That is why, it’s important that as a beginner, you’ll be equipped with the necessary information and learn at least the basics of waist training.

Each waist trainer is very different. It could vary through boning, design, structure, fabric quality, or even color. Thus, it’s essential that you’ll be able to evaluate what type of waist trainer is perfect for your own use.

When evaluating a waist trainer, take note of the size. It should be comfortable enough and fit like when you’re wearing clothes. It should not be too tight that you’ll be having difficulty breathing or experiencing pain. Nevertheless, you should never be ashamed of the current waistline measurement that you have. We all have our own share of horror stories in weight gain and there’s nothing wrong if you’ll buy the largest waist size which is 3XL in the market.

Also, you could be allergic to the material used. Make sure to look at what type of fabrics the waist trainer is made. It should be friendly enough for your skin upon wearing. There are people who are allergic to either cotton or latex. Make sure to check first and visit a doctor to clarify if you have an allergy with the said materials.

Additionally, most waist trainers need a liner when wearing it. A liner is an inner material insert into multiple clothing types to ensure comfort upon use. Nevertheless, it’s used to avoid any unnecessary marks during waist training. As we want to flaunt our bodies, it would be a failure if you have some of it. Liners easily wrap around your waist first before putting the waist trainers.

Another important thing is to stay hydrated always. You can’t make an excuse that you can’t drink water because of losing weight or getting additional inches upon drinking any liquid. You’ll be perspiring a lot in the tummy area. It’s essential that you won’t stay dehydrated during the process.

Practice proper exercise and diet when doing waist training. You will never see its results if you are going to just wear it without making an effort on doing the basics of losing weight. It doesn’t happen that way. The waist trainer will though quite help losing weight, however, its main purpose is to just shape out your waist to make it curvy as needed.

And lastly, losing weight does not take overnight. It’s a slow and step by step activity. Neither, you could not do it abruptly. It will cause discomfort, strain, or trauma to your abdomen area. Take at least an hour or two for a start. Then, slowly adjust it week per week until you’d reach to a maximum duration of wearing it.

The Benefits of Waist Training

Generally, women, in particular, use this waist trainer to improve their body shape. However, as time passes, later discoveries show that waist trainer could assist in reducing weight and enhancing the body curves.

Waist training has also been proven to be a healthy regimen to assist in fitness and medical conditions. It was used as an addition during workouts to induce burning calories and fats on the abdomen area. Also, it’s used to enhance back posture allowing you to sit and stand modestly at a suitable position.

It has been found to correct and mediate back injuries brought from accidents or injuries. It’s efficient also for various spine affected medical conditions such as osteoporosis and even scoliosis as an alternative option to practice straightening the spine.

Nowadays, waist trainers are also incorporated as a fashionable statement among women. Various designs, cuts, and layouts are used as an addition or decoration to clothes.

With the development of material technology, there are still a lot of potential scopes that waist trainers possess.

How to Wear a Waist Trainer?

Since it’s designed to fit thoroughly in your waist, then you don’t expect that it will be easy on wearing the most of it. First timers will surely have difficulty wearing this since they’re not accustomed to it. However, if you’ll just follow intricately the steps given, you won’t be able to get into the hassle of putting it for a long time.

The difficulty of wearing a waist trainer depends on the type of waist trainer you are ordering. If you tend to decide on buying the velcro strap type closure one, then you will don’t have to struggle much on wearing it. You could easily adjust and fit the way you wanted it.

Whereas, if you’re wearing a hook and eye closure, then you’ll have to put a bit of effort into closing it. It works best to start hooking from the narrowest one either from the bottom or the top, then slowly continue to hook it until the finish.

When hooking it, the essential thing that you’ll buy a two to three hook system in order to narrow or adjust the size when your waist is getting smaller. The waist trainer should be flexible so that you don’t have to buy another one when you feel that it gets loosened through time.

Also, make sure to tighten it with laces. There are waist trainers which have this feature. If it hasn’t, then it’s essential that it won’t fall any minute upon using it.

How to Order the Right Size?

Picking the right size for ain’t similar to buying a dress or any form of garments where you’ll just pick the size that you have been buying. It ain’t walk in the park, miss. You have to get things manually in order to buy that perfect size for you.

As different brands offer inconsistent measurements, you should start from the basics of knowing your size. Most size charts use a variety of vital statistic factors. Most prevalently, weight, height, hip and bust size are used. However, for this, you’ll most importantly look on the waistline.

In measuring your waist, the best option that you could have is buy a measuring tape. It could be the vinyl or fabric type as needed. Start measuring on the narrowest part of the waist which is two inches from the belly button or navel.

When making measurements, you should be honest on it. You’ll take measurements based on what it should be. It should not be too tight or loose. Nevertheless, the tape should stay flat across the skin and doesn’t face the floor.

Also, measurements should take around your waist. It should come back from where the measurements start. It should take a straight path in order to assure that it will be concise and precise as well.

Maintenance and Care of Waist Trainer

After using the waist trainer, you don’t just leave it just like that and use it on another daily basis. It doesn’t work like any accessories like earrings or bracelets. It’s important that in every three days of use, you’ll be able to wash it for laundry.

However, you can’t put it in the washing machine or mix it with your other clothes. The bone framework will get broken if you’d attempted to wash it using a washing machine.

Also, you can’t dry it using a dryer. As waist trainers are manufactured mostly from latex, it shrinks when exposed to a dryer. The bone framework will not also work well with a dryer. On the other hand, you could not iron it also. Latex is quite sensitive and it could dismantle or worn out if exposed to too much heat as similar to a dryer.

The only way you could wash is going back through the basics. The best way is to wash it using lukewarm of water with just a few pieces of detergent powder. Then soak and rinse it a few times on the water given. After that, you could rinse it finally on cold water.

In drying the waist trainer, you could dry it on an environment where it catches not much heat. Best dry it in a room temperature where ventilation of air is the most optimum. You could either lay it flat into the table or hang it over into a drying rack to dry it in less amount of time.

Buyer’s Guide for Buying the Best Waist Trainers

If you are thinking of buying a waist trainer, then here are some important factors that you should consider when buying one. This includes the following;

  • Fabric Quality

It’s essential that you look at what type of fabric the waist trainer is made of. Most often, waist trainers are manufactured from latex or cotton. There are also those who put a blend of these materials. Though both promotes comfortable usage, it’s important to acknowledge what is most preferable and safe for you. Moreover, there are people who are allergic to either of these two materials.

  • Bone Structure and Framework

The strength and the overall structure lies to this parameter. Existing waist trainers have bone support ranging from four to nine respectively. This dictates the quality and the resilience of your waist trainer to any form of movement upon a day of use.

  • Right Size

It’s important that you’ll be able to choose the right size for you. Manufacturers often have a detailed size chart that you could use as a guide to determine which waist size is perfect for you. Sizes differ according to your weight, height, waistline measurement, and bust size as well.

Its best to evaluate readily your size or else you’ll get suffer getting uncomfortable upon fitting the waist trainer.

  • Type of Closure

There are two types of closure for a waist trainer. Respectively, the classic hook and eye, and the velcro strap. The classic hook and eye closure often come in two to four connect for easy adjustments. Nonetheless, this type of closure will ensure tightness upon use.

The Velcro strap has a cozy and readily adjust property. Unlike the latter, you don’t have to traditionally connect one hook from the other. Instead, you’ll just strap it over until it will fit your waistline.

  • Overall Design

There exist multiple designs depending on what suit your needs. There are short waisted corsets and very long torso waist shapers that could just be worn only with it. Aside from that, waist trainers exist at varyingly different colors and styles. Several themes and moods such as gothic, emo, burlesque, and sultry could be enjoyed with waist trainers.

  • Purpose of Purchase

Waist trainers are sold specifically for a particular purpose. There are those who are more intensely focus on the design or appearance while others are for weight loss and work out use. However, there are some waist trainers that could be used for multiple purposes.

  • Price

Corsets and waist trainers are sold at a different range of prices depending on quality and shipping. It’s vital that you’ll be able to find that perfect waist trainer that’s highly practical for your estimated budget. Also, it’s important to not compromise the quality for the sake of a cheap yet flimsy-made waist trainers. As we want astounding results, let’s avoid taking risks on something that’s inefficient.


Based on our comparisons, the best waist trainer in 2021 is the True Corset Playgirl Corset. It possesses not just material quality but design, flexibility, and convenience on price as well. It has multiple and specific size options than any other waist trainer on the above mentioned. It’s entirely built for waist shaping with excellent customer reviews on Amazon.

However, if you don’t prefer our choice, then you could easily choose from the other options that we have. All are definitely created to match with a certain style, design, size, and purpose that you have. Good luck with that!

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