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Nike Metcon 3 Review – Is This Shoe Worth Buying?

A cross training sneaker is a must-have for every serious fitness or sports enthusiast. With this shoe, you will be able to concentrate better in whatever you do. However, the market has made it more difficult for anyone to buy a good cross-training shoe. That’s because it has been flooded with a wide variety of […]

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Oddly Shaped Yet Durable: The Titan Soft Wall Medicine Ball Review

To intensify regular workouts, you don’t just have to settle for the typical exercises. You should re-invent various routines by using different fitness tools and equipment. Apart from dumbbells, one of the most useful tool during workouts are medicine balls. The Titan Soft Wall Medicine Ball not just intensifies but truly challenges your every workout. […]

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Keep it Smooth: The j/fit Medicine Ball Review

Enjoy every exercise by putting some twist into it. Employing a medicine ball will deliver an extra challenge to any workout activity. It will put you to sweat the way never had been before. The j/fit Medicine Ball is a perfect partner on your exercise. Its excellently build with very thick skin for durability upon […]

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Embrace the Classic: AmazonBasics Medicine Ball Review

Our workouts are sometimes used by assisting tools. One of the most known types of equipment used for fitness is medicine balls. These balls vary in weights and sizes are an excellent way to intensify your exercises. The AmazonBasics Medicine Ball possesses a standard ball design yet astoundingly incorporates strong and reliable ball performance. Majorly, […]

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Tone Fitness Kettlebell Review – Learning More About Tone Fitness Kettlebell

Kettlebells are useful tools for a strength workout. Indeed, for numbers of exercises, they are perfectly compatible with dumbbells and other weights.  However, for certain weighted movements, particularly those that demand a bursting movement, kettlebells dominate foremost. Tone Fitness Kettlebell will help you attain your fitness objective. Tone Fitness Kettlebell training activates the whole body, […]

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