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Top 5 Best Multi-Vitamin for Women Over 40

You love it when people say that life begins at 40. It somehow empowers you to think that it is not too late to still do the things that would fulfill your life; like traveling, pursuing your career, or buying your dream house. But your health somehow worries you. Women over 40s are in their […]

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Best Stretch Strap Review 2019

People these days are so obsessed with working out that they almost lack time in doing so since they are pretty much preoccupied with work, school, errands and more. Given the limited time, they allow for working out or going out for a run. With this lifestyle that we tend to take for granted our […]

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Treadmill Reviews – Pros, Cons, Comparison, and Buying Guide

The adult generation’s lifestyle today is mostly driven by career, travel goals, and other recreational passion; that fitness can be the least of our worries. When you’re desperate to squeeze in outdoor exercise to your daily life but your schedule doesn’t permit you to, a treadmill can be your best friend. Treadmill enables users to […]

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Best Stopwatch for Any Fitness Activity Reviewed

Have you noticed that the majority of sports events are quantitatively measured by time? Even while training, we try to evaluate ourselves how long did we run a certain distance or how long have we been swimming the same three laps. We love to see improvements especially if we spent less time finishing a 5k […]

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Best Luxury Sports Watches – Review and Buying Guide

Are you up for a quick workout? Care to run? If # 1 HealthIsWealth your game, here is a good treat for you. A huge thanks to the innovation and development of technology for the creation of sports watches. A cliche as it may sound, but time is indeed gold. A regular watch’s fundamental purpose […]

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Best Video Camera for Sports Reviewed

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience? Do you want to go back to the moments worth remembering? Capture the best adventures you want to have and you will be having. We have got you covered since we conducted a review for the Best Video Camera for Sports Reviewed. Our objective is to guide you […]

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Best Fitness Tracker for Kids – Get your Kids Outside!

The world we live in is now relying more on technology every minute. Kids nowadays often stay indoors content on playing with their mobile devices or watching television. The long-run effects of such will eventually lead to unhealthy habits, which will affect their fitness. That said, there is still a new way of helping your […]

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