Dos and Don’ts of Shapewear Use

Dos and Don’ts of Shapewear Use

There has been a drastic decline in the popularity of shapewear during the transformation of fashion sense in the 1980s. However, girdles, corsets and such came back strong and are now better than ever.

Women no longer have to shed a couple of pounds overnight to look better in their clothing or shy away from wearing shapewear that will make them sexier visually. The past decade already waved goodbye to the iron and whalebone corsets, latex girdles and cone-shaped bras that were greatly in demand in the earlier generations. Today’s shapewear is tailored with comfort and effectiveness that gives a natural-looking shape without others knowing that you are slipped in a body shaper.

The benefits of wearing shapewear go beyond looking sexier. Using these undergarments boosts self-esteem, improves abdominal muscles and posture, and aids in the prolapse of your aging body among many others.

Although these are pretty attractive advantages, there’s still an ongoing argument on the safety of wearing body shapers. It is all about how you use a shapewear though, and the easiest way to process the important information is probably by considering the dos and don’ts of wearing a body shaper.

The following points list all the dos and don’ts when it comes to buying and wearing shapewear.

Learn How To Put It On Correctly

Despite their intense desire of wearing body shapers, many women choose to stay away from the use of shapewear as they find it too difficult to put them on. Instead of hiding the lumps and bumps, some women fail to put them on correctly and they end up trapping their arms or spilling a mass of their excess fats beyond the borders of their shapewear.

These women are not well-instructed on how to put a shapewear on in the right way so they end up looking more disgusting than sexier and forfeiting the benefits of these undergarments.

The general rule of wearing a shapewear is to step into it and pull it up over the hips. This is to avoid trapping your head and arms in the shaper. Bunch it up slowly like a pantyhose while slowly releasing the garment.

It sometimes requires effort to put on a shapewear – most especially the complicated garments – but the best trick to enjoying a sexy look in it is to go slowly and patiently wear them on.

Do Try It On First

This is true when you are buying from a physical store. Some women have too much on their plate that they prefer buying their shapewear from online shops. Another rule should apply to this case, but a tip is to know your exact size and other specifications in a specific brand by visiting the department store.

Remember that you have a different size from other women. Not to mention your unique preferences too. The only way to be sure that a shapewear will truly work on you is to put it on and see how it will look like under your clothes. Like bras, different shapewear brands actually have different sizing and style. This goes the same with shapers. Same-sized body shapers can fit and shape differently, so it will be wise to try them first before committing to buy.

Also, take note of the colors of shapewear. Today’s fashion trend dictates the use of ultra-thin cloths or knits where your undergarments can already be seen. Most shapewear come in neutral colors but to make sure they won’t be visible on a specific clothing, bring the outfit with you and try colors that

will work best for it.

Do Know The Specific Shapewear You Need

Shapewear does have one common goal of making you thinner but not all types work on the same body parts. Know which shapewear category is needed for a certain figure concern so you can pinpoint which type is it that you need to purchase. To help you, listed below are the common types of shapewear and the body areas they work on:

  • Minimizer bra – Bust, upper back
  • Control brief – Abdomen, rear, hips; sometimes waist if extends upward and thighs if extends downward
  • Slip shaper – Abdomen, rear, hips, thighs
  • Shaping top – Upper and lower back stomach; waist if long enough and bust if the bra is included
  • Waist cincher – Waist, abdomen if extends downward
  • Thigh slimmer – Abdomen, rear, hips, thighs
  • Bodysuit – All-over shaping for upper and lower back waist, abdomen, rear, hips, and thighs; bust included if the shaper has a built-in bra

Buy only what you need. If you want to address only to your waist then a waist cincher or shaping top will be enough. The key to feeling comfortable in shapewear is to go with least coverage. Knowing your body type is also important as certain shapewear are more effective for specific bodies.

Also, determine the control you need s shapewear come in different support levels. Some women only need light to moderate control while some others need extra firm support. Thus, always check the tags or item description to see which shapewear is it that you really need.

Do Wash Your New Shapewear And Pay Attention To Care Instructions

Always wash your newly-bought shapewear before putting them on to use for a day. This is to secure your hygiene and ensure protection for your skin from harmful chemicals and bacteria that come from the production to packaging to shipping stages.

Check the washing instructions. See if the shapewear can be machine-washed and also look for the drying instructions. This is to help maintain the quality and longevity of your shapewear and to retain its effectiveness.

Don’t Buy A Shapewear That Is Too Small Or Too Large

A shapewear that doesn’t fit you right is uncomfortable. It is wrong to think that smaller shapewear will

provide more support as well as believe that larger body shapers are more comfortable to wear.

Too tight shapewear will pinch your skin, cut off circulation, and create rolls and bulges where they end. On the other hand, too large shapewear move around as you go on with your activities and wrinkles or twists when worn. Furthermore, a size larger than your correct fit will not give you the correct support, hence making your shapewear completely useless.

Don’t Be Afraid of Seams However Don’t Eliminate Seamless From Your Options As Well

Women are in love with the seamless trend to give their outfit a flowing look. But as shapers are generally worn around the waist, the seams of shapewear can be covered by your pants or skirts so you don’t have to be scared of wearing seamed body shapers.

Seamless shapewear does have their own appeal though. The absence of unsightly lumps and lines give others the impression that you are not wearing any shapewear and that your figure is all natural.

Don’t Make Shapewears As Full Alternative To Diet and Exercise

Although shapewear can help you lose inches slowly, they cannot be substituted for the health benefits that good nutrition and regular exercise offer. Shapewear won’t eliminate the risks of many diseases and won’t give you the energy you get from proper diet. Working out still have more advantages over wearing shapewear when it comes to keeping you fit and firm, so don’t think that body shapers are your instant ticket to a healthier and sexier body.

These are just a few of the many helpful dos and don’ts to wearing shapewear. From these, you might think that body shapers are complicated, but this list is to actually help you increase your satisfaction in the use of your shapewear.

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