Easy Rules to Follow on How You Can Increase Your Body Awareness

Easy Rules to Follow on How You Can Increase Your Body Awareness

When you are in extreme physical pain, we immediately look for some pain relievers to temporarily lessen the pain that we are feeling. We feel so weak and sick if one part of our body is dealing with a pain. And the more we ignore this pain, the more it ruins our mood and our whole day.

So what’s the point? Well, the point here is that your body is talking to us. And even if you don’t feel any pain in your body, it is highly important that you will communicate with your body by means of increasing your body awareness. But how to increase body awareness? This is very easy to do if you are truly willing to learn.

And whether you like it or not, you should start doing this thing to avoid further complications. So let’s see how you can improve your body awareness by means of developing our proprioceptors.

What are Proprioceptors?

Proprioceptors are the reason why we automatically know what kind of execution our hands, feet, and other joints will do when we are dancing, walking and or climbing. If you have a strong proprioception, you can walk into your home or a familiar place without you seeing it.

You can glide and dance even if your eyes are closed because your body is aware of when or when not to move. This kind of sensor is what we need for us to increase our body awareness. And if you will focus on enhancing your proprioception, you can expect that your overall abilities will be improved including your footwork, athletic performance (if you are an athlete), and reflexes.

That being said, if you are an athlete, clumsy kind of person, elderly, a body-builder, or you simply want to enhance your connection with your body to avoid diseases and other physical aches, then you have to increase your body awareness by means of developing your proprioceptors. So if you are interested to do such body awareness upgrade, then consider the following tips below:

Types of Body Awareness Training

Balance Training

Balance training is one of the best ways for you to increase your body awareness. This kind of execution will help your brain and body to work together as one and produce a balance performance.

So if you will practice the different balance exercises such as yoga, pilates, tai chi, or by using a balance board and stability ball, you can be sure that different injuries will be greatly avoided such as knee and ankle injuries, plus your proprioception will also be improved very well which can contribute to enhancing your body awareness.

Strength Training

Strength training is very important to be done if you want to increase your body awareness. Because with this training, your mental strength will be put into a big challenge. And if your mind will take this movement as a challenge, you and your whole body will respond according to what you are thinking.

And if you will just let this thing to happen every time you are doing your strength training, you are allowing yourself to communicate with your body which helps in increasing your body awareness.

Additionally, strength training such as total body circuit training and push-pull training, will not just help you in increasing your body awareness. But instead, it will also help in improving your coordination, balance, and posture.

So if you want to strengthen your body and get a better connection with your movement, muscles, and joints then this training should be highly considered.

Plyometric Training

Plyometric training will require your muscles and nerves to work hand in hand for you to perform the drills and plyometric movements such as vertical jumps, cross-over walking, squat jumps, and depth jumps.

While you are doing this training, you are also allowing yourself to enhance your body awareness because your brain will be the responsible one who will send the signal to your neuromuscular system. And this system will instruct your muscles to contract and increase your power and speed in doing the routines.

That being said, with the use of this training, your body awareness will be increased while giving yourself a big favor since you can also prevent injuries while enhancing your proprioception.

Exercising with Blindfold

This may seem like a weird suggestion or idea, but this tip will surely help you in increasing your body awareness. For an instance, if you are doing your balance training, you can try to put a blindfold while doing your yoga so you can practice your coordination and your focus.

And through this technique, you are allowing yourself to move your joints and muscles according to what your brain is telling you. So if there is an object near you, you can try to practice around this thing to know and feel when and where to extend your movement. So once you familiarize yourself, it only means that your body and brain is already developed since they are communicating with each other to perform the right move.

All in all, body awareness is very important to be mastered by each and every one of us because this will help us in preventing different accidents that may lead to physical injuries. Additionally, body awareness will also help you to improve your overall health since if you will just allow yourself to listen to what your body is telling you, you can expect that you will not get any sickness or body pain. Why? Simply because you can already create an early preventive measure to stop a certain condition from attacking your system. So take this chance now and increase your body awareness to give yourself a chance to change and be a better version of you.

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