Exercises You Can Do While Sitting

Exercises You Can Do While Sitting

Often times people say they’ll stop living with synthetics and toxins starting a new habit of healthy diet and exercise. However, if you put yourself in a situation between choosing work and exercise I’m pretty sure 95% goes to work and only 5% is for exercise and diet, given the spare time of course. It’s also a rampant news that sitting all day causes bad effects on the body.

Lack of time, tired after work, lazy are some reasons why you can’t do it, but what if you can make it in front of your computer, using your office chair and together with your workmates? Thrilled? Yes, you can do it now, here are a few exercises you can do while sitting in your office, sitting on any chair around which greatly benefits your whole body specifically the shoulders, neck, and muscles in the arms. Convenient, easy and healthy!

Chest Pump (Mild)

The chest pump exercise gives good benefits to your chest muscles which is reliable for breathing. Doing this helps regulate the blood flow of your muscles surrounding the chest. Here are the steps:

While sitting down, determine the crossbar between your arms. Your upper arms from the shoulder down to the elbows must have a parallel position directing to the floor while your lower arms must have a horizontal position. Your left and right arms must meet at the center of the crossbar or front your face. After doing the first half of the exercise your arms must return to the goalpost where you started and through this your shoulder blades will contract, repeat doing it until you can get used to doing it every day.

Knee bend

The knee bend workout position can lessen the feeling of soreness between your legs which happens when you sit down all day long. This exercise focuses on regulating proper blood flow within the core muscles.

In a chair, instead of sitting straight use the back portion of your chair to lean on and stretch your legs straight without bending your knee. Holding onto the side of the chairs slowly lift your left knee until it reaches the front of your chest or as hard as you can get. Since this will be the first time you will be doing it, you don’t need to reach it right away. After doing the first part slowly put down your left knee but before it reaches the ground lift the other knee (the right) creating a continues lifting of your knees differing only on a few inches upon reaching the goal which is your chest. Do this for 10-minutes daily or thrice every week.

Circles with the Arms

Arm circling aims to develop your shoulder muscles and your posture doing this exercise will provide strength and agility between your arms.

Simply lift your arms in a straight direction sideward, if you have formed a human T-shaped then you have done it right. You can press your shoulders together first on an upright position with your arms open your palms and do 20 circles with this position. Second, put your arms downwards and again open your palms this time facing the floor and do another 20 circles. You can repeat the routine for a maximum of 3 repetitions.

Chair Dip

Exercising with this routing develops the strengths of the triceps, shoulder and core muscles. Doing this routine will also practice your hips and legs by the time you do sit-ups.

Start by sitting on the tiny portion of the chair or only at the edge and your arms should be your post located on the sides of the chair. The palm of your hands must be on the edge while your fingers should be gripping on the side for support. Turn your body weight to your legs while slowly lowering your body off the chair. Doing the opposite you must grip tightly as you get back and sit up on the edge of the chair after doing one routine. You can do such exercise for 10 repetitions or as long as you can hold.

Oblique Twist

This routine focuses the proper flow of nerves and muscle contractions in your abdomen muscles, this exercise helps burn fats gathered around the abdomen muscles.

Sit down on a chair and put your left hand at the back of your head while keeping the other arm relaxed at the side of your body. Slowly bend down your arm pressing the core muscles around your waist and your upper muscles. Make sure that you feel a squeezing in your muscles while doing this, to get back into position lift your arms back up from the starting position. You will do the same routine with the right hand too. You can do 10 repetitions for each side and you can also do this routine every day.

Waist Rotation

Waist Rotation has the same effect with the Oblique Twist, however, this exercise mainly focuses on the waist and only a little on the muscles from the abdomen.

While you are properly sat down on a chair you can do this movement easily. Sit up straight and slowly squeeze or twist your upper body to the right to an opposite direction for your lower body part. If your upper body is turning right your lower body or your legs should to the left through this your core muscles will contract to cause a proper blood flow between your upper body and lower body. You can do this exercise every day if you wish or every other day. Repeat the same routine 10-20 times.

See? Who says you can’t do exercise because you’re a word geek. Nothing is a hindrance to achieving a healthy life. Doing one of these routine every day can help you build a strong and healthy foundation in your body and could probably make you fit even while working at an office or if you’re just cleaning the house and passed by a chair, you can even achieve a body figure you’ve always been dreaming for. A healthy diet, exercise, and happy hormones would do that.

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