Five Easy-to-Follow Tips on How to Visualise During Meditation

Five Easy-to-Follow Tips on How to Visualise During Meditation

Meditation and visualization go hand in hand for centuries. In fact, you might have already been practicing the art of visualizing without even realizing it. However, many people often enquire about difficulties with learning how to control their imagination most efficiently.

As with everything in life, practice is very helpful towards improving your skills in reaching a higher state of mind. In case you are feeling lost or wish to uplift your abilities, check out this guide, consisting of 5 easy-to-follow tips on how to visualize during meditation.

Don’t Push Yourself

If you are experiencing an inner struggle, or you are feeling troubled, puzzled, and perplexed about whether or not you will succeed to visualize during your practice, then this is a wrong attitude. Above all, your mind needs to be calm, peaceful, and relaxed. In the case you are letting tension slip into your thoughts, as if you have to visualize something at any cost, this creates a vicious spiral.

On the one hand, your mind will not be able to release itself to the imagination. On the other hand, your head is already filled with tons of information, and you are only putting more on top of that.

The best way to double the benefits of visualization is to be gentle with yourself. Visualizing is much like cooking. Sometimes, you can create a masterpiece, and sometimes, no matter how much practice you have – things just don’t go smoothly. Sit down, relax, calm your breath and begin the meditation process without expectations, without force. Go with the flow.

Preparing for Visualization the Right Way

You have much higher chances of succeeding with visualization if you have planned your time accordingly. Begin with designing a schedule in your head or better yet – write it down! Then, put it there with big, beautiful caps – “Today, I am going to visualize…” and finish the sentence with your desired image. Doing so will help your mind to prepare correctly; it is like cutting your vegetables before making a salad.

Try to limit yourself from heavy, processed food at least up to two hours before meditation. The brain functions more calmly and peacefully when your body is clean of artificial elements. Also, it is hard to visualize efficiently on a full stomach. You need to feel fresh, light, and pure to increase your energy state.

Suitable foods that will pave your path for visualizing better, include but are not limited to:

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Smoothies
  • Nuts
  • Rice
  • Lentils
  • Beans
  • Tofu

If you can’t or don’t want to skip on meat for a few days to improve your visualization, then opt for lean and light meat, such as chicken, turkey, seafood, and fish.

Avoid Alcohol, Caffeine, and Smoking Before Visualisation

All of the three examples above, namely alcohol, caffeine, and smoking are substances, impacting the brain. Moreover, these elements are closely related to stimulating the nervous system. We can say they are teasing, twisting, and encouraging the brain functions simultaneously.

On the opposite, when we are working on how to visualize during meditation, we must be very calm. The least you can do, in case you are a chronic smoker, coffee-addict or alcohol lover, is to limit the use of these substances at least two hours before starting the meditation.

Drink a Cup of Herbal Tea

In the world of yoga, herbs and spices take a very exceptional place. That’s because plants are believed to represent Higher spiritual realms here on Earth. Enjoying a cup of tea before your practice will help to relax both the brain and the body. Peppermint, for example, can help to tranquil your body on a cellular level. Chamomile tea is the queen of reducing anxiety and stress.

Rooibos also makes a suitable choice, as it is even said to enhance sleep quality. Don’t worry; you will not fall asleep during your visualization, it will only assist you in reaching easier a tranquil state of mind. On the other hand, you must stay away from green tea, white tea, and black tea, as these contain sustainable doses of caffeine.

Remember That There Isn’t a Right or Wrong Way To Visualise

Indeed, you can rely on various factors which can increase your chances of visualizing properly and continually. However, there is no such thing as right or wrong way to visualize. Most of the people prefer to keep their eyes closed. But there are also other types of personalities, which feel more comfortable to visualize with their eyes wide open!

On another note, some of us may experience a more vivid visualization as they sit on the floor with their feet cross, while others might achieve this by lying on the ground. It is up to you and nobody else to explore and discover the balance which helps you release to the point of visualizing.

Most importantly, don’t forget that some visualizations are aiming at non-physical objects. For example, do you want to attract pictures regarding personal growth, relationships, future success, or abundance? Well, these can be visualized by your subconscious even if you don’t relate them to a particular picture in your brain!

To put it in simple words, you might be undergoing a state of visualization without you even realizing it! Then again, above all, what will determine whether or not you will grow in the field of visualizing, that’s your efforts, dedication, patience, and persistence.

None of the famous meditation and visualization masters has reached a state of higher consciousness or improved his abilities, without time and practice. Have fun during the process, enjoy experimenting, playing with your mind and discovering more in-depth truths on the way. Control your breath, and always place your focus on non-resistance, on letting things merely be.

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