HAIJIXING Abs Stimulator Review: Will This Ab Trainer Enhance Your Muscle Training Regimen?

What does it take to transform your flabby midsection to rock hard abs? Is it lifting weights, a special diet or using an exercise machine? Actually, it’s a combination of all these PLUS a device known as an abs stimulator.

One such device is the HAIJIXING Abs Stimulator, a portable muscle stimulator that claims to enhance and strengthen the abdominal muscles, arm muscles and other muscle groups using EMS bioelectrical magnetic wave technology with Chinese acupuncture.  When used together with the right diet, weight exercises and rest, you’ll be able to spot tone any muscle group according to your preferred look.


The HAIJIXING Abs Stimulator is the combination of traditional and conventional techniques to improve muscle size and tone.  It is a set of pads with a large abdominal pad and two smaller pads to tone the arms, legs or waist. A small controller sends vibrating pulses along with the pad and these pulses help gradually tone and enhance your abs, thighs, arms, waist and other muscle groups.

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  • Easy to use

The HAIJIXING Abs Stimulator is easy to use therefore even anyone new to muscle training will be able to use it. The pads come with gel adhesives fitted with small controllers. The large pad is for the abdominal muscles; it comes with four ribs that effectively covers the midsection. The two smaller pads are for the arms, waist and leg training

The front of the abs stimulator pad is a circular controller where you’ll be able to control the intensity of the vibration. But unlike other regular abs stimulators, it has a readable mini LCD screen where you’ll see how intense the vibration is.

The controllers are rechargeable using a USB charger. However, you need to be mindful of the charging time because you can’t tell if the device is already full or not.

  • Larger than most ab stimulator designs

One thing that makes the HAIJIXING Abs Stimulator stand out is that it is larger and wider than other pads. Compare this abs stimulator product with other pads and you’ll see that it’s twice as big as other pads. Even the smaller arm pads are bigger.

  • Train anywhere

With the HAIJIXING Abs Stimulator, you can wear this underneath your clothes. The pads as well as the controls are both flat and are barely visible when under clothes. You may train your muscles no matter what you do. You are not limited to training and working out only when you are inside the gym.

  • Spot tone any muscle group

This ab stimulator can spot tone any muscle group. Just place the pad over the area you want to correct and power it on. You can use this for only several minutes or more depending on your preferred intensity level.

Who is the HAIJIXING Abs Stimulator for?

The HAIJIXING Abs Stimulator is the abdominal trainer that works for men and women alike. It’s for people who want to train at the gym and also for people who simply want to workout at home or on the go.

  • For people who want to remove belly fat. You can get rid of ugly belly fat and turn this into the muscle with the use of this muscle stimulator. Simply stick the large pad over the area, make sure that you have covered the entire area of the front of the abdomen plus use the two smaller pads along the sides for the lateral muscles.
  • For people who want to spot tone any muscle group, As mentioned, you can use this if you only need to improve a specific part of your body. Problem areas like the upper arms (chicken wing arms) and the thighs are often the most common reasons why people improve their image.
  • For people who don’t have time to train. Many people desperately want to have a slim and trim figure but don’t have the time to exercise and train. The HAIJIXING Abs Stimulator can be used as you work, go to school or as they run errands. It’s very thin so you can discretely wear it anywhere.

Key product features and benefits

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  • Versatile, completely adjustable

The controller can be easily adjusted according to your preferred intensity levels with just one touch of a button. You can tell the intensity level of the pad by the LCD screen panel.

  • Thin and discrete pads

The pads are very flat while the controller is raised just a few millimeters from the pad so it’s easy to hide underneath clothing. No one would be able to tell if you are working your muscles out.

  • Easy to maintain

Just wash this with a clean damp cloth and wipe dry. If the pads are no longer sticky, replace these by gently peeling these away and sticking a new pad.

What we like:

  • With larger controller screen
  • With easy to read mini colored LCD screen
  • Larger pads compared to other brands
  • Lies flat to be used underneath clothing.
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Easy to adjust

What we don’t like:

  • No battery level meter
  • Pads may need to be replaced often

Get HAIJIXING ABS Stimulator, Muscle Toner at Amazon

FAQ and Additional Tips

  • Is this for men and women?

The HAIJIXING Abs Stimulator is for men and women alike. It’s available in free size as well

  • How do you adjust the controller?

The controller will show the intensity of the pad, Simply press the left button if you wish to decrease the setting and the right if you want to increase the setting.

  • How soon can the controller become fully charged?

The controller will charge to full at around an hour or more. You may need to wait till the controllers are ready because there is no way to tell this.

Final verdict

The HAIJIXING Abs Stimulator makes use of special time-tested techniques to improve muscle appearance, form, and use. It is adjustable, easy to use and will work for men and women alike If you think that the HAIJIXING Abs Stimulator.

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