HFNOISIKI Fitness Tracker Review

HFNPISIKI may not be a well-known brand. However, this one is now getting respect and admiration from the general public. It’s all because of the brand’s first ever fitness tracker – HFNOISIKI Fitness Tracker.

This running watch can be your ultimate partner in reaching your fitness goals. It comes with awesome features and guaranteed quality. This review will reveal more things about the product.

Who is This Product For?

This product is ideal for anyone. It may help those who want to be healthier, stronger, and more active.

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Key Product Features and Benefits


  • Exceptional ergonomic design – HFNOISIKI Fitness Tracker comes with a big colored screen. It uses an IPS HD full-screen display measuring 1.3 inches. It also comes with high contrast and wide gamut that guarantees a pleasing experience of high definition image.
  • All-day activity tracking – wear and use this fitness tracker in all-day activities such as distance, steps, calories burned, sleep quality, and active minutes. Thus, you can get a complete report in this device.
  • Heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep monitoring – this fitness tracker can track real-time blood pressure and heart rate continuously and automatically. It can automatically track your sleep quality and help you analyze the sleep quality statistics so that you can properly improve your habits for better results in the long run.
  • Other multiple features – these include sport modes, calorie counter, step counter, call alert, turn twist take pictures, sedentary alert, alarm, SMS and SNS alert. Connect the tracker’s GPS on your smartphone to display run stats such as distance and pace and record the map of your exercise route.

This unit strives to get its sweet spot in the competition. In fact, the product seems doing well considering what the reviews are telling about this. The market offers a big range of fitness trackers, but anyone will never regret choosing HFNOISIKI Fitness Tracker.

Basic Features

HFNOISIKI Fitness Tracker comes with different features categorized in two. These are health monitor features and outdoor& fitness features. For the health monitor features, these include a heart rate tracker, sleep monitor, blood pressure monitor, and all-day activity tracking. The heart rate tracker will help you get your exact heart rate each time you exercise.

Likewise, the blood pressure monitor will let you know if you are hypotensive or hypertensive. This feature will help a lot in keeping your systolic and diastolic blood pressure on the right range. Thus, this feature will be truly helpful if you’re dealing with cardiovascular diseases wherein exercising can help improve your condition. In using this feature, be sure to keep your wrist clean and stable to obtain the best possible results.

The sleep monitor of HFNOISIKI Fitness Tracker will make sure you’re getting the right amount of rest and sleep every night. Getting enough sleep is one of the keys to having a healthier and stronger body. This feature present in this multi-sport watch will help you get it right from now on. This fitness tracker updates sleeping data every 24 hours.

Advanced Features

HFNOISIKI Fitness Tracker offers more when it comes to features. Aside from the basics, there are more surprising features to see in this fitness tracker. One of these is the sport modes which is essential for people engaged deeply in sports. If your exercise routine needs specific amounts of steps or movements, HFNOISIKI Fitness Tracker has a step counter and a calorie counter. It also comes with a GPS system and alert features like call alert, SMS and SNS alert, and sedentary alert.

Battery Life

Battery life is one of the crucial things to consider when buying a fitness tracker. In HFNOISIKI Fitness Tracker, you can expect for 3 to 5 consecutive days of operation. This fitness tracker guarantees long battery life and less battery life consumption. Your fitness tracker will be ready for more action after one hour of recharging its battery.


See everything clearly because this HFNOISIKI Fitness Tracker has a bright and vivid screen display. It is an IPS HD color screen that measures 1.30 inches. See everything on the screen with ease even under the sun. With an IPS HD screen, this fitness tracker guarantees high image quality.


This fitness tracker also comes with Bluetooth connectivity. Its Bluetooth version is 4.0. The unit also has a USB port charger intended for recharging its battery.

Ease of Use

HFNOISIKI Fitness Tracker is also one of the easy to use fitness trackers in the market so far. Its user interface is beginner-friendly. Also, the package comes a user guide containing a set of instructions and tips that are easy to understand and follow. Beginners should use the user guide so that they can make the most of this item.


This nice fitness tracker works together with a mobile app called H Band. In getting started with HFNOISIKI Fitness Tracker, make sure you turn the Bluetooth connection of your smartphone on and connect this fitness tracker with H Band.


This HFNOISIKI Fitness Tracker looks nice with its black or red rubber band. This band is sturdy and safe for sensitive skin. It even comes with multiple holes for breathability. Thus, it does not trap the moisture when you sweat after exercising or when you go out of the water.


HFNOISIKI Fitness Tracker comes with a nice ergonomic design intended to prevent the watch from causing pain and stress on your wrist. There is no sticky or itchy feeling if you wear this fitness tracker for hours because the band has breathable holes. These holes will allow the moisture to escape easily while keeping your skin fresh and clean. The band will not leave markings when you put it on and keep it on your wrist for a long time.


The manufacturer didn’t reveal any information about the compatibility of its unit. Perhaps, HFNOISIKI Fitness Tracker may be compatible with various software versions. The only way to discover the truth is to try connecting with your iPad, Mac, or PC. You may also check the user’s manual for information. If the user manual does not contain the information you need, get in touch with customer support.

What We Like

  • Good design. Comes with a bright display and good color options for the band.
  • With nice features
  • Longer battery life

What We Don’t Like

  • Occasional data syncing problems

Get HFNOISIKI Fitness Tracker at Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1: Is this fitness tracker easy to use?

Answer: Yes, definitely. First-time users may seek help from the user’s guide in using this product.

Question #2: How long does the battery can last?

Answer: Based on the reviews, this fitness tracker can last for 3 or even 5 consecutive days. The manufacturer guarantees a long battery life. However, some things like how often you use this fitness tracker may also affect its capacity to last longer.

Question #3: Does the fitness tracker automatically track steps? Do users need to set the mode?

Answer: This fitness tracker automatically counts the steps across the day. It will reset on its own at 12 am. Wearers should use the app in viewing your overall steps or your average steps.

Question #4: Is it waterproof?

Answer: This HFNOISIKI Fitness Tracker is waterproof. Users can wear and use it at 3 meters in depth.

Question #5: Is a SIM card a necessity?

Answer: No. This fitness tracker connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Question #6: Does it sync contacts?

Answer: there is no exact information about this. Contact customer support to know more about this.

Question #7: How longs does it take before this product arrives.

Answer: this may depend on some factors such as your location. Usually, the company may shift the product on the same day. The product may arrive in 3 to 4 days.

Question #8: Is this fitness tracker easy to use?

Answer: Yes. For beginners, the included user guide in the box will be very helpful.

Final Verdict

With all these facts, it is not so hard to see that HFNOISIKI Fitness Tracker is a nice option when it comes to fitness trackers. It comes with nice features that will surely catch your attention. You can always expect good results in using the features of this fitness tracker.

First, it is waterproof. Meaning, you can wear it even while you swim. There should be no problem as long as you stay within its maximum depth capacity which is 3 meters. Second, HFNOISIKI Fitness Tracker guarantees accurate results with its heart rate monitor, step counter, blood pressure monitor, and sleep monitor. If syncing problems occur, rebooting this fitness tracker will surely solve the issue. All these things are making this fitness tracker very interesting.

With positive reviews online, I will definitely recommend this product. Considering its features and benefits, HFNOISIKI Fitness Tracker can be an excellent option for you. Of course, the decision is still yours. May this review helps you make the right choice in the end.

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