Homemade Yoga Mat Easy to Learn Steps

Do you want to have a yoga mat on your home without spending money buying one? Well, there are yoga tolls that you can use for your yoga session. It includes yoga straps and blocks, which are great for yoga pants. Some yoga tools, such as mats, are one of the most affordable items that you can buy. However, as said earlier, if you don’t want to waste any penny, better make it on your own. You will only need some necessary supplies as well as minimal skills for doing it. So, here are some stems for making a homemade yoga mat. 

Step 1

First things first, you gather all the materials you need. If you want a rubber mat, you will need to use cotton fabric. You will need two yards of cotton fabric. Also, you may need two yards of cotton batting, two blanket binding, and some basic sewing essentials. Then, you can start doing your DIY yoga mat.

Step 2

Now that you gather all the materials, you need to layout the quilters cotton. Then, you should fold it in half with the opposite sides together. By doing this, you can match up the selvage edges.

Step 3

Then, you need to place two to three layers of batting right in the middle of the quilters cotton. Smooth it out; you can use your hands or some flat materials. Then, start pinning them in place. Sew a straight line 5 inches down (length) to secure your yoga mat. For a faster way, you may also use a sewing machine if you have one right on your home. 

Step 4

You need to trim the excess batting (edges of your mat). Then, you can add your binding around the corners to secure it.

Step 5

After securing all the edges of your mat, cut two strips of blanket binding with 40 inches long each. Then, sew the bindings to close all the edges of your mat. Fold the binding in half then pin it in place along with the shorter edges. It should be about 5 inches away from the edge. Then, sew it in place as well as repeat it for other bindings. By this, you can create yoga mat ties.

Step 6

If you want to use the mat on the surface rather than on a carpet, you may need to attach non-slip on the bottom side of the mat. By this, you can ensure that it doesn’t shift or slip during your yoga session. You can cut the non-slip fabric depending on your desired shape. Then, you can attach them using glue on the bottom side of the yoga mat.

Having a yoga mat in your home can be helpful for you, especially if you love yoga fitness. As said earlier, you can save money if you make your yoga mat, rather than buying those in the market. So, we hope that the step-by-step procedures of making a yoga mat above are helpful for you.

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