How to Assemble a Portable Basketball Hoop

Well, if you love to play basketball and dreamed of becoming a superstar someday, you need to start from scratch. However, you need to train your body first as basketball is a physical sport that includes a lot of physical contacts. You may also need to train shooting, which is one of the essential factors in playing basketball. If you want to practice, especially at your home, you may need some portable basketball hoop. Still, if you are new to it, including assembling your portable basketball hoop, we can help you with that reason. So, here are the guides on how to assemble a portable basketball hoop.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Portable Basketball Hoop

First thing first, you need to do is to choose the ideal portable basketball hoop for you. Several different types of portable basketball hoops are available in the market. They do have different sizes, height, as well as the cost. It is considered as a big purchase as well as a big decision for your property, so you’ll need to make sure to get the best one. Location is also an essential factor, which you intend to place and install your portable basketball hoops.

Start Assembling Your Portable Basketball Hoop

Once you choose the location and gather all the things you need, you can start assembling it. It is a tradition to put a basketball hoop in your backyard or your driveway. So, these are the things you need to do for assembling your first-ever portable basketball hoop.

  • First step: you need to do is to put the base of the basketball goal. To make it sturdy or solidify the base, you may need to fill it up with 50lbs or 22kg sandbags. By this, you can ensure that it will keep in place or will not move around during strong winds or bad weather conditions. 
  • Then, you need to hook the main arm of the basketball hoop. Hence, this is where the rim and the backboard will be placed when the hoop gets assembled. The main arm will be connected to the base through the support of two braces, which will be supported by bolts and nuts.
  • After finishing and securing the basketball goal, you should connect the backboard to the main arm. You will need to secure it by tightening with bolts and nuts, but it will depend on what type of backboard you choose.
  • After you’ve tightened all the nuts and bolts from your backboard, you can now install your rim. However, you will need to attach the net first through the rim, for avoiding hassle. When connecting the net to the rim, strung it over and under in a series of wire connections in the area below the rims. A standard rim usually has 16 links. It is easy but will take you time, so deal with it.
  • If you choose a board that already has an attached rim or fixed rim, there is no problem. However, if you select a type of portable basketball hoop with a detachable rim, you need to place and secure it. Once you’ve finished securing the rim on the board, you can now raise the support arm to lock it in place. It should be around 10 feet above the ground for standard height, and you’re ready to go. You can also adjust it to a lower level, like 7- up to 9- feet if you want your kids to play with it.

A portable basketball hoop can be moved in case of bad or extreme weather may happen. It can easily be disassembled and move through other locations. You may also need to allow yourself with about three to six hours to assemble a portable basketball hoop. For some, it may look easy, but some, especially beginners, may take a hard time. However, once you’ve put it together, you can practice all day if you want.

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