How to Build the Super Forearm Strength

If you have spent some time at the gym or working out at home, you may already have your favorite routine and exercises. While it is great that you enjoy working out, it is important that you do not neglect the other muscle groups that you need to develop.

When you start to warm up for your workout session, you have to remember to prioritize the wrists, hands, and forearms. In this article, we will give you some tips that you can apply for your stretches and exercises so you can build symmetrical forearms with super strength.

Advantages of Building Your Forearm

In developing your upper extremity, the triceps and the biceps are most often the focus or the target of your exercises. You may not have been giving much attention to your wrists and forearms.

This is something that you should be mindful of because our wrists and forearms are essential in allowing us to perform the movements and exercises that can maximize and develop the back, chest, deltoid, triceps, biceps strength.

With this in mind, it is vital that you give ample time as well as effort in optimizing your forearm, hands, and wrists strength. You wouldn’t want to have thin forearms. Therefore, developing those often-neglected parts will make sure that they will respond accordingly.

To help you get started in bulking up your forearm, here are seven effective forearm exercises to give you symmetrical as well as strong forearms.

7 Effective Exercises for Your Forearms

To make sure that you get the forearms that you want, it is recommended that you perform these exercises up to three times a week. Read through these instructions that will follow and try to perform them after reading.

  1. Start by flexing and extending all of your fingers. After that, make a fist for up to thirty seconds. This is a very simple exercise. You only need to open and then close your hands. Do two sets of this exercise for a minute.
  2. The next exercise that you can do to increase your forearm strength is to flex the wrists and then hold it that way for thirty seconds. Make sure that your elbows are straight. However, make sure not to lock them in.
  3. The third exercise is done by extending your wrist. Your elbow should be straight. Hold it for thirty seconds. Perform this exercise for two minutes. You may do two sets of this exercise within this time frame.

These three exercises are stretching routines that will be able to prepare you for exercises that are more intense and more complex. Such exercises may require weights so that you can better optimize the development of your muscles and the strength of your forearms.

Hammer Curls for Wrists – In doing this exercise, begin by sitting down and making sure that your back is straight. Your forearms should be on top of your thighs. The thumbs should then be pointed upward.

For this exercise, you may use weights from five pounds to twenty pounds. Use the weights for the hammer curls and then start lifting it slowly for twenty repetitions. Perform three sets of the hammer curls.

Doing the hammer curls will help in developing the brachioradialis muscle. This muscle is important in the overall performance of your wrist and forearm. When this muscle gets greater hypertrophy, your forearm will be more defined and balanced.

Straight Curls for Wrists – With the straight curls, you will be able to develop your flexor muscles. Just like the previous exercise, perform this one sitting down. Place your forearms on top of your thighs again but this time, your palms should face upward.

Again, you can use weights ranging from five to twenty pounds. Start flexing your wrists upward. When doing this exercise, make sure that you keep your forearms well placed on your thighs so that they will be more stable. This also isolates the forearm and wrist muscles.

Another thing to keep in mind is placing the wrist carefully away from the knee. It should be around three inches away from your knee so you can have a full range of motion. Perform this exercise for three sets with twenty repetitions.

Reverse Curls for Wrists – In developing your extensor muscles, you can do the reverse curls for your wrists. Again, perform this sitting down. Your forearms should be on your things and the palms should be facing downward.

Remember that the wrist should be about three inches from your knees. When grasping the weights, make sure that you extend the wrist fully. Perform three sets with twenty repetitions. When you do this exercise, do not lift your elbows from your thighs when you extend your wrists. Your hands should be kept down.

Finger Curls – The finger curl is a very simple and easy exercise. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t take this one for granted. With this exercise, you can develop your hand and finger strength. All you have to do is to sit down and prepare weights ranging from five to fifteen pounds.

Start by turning your hand and your palm upward. The back of your wrists should be on your thighs. Let the weight roll on the fingers. After that, curl the fingers back and hold the weight. The back of the wrist should be kept against the thigh throughout the whole duration of the exercise.

Don’t feel pressured to use weights that are heavy. Just pick ones that are comfortable and manageable for you. This will help you because you can control and perform the exercises we have shared above properly.


Hopefully, these exercises will help you in maximizing the contours and strength of your wrist, hand, and forearm. When performed regularly, you will notice an increase in your forearm strength and muscle definition. Overall, your competitive performance in gaming, athletics, and even day to day chores and other tasks will improve.

Do you have any questions or other forearm exercises that you would like to share with other readers? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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