how to convert portable basketball hoop to inground

How to Convert Portable Basketball Hoop to In-Ground

Love to dunk, but your portable basketball hoop can’t support your weight? Well, you might want to upgrade it more support to carry all your weight. Changing your portable basket hoop to an in-ground system may take a lot of work. It could be a weekend project that can take hours to finish, and you may also need some help to do it. However, if you’ve given this a try, an in-ground basketball hoop can help you with more serious basketball training or game. Doing it by yourself, which is also possible, can help you lessen the cost of your project. So, here is the guide on how to convert a portable basketball hoop into an in-ground system.

Step 1: Dismantling Your Portable Basketball Hoop

The first step that you would do is dismantle your portable basketball hoop. You should lay it down on the ground for making it easy for you to disassemble. Unscrew the bolts and nuts from the rim and backboard. You also need to unscrew the bolts and nuts from the backboard to detach it from the pole. By doing this, it will make it lighter as well as more comfortable for you to move and cut. The tall pole should only be left with its base unit.

Step 2: Cutting The Pole

The second step you need to do is the cutting method. You should cut the pole with the use of a hacksaw, but if you have a portable hand-held cutting machine, it could be easier. Cut it from the bottom of the pole, right after the portable base unit. Now, you can discard the base and keep it. There is also another way if you don’t want to cut the pole from the base, but it depends on the portable basketball hoop if it is adjustable.

Step 3: Digging A Hole

The third step is digging a hole through the ground. However, you should dig a hole in the ideal location, and not just digging around in a random area. It should be twice the wide of your pole with approximately 6 inches deep. If you’ve decided to place it on a hard area, especially on a cemented surface, you should need to use a jackhammer to make a hole. Once you’ve finished digging a hole, place your pole on it, but you may need some assistance to set it through the ground. You need to set the hole perpendicular through the ground. As said earlier, if you don’t want to cut the base, you may need to dig a wide square into accommodating the base, but still depends if the hoop is adjustable or not.

Step 4: Prepare Your Cement Mixture

Then, you need to mix the cement with water, or you can also use a ready-mix concrete mixture through the hole. Fill it through the hole until it is leveled through the ground and allow it to sit overnight to harden. Wait until tomorrow or even longer, don’t be impatient.

Step 5: Assembling Time Once Again

Once the cement solidifies, you can now assemble your basketball hoop again. Place your backboard and rim back to the pole. Of course, you may need a ladder, but if you’re tall enough, well, go for it. If you have finished all the assembling process, you now have a sturdy basketball hoop, which you can dunk as much as you can with it.

Placing your traditional portable basketball hoop on a stable ground can help you with your practice. It is sturdy and durable, which can also last-long for many years. So, we hope that the guide is helpful for you to make a portable basketball hoop to a stable and durable one.

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