How to Detox Copper From Your Body

With the emergence of different packaged and processed food products, water coming from pipes and other things that expose you to higher traces of Copper, toxicity is a threat that is often ignored because of its subtle symptoms. Such symptoms can sometimes even be attributed to other deficiencies and health conditions. In the absence of other nutritional minerals that can regulate the level of Copper in your system such as Zinc, your body becomes prone to toxicity. The first question that comes to mind is how to detox copper from your body, right? When you experience frequent and severe headaches, mood swings, skin problems, fatigue, and digestive issues, there is a higher chance that you are suffering from Copper toxicity. You need to understand the underlying factors of the symptoms you notice before taking any further steps to avoid aggravating the condition. Nevertheless, detox is the safest way to eliminate excess copper levels from your body. If you continue ignoring the symptoms, the problem might get exacerbated and affect the overall functioning of your body.

The Long and Difficult Process of Detoxifying Copper

When you decide to take charge of excess copper elimination from your body, you need to remind yourself that it may be a difficult and long process owing to your capacity to withstand certain restrictions and how much copper toxicity has covered your body. It may also take a lot of sacrifice in areas of diet and physical fitness. Nonetheless, knowledge of the detoxification process and a handful of motivation are what you truly need to defy the challenges of how long and difficult it would be.

Ways of Detoxifying Copper from Your Body

Take a lot of rest and drink lots of water

When you allow yourself to rest from doing and thinking of anything, your body gives way for organs to reset themselves while preparing for the copper elimination procedure. Your kidneys and liver will particularly do the job of detoxification so making them rest also means fueling them more water to be able to cleanse themselves. Just avoid caffeinated and carbonated drinks like coffee, soda, and other flavored beverage in order not to add more toxins to your body. With water, you do not just expel unnecessary substance but also give way for your body to recover from the strenuous process of circulation and digestion with lots of toxins involved. If you rest and drink lots of water, you will certainly be surprised at how levels of copper present in your system will gradually be eliminated.

Try foot reflexology when you experience a severe headache

In the process of detoxifying copper from your body, there comes a time when the symptoms of toxicity become horrifying and disturbing but none of the available medication can actually be determined because such symptoms may also be felt with other deficiencies and disease. With reflexology, the act is safe as it doesn’t have to be administered internally. You can refer to a reflexology chart for the appropriate points or when you are in doubt, may consult a professional. The surprising thing about foot reflexology is it can actually make your headache cease and may even help you manage the other symptoms related to toxicity.

Include fermented foods in your diet

If you still have second thoughts that probiotic foods can actually help your body regulate the presence of excessive minerals, it’s time to fully think of its effectivity. Fermented foods have the ability to eliminate the toxins and the other unnecessary substance present within your system. Because detoxification itself means flushing out everything that may have been causing harm inside your body, you need catalyzers to ease the process. As such, fermented foods which contain good bacteria, help you release the excessive compounds.

Consume seafood in a limited amount

Some seafood may contain higher levels of trace minerals like Copper. So if you are bent on detoxifying it from your body, it doesn’t make sense if you consume something known to be another source of toxins. Though there is other seafood that may have a minimal level of copper, it would still be safe to just consume them in limited proportions. Remember that expelling some then consuming another will put your body in a rather compromising situation as it takes the equilibrium amid your fluctuating consumption.

Indulge in some hot yoga sessions

When you think that you have done everything and don’t feel like the excess Copper in your body hasn’t been totally fleshed out yet, try hot yoga sessions. Sweating out can be a good way of eliminating the trace mineral and it comes out naturally. As your body does the work, the heat from the inside helps you sweat and in the process, displaces the higher amount of Copper. The trick to this activity, though, keep yourself hydrated so don’t forget to consume lots of water as sweat continuously goes out of your body. You also need to include spices and herbs in your diet when you decide to do the hot yoga in several sessions. Garlic and cilantro would be good options so make sure to have them in heaping portions.

Do you feel like you are experiencing some symptoms of Copper toxicity? You need to check the level of trace minerals in your body and think of your diet and environment if there is any way that they have caused Copper to spike up in your system. If you aren’t taking enough dosage of other trace minerals, then you are missing the balance. If you think your health condition is somewhat worse and Copper toxicity has something to do with it, you may try all the ways I mentioned in order to detoxify the excess. Flushing the toxins may take a lot of effort and time but the relief will be all worth it. Suffering from headaches and other toxicity symptoms can greatly affect your life so you must take charge of what you can do and eliminate what is not good for you.