How to Eat 3000 Calories a Day on a Budget

How to Eat 3000 Calories a Day on a Budget

There was a time when I desperately wanted to lose weight that I ordered a 1200-caloric menu, good for 3 meals as prepared by a diet planner. I had to cough off more than the normal meals. Aside from the tedious preparation that healthy meals require, the ingredients are also more expensive. But what about eating 3000 calories a day on a budget? I am guessing the expenses would be the same as the 1200 calories because there are no restrictions on the ingredients and calories can be extracted from any food regardless of its nutritional value. While it may seem difficult to stick on a budget with higher calories needed, the rule in making not happen is to simply substitute expensive ingredients with less expensive ones. There are a lot of options nowadays and buying good food at reasonable prices is not difficult.

Buy Cheaper Protein Sources

While meat, chicken, and fish may be excellent sources of protein, their prices can sometimes be impractical especially if eaten daily. You may opt for buying eggs and lentils, instead. They are so much cheaper but you get the same amount of protein content. Your daily budget should not compromise the dietary requirements of your body. On days when eggs and lentils become overwhelmingly monotonous, you may try other sources like tofu, canned fish and cheap shellfish.

Substitute Your Carbohydrates

If rice and bread are becoming more expensive, your carbo and calorie needs will also be affected. On days that carbo loading is extremely important, try looking for better substitutes like potatoes and sweet potatoes. They are so much cheaper compared to other carbo sources. You get the same calories depending on the amount you consume yet you don’t need to spend as much. Calories in carob are high so if you are on a budget while aiming for 3000 calories, this isn’t a problem.

Choose Fruits that Contain More Water

Fruits also spike up the calories when eaten aplenty. Choose juicy fruits for optimum caloric content aside from making you feel full. They also come in bigger sizes without sacrificing the prices. Consider buying watermelon, grapefruit, and oranges for their water content. The calories are high and you will surely compensate for the remaining unreached caloric count through fruit consumption. You will notice the difference when you eat other fruits because juicy fruits are capable of filling your stomach in smaller amounts but higher caloric content.

Eat More Vegetables

Green, leafy vegetables are undoubtedly cheap not to discount the fact that they are high in vitamins and minerals. If you are worried about calories, just get rid of your doubts. Because they are sold cheap, you can buy as much as you want and consume higher amounts to reach the 3000 calories you want daily. The advantage of eating more vegetables is the nutritive value you get from them and not just the calories you want to stock your body with. Remember that the more you eat vegetables, the healthier you get. Never overlook the nutrients they offer just because your goal is to consume 3000 calories on a budget.

Avoid Expensive and Sugary Treats

You might think foods that are sweet, sugar-packed contain high calories so you indulge yourself so much on them. The truth is their nutritive value can come from zero to negative not to mention expensive. Yes, I understand that you are aiming for the 3000 calories but that doesn’t mean you just eat anything that contains more calories than the others without considering other factors like nutrients and price. Budget is important as much as you want to ignore it. Instead of consuming those sweet treats, look for other treats that are much healthier and cheaper. They may not be as delicious you complain but the whole calories challenge will be served well if you choose the latter and you still get the calories that you need. That’s on the budget, by the way.

In conclusion, your budget for 3000 calories on a daily basis relies on your ability to choose the right options, knowledge on substitution and wise decision. Always stay on your budget without sacrificing nutrition, quality, quantity and the value of such foods that bring to your life. Avoid anything that may compromise your health in the long run. Remember that budget is one thing but nutrition is another. 3000 calories may be high and may need you to spend more but being wise and knowledgeable will never get you wrong. Research and study all the types of food so you will get a better understanding of what diet plan suits you. The more you choose healthier alternatives, the better the foods come your way. Most of all, think about how far you can go with 3000 calories on a budget. If you think your body can convert energy on lower calories, might as well do it so you can also stretch your budget back to what you can truly afford.

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