How to get rid of Arm fat: Exercises and Diet Guide

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t put on your favorite shirt because you’re faced with arm fat? Indeed, nobody really likes flabby arms. After all, you want to feel good in your skin, right?

But hey, there’s no need to feel bad about anything related to your physical appearance! (1) And you know why? Because everything is up to you. (2)

Combining regular exercise and working towards improving your food habits is (mostly) all you have to do in order to get rid of arm fat.

If you’re thinking about how long will it take before you see the results you want, just remember that Rome wasn’t built in one day.

With this in mind, our top advice when it comes to losing arm fat (and, by the way, any other type of body fat) is to aim for long-term management of the issues, rather than shortcuts. (3)

Before we dive into the practical exercise and diet guide we’ve compiled for you below, it’s important to understand what causes arm fat.

Thus, you’ll be able to evaluate the reasons which might be affecting your physical appearance, and hence, your self-esteem.

Subsequently, you can reach the desired results through proper training and nutrition easily.

What Causes Arm Fat: A Comprehensive Mini Guide

Slow Metabolism

For a start, keep in mind that the lower is your muscle mass, the lower is your metabolism, as well. (4)

Of course, we all know some of those skinny people who seem to never gain weight no matter how much they eat. But keep in mind, though, that this can also be quite frustrating.

Above all, it’s best to stay away from extremes. The reasons behind a slow metabolism are numerous, varying from medical conditions, age, food preferences, stress, and lack of quality sleep, to name a few. (5) (6)

That makes targeting the limiting factors which cause your metabolism to slow down very hard (and often confusing). In a brief, you simply need to understand that a fast, well-working metabolism is a sum up of your lifestyle. (7)

You need to pay just as much attention to your mental health as to your physical health because these 2 are interconnected. Lastly, boosting your metabolism doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye.

Give your body the time to adjust and heal itself rather than pushing it too hard with quick fixes, such as magic pills and supplements. While these can surely be of your assistance, you mustn’t blindly rely on them.


According to MedlinePlus, reaching your 30s is related to a natural tendency of your body to store fat because of the fact you are losing lean muscle tissue. (8) This very process is called muscle atrophy, and while it shouldn’t scare or discourage you, it’s a crucial factor you want to keep in mind.

More importantly, is there a way to limit muscle atrophy caused by aging? Fortunately, there is a way, and this way is embracing a healthier lifestyle.

Also, there is no age limit for building healthier habits which increase the quality of life, as well as improve your physical appearance and, initially, your self-esteem.

According to a research originally published in the Medical, Ligaments and Tendons Journal (M.L.T.J.), and featured in the National Center for Biotechnology Information:

“The decrease in physical activity along with the process of aging is a key factor for strength and muscle mass loss.” (9)

Hormonal Imbalance

Anyone can develop some form of hormonal imbalance in just about any stage of life.

Even though hormone disruptions are often related to puberty, menstruation, as well as aging and some medical conditions, scientists confirm that hormonal imbalance can be also closely related to chronic stress, poor diet and nutrition, and being overweight. (10)

In the case you are concerned about possible hormonal issues, your best move is to consult with a qualified physician.

However, the fact that your hormones might be out of balance doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of arm fat.

What’s more, hormonal imbalance is just one more reason to reconsider, and subsequently, to improve your food habits and physical activity. (11)

Eating Habits

Do you tend to feel hungry while being under the influence of emotions? Do you have problems quitting on binge eating?

How often do you eat processed foods? Are fast food boots your regular go-to? Do you pay attention to the proportions of essential nutrients for each of your meals? (12)

Above all, you need to realize and acknowledge the role that your eating habits play when it comes to body fat. Yes, this goes to any type of body fat, arm fat included.

A healthy diet consists of unprocessed, organic food which is free of harmful additives and preservatives. Your meals should also consist of proteins, healthy carbs, and fats, as well as fibers. (13) But most importantly, you don’t need to feel restricted or limited.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating food you dislike. Instead, it means prepping the food you love while making sure it is as nutrient dense and real as possible.

Low Physical Activity

While this point doesn’t come up as much of a surprise, how do you know that your physical activity is low?

Maybe you think you’re exercising enough and/or leading an active lifestyle? But since you are reading these lines and looking for ways to lose arm fat, then something needs to be fixed, right?

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, adults should aim for an average of 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity per week and/or 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity weekly.

Nevertheless, you also need to dedicate approximately 2 days to strength training exercises. (14)

In short, your body requires about 30 minutes of physical activity per day to keep you healthy and full of energy.

However, weight gain isn’t defined only by the lack of physical activity. To put this simply, you need to balance the calories you consume daily with the amount of time you spend being physically active. (15)

To illustrate this, 2 people who are physically active for the same amount of time daily can show a mind-blowing difference in their weight just because person A consumes 2000 calories per day from nutrient-dense foods while person B consumes 2000 calories per day from unhealthy and/or highly processed foods.

Now, without any further delay, let’s jump straight to the no-nonsense exercise and diet guidelines to help you burn arm fat efficiently.

How to get rid of Arm fat at Home (+ Awesome Videos)

Do you want to know how to get rid of arm fat without gaining muscle? Or maybe you want to learn how to get rid of arm fat without weights?

On the contrary, you may be looking for arm fat burning exercises which include using free weights such as dumbbells, kettlebells, and/or resistance bands, is that so?

In any case, we have compiled a top 3 of the best video workouts for you below!

#1 – 1xThrough Arm Fat Burn Workout

We love this workout because it combines several awesome exercises which target on shaping the shoulders, biceps and triceps zone, as well as strengthening the core. And all of that while burning fat like crazy.

The exercises include standing V-raise, shoulder press, kickbacks, triceps extensions, in & out curls, inside curls, reverse flys, havyk raises, dips, pushups, reverse curls, and curls holds.

Does this sound overly complicated? Feel free to perform the exercises which resonate best with you.

Finally, this workout doesn’t require any specific equipment, except for a pair of dumbbells. However, you can easily switch the dumbbells for 2 bottles filled with water.

Lastly, if you want to avoid getting bulky, don’t overdo yourself, and finish the routine with 10-20 minutes of moderate walking.

#2 – Slow Pace Arm Fat Burning & Toning Workout

The reason we decided to make this particular workout part of our list is that it differs much from all the typical exercise plans and styles you may come across.

Not only does this workout evolve solely around bodyweight exercises but it is also extremely calming and well-working. Nevertheless, you can literally do it anywhere you like (that includes watching your favorite TV show, hooray).

Plus, this is a great option for those of you who might be really concerned with staying slim and avoid building muscle.

In short, the benefits of this workout are majorly focused on toning the sagging skin and building a lean, elegant shape of your arms.

#3 – Time Saving Arms Workout Routine

If you’re one of the busy bees out there, you will love to go through this fast, arm fat burning and muscle shaping routine which takes approximately 5 minutes of your time.

However, you can always choose to go through this workout for 10 or even 15 minutes but it is all up to you. You won’t need any equipment, too.

Ultimately, we recommend this workout for those of you who want to shape their arms without being afraid of well-looking muscles.

On another note, if pushups are challenging for you, try doing these while standing on your knees and take your time. Practice makes perfect.

A word of caution

Be extremely careful if you come across “miracle” diet and training plans which feature how to get rid of flabby arms in a week or how to get rid of arm fat in 2 weeks.

Most noteworthy, being persistent and motivated is what can truly help you get quicker results, and that comes to just about any aspect in life.

To be more specific, just like it takes time before fat accumulates in the body, so does it take time before it can find its way out.

Thus, proceed with anything which promotes how to get rid of arm fat fast with increased caution and awareness.

Above all, you don’t want to expose your health to damage while trying to achieve speedy and non-lasting results, right? (16)

Top 5 Best Diet Tips to Help You Lose Arm Fat (Once & for All!)

Sweet, simple, straightforward, and efficient – keep these diet tips handy and you will see arm fat melting while you are simply enjoying life.

#1 – Know what’s in your meal

Aim for eating a balanced portion of proteins, carbohydrates, fibers, and fats with each meal. If you don’t like eating chicken – then skip it! Go for beef, or fish, or seafood, or plant-based protein instead.

Choose natural sources of carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, potatoes, quinoa, and oatmeal. Make sure you get enough healthy fats daily by opting for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Omega-3 fatty acids, nuts, and avocado, to name a few.

#2 – Know the time for your meal

A fast metabolism has too much to do with schedule eating and too little to do with a messy, whenever-I-find-time-to-eat type of thinking.

Whether you go for eating small portions of food every 3 hours or if you prefer intermittent fasting – just aim for taking a meal at a particular hour. (17)(18)

Not only will this help you avoid hunger but it will also improve the connection between your mind and your gut.

#3 – The good old cardio

Sticking to solely arm fat burning exercises is not the right way to go. In fact, what will help you boost your metabolism and burn more fat in return is to make your blood move from head to toe.

With this in mind, combining arm fat workouts with moderate walking, cardio, cycling, and/or HIIT workouts is the best way to enjoy faster, better results out of your training routine. (19)

#4 – Find your pace

Ideally, you want to find the type of workouts, as well as diet plan which works best for you. And you are one of a kind. Don’t just settle with what the experts tell you to do without listening to your body.

There are thousands of expert guidelines you can find online, and yet there are also millions of people out there. So why should you possibly stick to a routine that doesn’t make you feel good?  (20)

#5 – Don’t chase perfection

Last but not least, chasing perfection leads to disaster. Doing so is not beneficial to your mental health, and neither it is beneficial to your physical health. (21)

For example, if you stick to working out regularly and pay attention to your food habits, then is it so bad to have 1 or 2 days of the week to spoil yourself? NO!

What’s more, giving your taste buds the little pleasures you crave, as well as giving your body a well-deserved break is what will give you more energy, will, and desire to keep going! So keep it real, and keep it simple, deal?

How to get rid of arm fat: Final Food for Thought

Even though arm fat can be annoying, you should always consider health as your top priority.

And while we would love to share with you a fit-them-all, never-seen-before, 1-week transformation recipe for losing arm fat, the truth is, we believe in the real power of motivation, consistency, and the valuable results which last in the long run.

Nevertheless, we know that the most beautiful people are happy people, so what’s the point of torturing your body with exhausting dieting and overwhelming workout routines anyway?

Instead, we encourage you to embrace a healthier life while enjoying the ride.

Because taking responsibility for your health is what will truly make you love working out and exploring the beauty of smart nutrition.

Finally, we also believe that the diet and exercise guidelines we have compiled for you in this article will be the only weapon you need in order to understand how to get rid of arm fat (for good, and with a smile)! So keep going and don’t forget to cherish your uniqueness.

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