How to Give a Satisfying Massage Using a Back Massager

Most people who reached old age experience back pain. Not only those individuals but others who suffer from back and neck pain seek for comfort.

Unfortunately, there’s no permanent cure for the elderly to avail. The back pain can only be controlled and reduced by involving a back massager for continuous use.

Some include the feature of giving a neck massage. You have to know how to use them and if not, it’s like you didn’t use it at all. You can’t get the benefits from it if you don’t use it in the right way. 

There are different kinds of back massager. You need to learn the right usage for each of them.

Take a handheld back massager as an example. It’s easy to use, but there’s difficulty in taking the massage as there are specific techniques in handling it.

Before you learn the steps in giving a back massage with a back massager, you should learn more about the different types and proper ways of usage.

Different Types of Back Massager and How to Use Them

1. Back Massage Chair

You can get one and make your home partly like a spa. Thanks to the discovery of new technology as you don’t need to schedule an appointment with a therapist. 

You can easily have back massage just by yourself and within the comfort of your home. You only have to sit on the massage chair then press the switch button.

You can also set the timer on how long you want its service. There’s also an adjustment for the massage section, which means you can let the chair work on certain parts of the body. 

You can get it working on your trapezius transversus, lumbar parts, and thoracic body part. It’s a great function as there are only some parts that need to be taken care of.

It has the capability to provide a whole-body massage. But when you get one, you should take the chance to get the back massage function.

2. Ball Roller Massage

The ball is like a tennis ball with spiky points around it. Put the ball on the flat surface; then, you can lie on it and let it roll to start the massage. 

You have to use your back to roll on the ball backward and forward. The coverage of its responsibility expands to arms, thighs, and calves. There are ball rollers that come with a stick so you can roll it over other parts of the body.

3. Body Back Buddy Massager

This back massage that has the form of an ‘S’ can be applied in any part of the body. You have to rub and roll it over your muscles as you apply pressure to make it work.

There are knobs on this massager that can help you with the pressure.

4. Back Massager for Shiatsu Way

You can get a multi-functional back massager that you can use for your upper and lower back as well as your neck. You will appreciate this tool in eliminating back pain.

When you use it, you will feel like you’re getting a massage from your fingers. strain if you use the back massager in the right way. 

Determining the area where you have the knots on your back is quite helpful for the successful outcome of the massage. You can use a back massager to detect it. 

Press the tip of the massage on your back, and if you found an area that you feel discomfort, so that’s where you’re going to focus. You won’t just guess where to station the massager.

Steps for Using a Back Massager

1. You have to let the person sit straight to maintain the equilibrium of the body. It’s also a way of avoiding dysfunction.

2. Put the massager on the target area on the back. You can press the area for about 30 seconds, and you can remove it. Apply the force which the person can stand.

3. Let the person breathe before taking a five-second break. Long breathing helps you oxygenate the muscles, so it’s something you must do.

5. When doing the massage, it’s best to have it in a place with a lot of fresh air. Oxygenating of muscles require fresh air.

6. After the break, you can repeat it five times.

7. Put more force that is tolerable to complete the goal of removing pain. Let it stay for 45 seconds then do it again for five times.

8. Let the massager move in a circular pattern within a single inch range of the affected area. Apply more power in this step and do it for half a minute. 

It enhances the blood circulation as well as the regular function of muscle tissue. 

9. Exert more effort and allow the person to breathe out. Of course, let him or her breathe in first.

It will increase the blood circulation of the person, and it creates relief for pain too.

These are the steps that you can follow if the person is receiving the message for the first time. If it’s not the first encounter, you can put more pressure and strength as the muscles have adapted to the use of back massager.

Sum It Up for the Finale

Getting a massage out of the traditional way will give you more wonderful experiences. These back massagers are designed to amplify the feeling that you can get from massage.

Aside from the feel-good effects, you will be able to gain comfort and relief. So after the massage, you will lighter and better.

It’s important to know the exact usage and application as well as finding the area that needs healing.

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