How to Lose Back Fat 101: Exercises and Proper Diet Guide

Let’s face it: back fat can be extremely annoying. Fortunately, anyone can learn how to lose back fat.

The truth is, we’ve been there before. We know how it feels when your favorite shirt, or bra, or jacket doesn’t fit. Nevertheless, we do understand how much energy you need to put each and every day in order to fight back for your confidence.

According to a global survey conducted by Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report, 4 out of 5 women have a low body self-esteem. (1)

It’s important to acknowledge the fact that your body image greatly affects your self-esteem, and subsequently, your mental health. (2)

Surprisingly (or not!), men are also affected by a low self-esteem, body image. In fact, research shows that a mind-blowing 80.7% of men “talked about their own or others’ appearance in ways that draw attention to weight, lack of hair or slim frame.” (3)

But what about the practical side of the question? Maybe you want to know how to lose back fat in a week? Actually, we don’t believe in shortcuts. However, we do know there is a right way to go, and that’s the way of proper dieting and proper exercising.

Are you ready to tune in? Let’s get this back fat burning fiasco started.

What Causes Back Fat

For a start, you can’t possibly target a particular problem before you understand the very reasons which cause the issue at first place.

Check out the neat cheat sheet we’ve compiled for you below to help you grasp the causes of back fat (and fight back)!

1. Poor nutrition

If you tend to snack on lots of processed foods, as well as foods high in sugar and/or fat, then your body’s natural response would be gaining weight in the form of stored fat.

What’s more, processed foods and fast foods contain many additives, preservatives, and many shallow calories. (4)(5)

So when trying to get rid of back fat, your salvation is not starving. (6) Also, it’s not about counting your calories. Instead, it’s about mindful eating. You want to give your body high-quality fuel which consists of organic, nutrient-dense foods. (7)

This way, not only your body will start to feel and look great. What’s more, your emotional and mental condition will improve. (8)

Meanwhile, food which is poor in essential nutrients may give you a quick boost of energy but provide little to none nutritional value.

2. Poor physical activity

How much of your time do you dedicate to being physically active? And no, proper physical activity is not about hitting the gym 5 days a week.

On the contrary, physical activity can be any type of movement, whether it’s a particular exercise or simply taking the stairs instead of using the lift. That means you don’t need to feel limited when it comes to exercising in a controlled environment.

Jogging, walking, quick morning exercising, and cycling are just some of the ways you can boost your physical activity.

What you need to keep in mind is that a mere 20 – 30 minutes per day of walking with a normal pace are still beneficial enough to help you lose fat. (10) Of course, that’s only true in the case you opt for consuming highly nutritional, quality foods.

On the other hand, experts do recommend that you dedicate 2 to 3 times per week for strength training. (11) Doing so will not only help you cope with back fat; it will also help you decrease the chances of heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis, to name a few. (12)

3. Medical conditions and/or medicines

Particular medicines, and/or specific medical conditions might also trigger your body’s natural response to storing fat. (13) Depending on the treatment you may be undergoing, you need to read the labels of your meds carefully.

Also, don’t hesitate to consult with a qualified expert when it comes to evaluating the risks of obesity and fat management, according to your medical condition.

Above all, do not neglect the professional advice you receive.

Most noteworthy, your health should be your top priority. If you have to focus on your treatment and put up with the annoying back fat for a particular period of time, then let it be. (14) (15) Sometimes it’s best to play safe.

4. Genetics

We bet this comes as no surprise, right? Much has been said about the way genetics influence a person’s physical appearance. (16) However, there is one crucial thing you want to keep in mind.

Bad genetics doesn’t equal a life sentence. Having to deal with back genetics simply means you will need to put more efforts than what the average training enthusiast will put. You might be surprised how far your persistence and consistency can bring you. (17)

As a matter of fact, people who were not born with the perfect genetic inheritance might just end up being the real winners in the back fat battle.

Wondering why? Because facing obstacles can bring out amazing and little-known superpowers which have been hiding inside you. (18) Work hard, play hard, remember?

How to Lose Back Fat at Home Without Equipment

In this section, we will discuss 2 major topics: proper dieting and the best exercises to lose back fat. We will target upper back exercises, and nonetheless, we will also share the most awesome workouts with videos to help you learn how to lose lower back fat and love handles, as well.

Mini Diet Guide for Losing Back Fat (and forget about the Yo-Yo Effect!)

#1 – Stay hydrated like a pro

Firstly, you want to avoid drinking water during a meal. That’s because water will dilute the acids in your stomach which are in charge of dissolving the food better and faster. (19) Your best move is to drink water about 1 hour after a meal and at least 30 minutes before a course.

Secondly, having a cup of hot water or tea before breakfast will help to cleanse your gut from any food remnants. Thus, your metabolism will increase, assisting you to burn calories and lose back fat efficiently. (20)

#2 – Eat your fruits and veggies the right way

As a rule of thumbs, remember that having fruits straight after a meal is a big, fat NO. If you like eating fruits as a desert, you’d better get rid of that awful habit.

Otherwise, most of the fruits remain on top of the rest of the food in your stomach, and subsequently, start to rot. The process of rotting is damaging to your gut, and hence, controversial to speeding up metabolism and losing stored fat.

On another note, you want to aim for eating about 2/3 of your veggies after slow baking, boiling, steaming, or any other form of cooking. (21)

Raw veggies are very high in cellulose, which can’t be possibly fully digested. To illustrate this, a cellulose-rich diet might be great for a cow, but not for you as a human being who’s trying to lose back fat.

#3 – Master scheduled meals

When you’re trying to lose body fat, your dietary habits will make up for about 80% of the success of your mission. (22) Thus, it’s crucial to schedule your meals in advance.

Firstly, doing so will help you avoid munching on various temptations when you are hungry and/or in a hurry. Secondly, experts suggest that eating a regulated portion on a consistent hour basis is the best way to give your metabolism a mighty boost. (23)

#4 – Eat nutrient-dense foods

While we already mentioned the significance and impact of eating nutrient-dense food briefly above, pinpointing this crucial factor for losing fat is a big MUST.

Indeed, it might feel awkward at first if you’ve never paid attention to food’s nutritional value. (24)

However, if you choose to be in a positive state of mind and use your curiosity instead of feeling limited, confused, or overwhelmed, then you will make things work entirely in your favor.

For best results, opt for seasonal, fresh, unprocessed food, and aim for cooking your meals at home. This way, you will know exactly what’s on your plate, and you will also schedule your meals better.

#5 – Prep healthy snacks & treats to avoid temptations

Ultimately, we are only human, after all, right? The fact that you are trying to lose back fat doesn’t mean you will have to deprive your taste buds of the happiness of consuming delicious food.

But then again, aiming for prepping your own healthy snacks and treats is the best way to go. First off, doing so will help you save money.

More importantly, you will expand your knowledge about the nutritional value of food, healthy cooking and the versatility of the ingredients you can use. Last but not least, you will be 100% sure what you’re snacking on, and you will stay away from indulging in unhealthy treats.

Quick Bonus Tip (for those who want to know how to lose back fat in a week)

Even though we do not recommend exposing your health to possible damage while trying to gain quick (but inconsistent) results, there is one little-known tip which can help you easily lose several pounds in the blink of an eye.

If that’s your goal (like, maybe you need to fit in that awesome dress for a special occasion, right?) – well, then simply cut off salt from your meals for a whole week.

Salt holds water in your body. So when you quit on salt for a week, you will quickly lose the water which was making your back look fat.

However, keep in mind that salt (also referred to as Sodium) is vital to your well-being since it serves as an essential electrolyte. (25) In a brief, salt helps to transport vital elements throughout the body. Hence, you mustn’t quit on salt completely and/or for an extended period of time.

Top 3 Best Back Fat Exercises and Workouts with Videos

#1 – 10-minute High-Intensity Back Fat Workout

This 10-minute workout is all about burning back fat at the comfort of your home.

There are 10 exercises which make up the routine, namely windmill, back lift, back squeeze, Superman fly, wing fly, Superman hold, arm + leg raise, swimmers, butterflies, and towel face pull. As you can probably guess by the very name of the last exercise, the only equipment you’ll need is a towel.

That’s a great workout which focuses on both upper and lower back fat but also helps to strengthen the core. Thus, it’s also a fantastic choice for those of you who are concerned about their love handles.

#2 – Free Weights Back Fat Workout

The reason we included this particular workout as part of our compilation is that it targets every single muscle of the upper back zone.

Indeed, that’s a blast out routine for those who wish to target the upper back, pinpointing the so-called bra overhang. You can choose to try out this workout at home or at the gym.

Moreover, you can use all kinds of free weights you have available, such as dumbbells, resistance bands, kettlebells, or even 2 common bottles filled with water.

#3 – No Equipment Back Fat Routine

Finally, we have another awesome workout which doesn’t involve the use of any extra weights. It consists of 5 exercises in total, and each round lasts less than 60 seconds.

Even though you can do this workout at home without any special equipment, you can easily increase the calories burning rate by adding any free weights you have handy.

To be more specific, the workout targets back fat loss with a highlight to bra bulge and arm flab.

The Takeaway

Your body is one of the most intelligent systems in the entire Universe. Picture it much like a well-working machine. Next, understand the key role you play in sustaining this perfect machine and making it work in your favor. Above all, you are the one in charge of choosing the fuel for your body.

Yes, you are the one in charge of making sure this fuel doesn’t remain trapped inside the machine. But instead, that you help your body stay toned and healthy through physical activity.

If you’re not the gym rat type, or the yoga type person, or the group workouts enthusiast type – then go for the kind of workout that makes you feel good.

Finally, don’t push yourself too hard because taking the time to rest and enjoy the ride will pave your way towards kissing back fat goodbye with a smile. Above all, getting enough sleep, avoiding overtraining, as well as embracing positive emotions is no less essential than regular workouts and a proper diet.

As simple as it sounds, if you want to lose back fat for good, go for the small improvements which will last in the long run, and not the quick fixes which will deepen your issues in the future. Keep going!

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