how to make a homemade outdoor basketball hoop

How to Make a Homemade Outdoor Basketball Hoop

Well, buying a standard commercial basketball hoop may cost you a lot of money. They are made with high-quality materials, which makes them pricey. If your budget is tight and can’t even afford to buy one, why not simply DIY a portable basketball hoop. It can lessen your budget and also simple to make, which you can use different things you can find in your home. It would be also easier to make one if you already have tools in your home, such as a welding machine and other necessary tools. So, here are some steps on how to make a homemade outdoor basketball hoop.

Making The Ring

The first thing that you have to do is the ring. You can use a metal rod and shape it with the use of an old tire rim. First, you need to put the rims on a flat surface, like a sturdy table that doesn’t wobble too much. Then, you should clamp it to secure it. You may also need to use another clamp a few inches from the rims as it will hold the rod while you bend it. Start bending it with force to get a circle shape. Once you shaped it into a circle, cut it the excess rod. Then, flatten by the use of a hammer to get the ideal circle shape. After you’ve finished the form, weld it together on both ends.

Making the Net Brackets

Well, this may be optional for you, but if you want to put a net, it will include it. This step is not too complicated as it sounds; you’ll only need 12 pieces of 90mm wire. Then, you will need to bend them in the middle, and you will get a U-shape. You will also need to bend it again in the center using a clamp. Do it with the rest of the pieces, and after you finished all the steps, weld it on the ring. These clip-on will serve as your net brackets.

Making The Ring Frame

It is a simple step, which you’ll only need to find a flat metal, but it should be thick to support the ring. Once you’ve found one, bend to an L-shape and weld the flat spot with your ring. You may also need to cut two rods, which are 320mm long, as it will act as a support of the frame and the ring. Then, drill four holes on the flat spot with the size of the bolts you have. The holes will be your guide for the board that you will make later. Then, clean it to remove the rust by using sandpaper and paint it together with the rim, preferably red color.

Making The Backboard

You can use plywood if your budget is tight, but you need to use 5 to 7 plywood to ensure durability. If you gather all the plywood, cut it with the dimensions of 24 inches wide and 18inches tall, same with the other plywood. Then, use wood glue to stick it together and mark the center as well as the holes from your ring frame. Drill the four holes, and your backboard is ready. If you plan to mount it, drill four holes at both ends of the board. You may also paint it if you want or even designing it, depending on you.

Final Step: Assembling and Mounting

Assemble it by placing the ring frame into the backboard by using four bolts and tighten it with nuts. Then, clip on the net if you already have one. Once finished assembling, it is now time for mounting. You can mount your self-made portable basketball hoop on the side of your shed, the walls in your house, or even on a tree. It should be at least 3 meters or 10 feet high if you love standard height. After it, you can now practice shooting anytime and any day.

As said earlier, if you have a tight budget, why not do it in your way. By this, you can save up money rather than buying a commercial basketball hoop that can tear your wallet. So, we hope that the guide can help you with your future DIY projects, happy shooting!

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