how to make a portable basketball hoop

How to Make a Portable Basketball Hoop

Having a portable basketball hoop in your home can provide you with countless fun and practice. It is a way of getting exercise or enhancing your basketball shooting and moves. However, if you don’t have enough money to buy those commercial ones, you can also make your basketball hoop. Making your portable basketball hoop might save you money, and it cost way cheaper rather than buying expensive ones. Whether you might build it from scratch, if you have the right equipment, you might still make it possible. So, here are the guides or tips on how to make a portable basketball hoop. 

Using Wire Hanger and Plywood: Simple and Easy

If there are no possible ways to get a commercial portable basketball hoop, you can make it by using simple materials. You can make a portable basketball hoop by only using wire hangers and plywood that you can find on your homes or buy at a cheaper cost. Below is the step-by-step guide for making this portable basketball hoop.

Cutting The Wire Hanger

Gather all the things you need before starting your work. First off, find a thick wire hanger, if you don’t have one, you can buy it from your local stores. Choose the thick one as it can provide you with a larger hoop. The wire hanger should be around 5 to 8 pieces to ensure durability and sturdiness. You need to cut the wire hanger on the end where it reaches the hook. Then, shape the wire into a circle form as it will be your ring, you can use pliers to bend it smoother and easier. Remember, you need to make sure that you leave a portion to the end of your cut to loop around the hook. Strengthen the wires with tape by covering it around. If you want your DIY ring to have nets, you can use simple materials such as strings or yarn, then connect it to the hoop. It is cheap and easy to install.

Making The Backboard by Using Plywood

After you finish making your ring, proceed on making your backboard. You may need to use plywood as your backboard. Cut the plywood with a saw to your desired size and should be proportional to the hoop. You may also need to use 2 to 3 plywood and glue them together by using wood glue to make sure that it is durable and sturdy. Then, you need to make two or four holes in the side of the board, which you will attach your wire ring. 

Assembling and Installation

You can use a tape to secure and tighten the wire hook through the back of the board. You might also use extra wires for securing the hook by twisting it together and attaching through a nail in the back of your board. After you finish installing and assembling your DIY ring to your DIY backboard, you can hang it through your walls or garage. It will also depend on you on what height you prefer, but the standard height will be 10 feet in total.

As a DIY portable basketball hoop, we recommended that you use lighter basketballs. Moreover, please don’t dunk on it, it is not ideal and made for dunking proposes. This idea is only for those who can’t afford to buy a commercial basketball hoop but needs to practice their shooting skills. We hope that this DIY method is helpful for you in making your own DIY portable basketball hoop.

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