how to make outdoor basketball court

How to Make Outdoor Basketball Court

Whether you love basketball or not, when everyone wants to play the sport, you might be obligated to play one. Well, basketball is a tradition, especially if you are an American. Having a basketball court near you or in your backyard, you can freely play and practice your moves. However, if your place has no court or even in your yard, what would you do? The answer to it is, what if you make your outdoor basketball court? It might cost you money, but for sure, your kids, the people around you, as well as yourself, can enjoy the sport. So, here are the steps and guides on how to make an outdoor basketball court.

Decide What The Location Is And Its Size

Well, the first step that you will need to do is to find the best location for your outdoor basketball court. It should be relatively flat land, so your work would be lessened that involved leveling for later on. You may also determine what the size of the court you may need to make, either you choose a standard court size, or only a half-court is.

Buying All Your Needs

After you have decided on the location, you can now buy all the needs for it. It includes the basketball hoops, basketballs, concrete, and paints. However, it will also depend on you if you want to concrete your surface or not. If you don’t want a concrete surface, it can also lessen the cost. Still, it will depend on you.

Level The Ground

If you decided to concrete the surface of your court, the area should be dug up as well as leveled. You may need some help with this process and should hire some professionals to concrete the surface. Excavate 117mm below the surface level for allowing the concrete slab, which is 100m, and the sports surface tile, which is about 17mm. If you have chosen to elevate the slab, you may not need to excavate, but of course, you should level the ground. You should also need to drill a hole on both end sides for your hoops.

Concrete Foundation and Installing the Pole Hoops

Now, after leveling the ground, pour 100 slabs of concrete that match the exact measurement. For this, you may need the help of an expert and plant the weather condition before you do this. Finish the concrete into a smooth surface and let it sit for about 72 hours to dry. You also need to install the pole hoops from the holes you made. It should be around 1 to 2 feet through the ground to make it stabilized then pour it with concrete. It should be about 10 feet high for the standard size.

Final Step

Once the concrete foundation solidifies, you may now install the backboard, rims, nets, from the pole hoops. You may also paint the surface, but you should need a stencil for doing that. You should paint the free-throw line, free-throw lane, 3-point arc, and the rest of the line. Then, you are now finished with your outdoor basketball court.

Well, building an outdoor basketball court is not as easy as you think. It may cost you a lot, especially for materials needed. However, once finished, you can enjoy it as much as you like playing basketball. You may also help those kids around that are willing to practice basketball as well as enhancing their skills.

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