How to Repair Your Exercise Bike Like a Pro

Mending the damaged parts of your exercise bike hints you to unravel the skills you are hiding. Exercise bicycles are one of the most common equipment when you want to exercise at home. Regardless of whether the exercise bike is an upright bike or just having the mechanics of a simple machine, the need to fix it when such a situation occur always needs the pro-style. Regular usage of it may infer some damage on, well, it depends on how you use it. However, there are some times which you can’t avoid this situation as such parts may tire out when you use them overly or wrongly. 

Essential Steps of Repairing yet Resulting Back to a Good Exercise Bike

The general idea when it comes to avoiding problems before it occurs is you need to have some daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly routine to make sure things are going well. Despite being not a pro, this article will give you tips on how to repair your exercise bike like a pro.

  • Whenever there are such circumstances that your exercise bike needs to be repaired, the very first thing that you should do is unplug it. The power cord must always be unplugged whenever you tried to fix some things. Not unplugging the power cord would result in you being electrocuted.
  • Before using it, you need to check the functions if they are still working properly. Physical checking would always do. Henceforth, you also need to check the displays if it still functions correctly, for example, the monitor, sensors, straps, pedals, etc.
  • If your exercise bike is powered by batteries, start by changing the batteries. The second step is you need to do a re-test if it works or not.
  • Sharp and inappropriate tools must not be used when you wanted to open some parts of your exercise bike.
  • You need to change the belt when it slips from time-to-time. Sometimes, tightening it would do, but if you think it needs replacement, then replace it.
  • Whenever your exercise bike makes a squeaking noise, do not carelessly open any part or assume where it is. I demand you to examine where the noise comes from before doing the fixing. In some cases, the noise is most likely to be heard when the belt or peals are being jammed. Repairing on this would need you to disassemble it first then lubricate and clean it. 
  • Whenever the magnetic resistance starts to malfunction, you can look towards the wheel gearbox or the flywheel to check on what it needs.
  • In-between of your exercise or when you are taking a break, a dry handkerchief in wiping the activity gear will kick away the sweats that are dropping from you. 
  • You can use a damp cloth when cleaning your bike, but do not even clean it by showering it with too much water.
  • If the bike’s tension can’t be controlled, you need to repair the electric console. However, it’s best to call some pro when it comes to this matter because it may infer you some bad results if poor management is being done. 
  • Do not throw the warranty paper given to you by the store or the seller when you purchased it. Securing the warranty will swipe away the damages you need to fix in an easy way.

Building or achieving your fitness level with your exercise bike, delivering your skills in repairing it would be a requirement as to when there are some disadvantageous situations that may arise. The number one or best thing you should do is you need to maintain a routine that will check every part of your exercise bike weekly. If you have more time, you can do it daily in order to easily check what it needs. Again, do not lose the warranty as this is a big big help. You can refer to the manuals given when you need some assistance. However, when the problem is so hard to solve, care to call some experts to repair it. 

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