How to Reset Massage Chair Guide and Tips

Massage therapy is one of the oldest and most effective practices to help the body and mind to relax. The first written records citing its health benefits date back thousands of years ago in China and Egypt. Nowadays, it has become part of almost everyone’s regular wellness routine.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

When it comes to relaxation, getting a massage ranks high on the list. And while it is a great way to help you relax, massage therapy can actually offer therapeutic benefits too. Some of the most common benefits reported includes :

  • Reduction of Stress
    Stress usually occurs within muscles when they are injured or overused. Stress can also occur mentally due to a hormone called cortisol. Specific techniques and movements used in massage therapy will help reduce stress. This includes deep strokes, which involves applying firm pressure to get within the muscle tissues and to increase tissue elasticity, reduce pain, tension, and stress.
  • Improved Blood and Lymph Fluid Circulation
    Massage helps oxygen-rich blood to flow through congested and tense muscles and help them heal. The kneading and pulling actions move the blood and flush lactic acid from the muscles. These actions also improve the circulation of lymph fluid, which in turn lowers blood pressure and improves overall body functions.
  • Improved Sleep
    Quality sleep is vital to our overall health and wellness. In fact, insufficient sleep is associated with a number of chronic ailments, like diabetes, depression, and cardiovascular diseases. Regular massage sessions have been found to induce better sleep quality because they trigger the release of serotonin, also called the happy chemical, since it contributes to feelings of happiness and calm.
  • Improved Mental Focus
    It is widely known that stress can cause tension on the muscles, especially around the neck and shoulders. This often leads to a limitation of blood flow to the brain that consequently affects memory and concentration. When massage relaxes the muscles, it also results in improved mental focus and efficient work.

If you are among those who are interested in enjoying the benefits of massage therapy in the comforts and privacy of your own home, then you should consider owning a massage chair. A lot of massage chair owners will agree that owning one offers a lot of advantages and is life-changing.

Gone are the days when you would have to drive to a spa or a massage center to relax your body. Ever since the introduction of the concept of massage chairs to society in 1968, this specially designed chair has undergone a lot of improvements and advancements. In fact, there are just too many amazing massage chairs in the market today that it is almost impossible to point out which one is necessarily better at reducing back and neck pains.

One important aspect that should not be overlooked when owning a massage chair is to know how to use and operate them properly. Otherwise, they could be bringing you more problems than benefits. When a massage chair is not well-maintained or taken cared of, the following issues might come up:

  • The wiring can get overheated
  • The auto timer can cease to function
  • The massage chair can be unresponsive to the remote
  • The massage chair can become noisy
  • The temperature of the chair can become unstable
  • The massage chair can stop working altogether

Resetting a Massage Chair

Most of the massage chairs available online operate with the help of remote control. A chair needs to have a particular pre-set program that was created during its assembly. When turning it ON, the pre-set program should activate on its own.

Pressing the ON and OFF button should get the chair back to its original factory settings. In some models, holding the power button as well as the kneading button and holding them for five to ten seconds will start the diagnostic system of the chair. An error sign should show on the remote, and the chair should vibrate a little. Once the diagnostic system is activated, it will remove the get the chair back to its original factory settings, removing all previous massage sessions.


A massage chair can offer a lot of advantages and benefits. It is undoubtedly one of the finest investments anyone can make. It goes without saying, however, that you can only take advantage of these benefits if you take care of the chair appropriately.

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