How to Take Care of Your Massage Chair 101

Having a massage chair at home is a good thing. Although it’s a bit expensive purchase, after all, you deserve a luxurious rest after a long day. 

To keep your massage chair for many years to come, taking care of it is a must. So, here’s a simple guide to help you maintain your massage chair in the right condition all the time. 

Do a regular cleaning 

To maintain the aesthetic look of the chair’s upholstery, regular cleaning is recommended. Surface cleaning is a must-do to remove debris and stubborn dirt that might cause damage to your massage chair. Keep in mind, cleaning massage chairs made with fabric material is different than that with leather materials. 

Cleaning a Leather Upholstery 

There are two types of leather upholstery: natural and synthetic leather. 

For synthetic leather, cleaning it with a damp cloth to remove the oil from your body, hair, or pets is good enough. However, if it’s already a long time since you clean your chair, to remove build-up material, clean it with a damp cloth and a mixture of distilled water and mild soap. Let it dry completely before using it. 

On the other hand, for natural leather, frequent cleaning is a must using a damp cloth. Using mixture or furniture cleaner is not recommended as it can damage the natural leather upholstery. 

Cleaning Fabric Upholstery 

Cleaning with fabric upholstery is just the same manner as cleaning any material made from fabrics. 

Always Condition the Leather 

Maintaining the leather nice and supple through using a condition leather and buffing it into the leather will help a lot. 

Consider the Weight Capacity

When you’re using your massage chair, consider its weight capacity to avoid additional stress it bears. Always remember that it has parts that can be expensive when damaged.  

When having a great massage, avoid cuddling with your pet or letting your children stay in your lap. Such will add weight. Thus, it might cause breakage or damages to your massage chair. 

Keep it from Direct Sunlight

Either your massage chair is made from leather or fabric, it is not a good idea to keep it under the sunlight. Although using your massage chair while enjoying the sun giving warmth into your body is a great feeling, it is not an advisable habit to keep with. 

Leather upholstery gets damaged under prolonged exposure to sunlight. On the other hand, fabric materials will also have a faded color with sun exposure. To keep the massage chair looking fresh and as beautiful as the first time you buy it, avoid exposing the chair under the sun. 

Use a Surge Protector 

You never knew when a strong storm comes, so it is better to have your massage chair a surge protector. Just like any other equipment, using a surge protector will keep your massage chair all the time. 

General Maintenance is not a Must 

The mechanical part of the massage chair is self-sustaining. This is why your massage chair will not require general maintenance, unlike other electric purchases you have at home. 

If there are parts that require lubrication, you may do it with yourself. It’s best to directly go to a certain component that requires some repair to avoid further possible damage. 

Consult to Experts Even in Early Signs of Trouble

Unless you’re an expert and are already knowledgeable about troubleshooting with massage chairs, always ask experts when you notice early signs of trouble. 

Strange noises, having a hard time switching the chair on and off, difficulty in switching massage modes, and failure of basic functions can be early signs of trouble. 

Remember, do not use your chair unless you’ve let the technician have a check on it. 

Use your Massage Chair Regularly

It might be strange to hear, but using your massage chair regularly is a good idea. Consider it like a car, when not in use on a regular basis, components and gears might not get enough lubrication or may not work properly. 

With this, it is recommended to have a routine when using your massage chair. 

In the end, as much as you take care of any of your investments, taking care of your massage chair is a must, just like how you supposed to be taking care of your personal stuff. 

The good thing about massage chairs is the fact that it doesn’t require so much technical knowledge in taking care of it. Thus, anyone can be a pro in giving this equipment the proper care. By using the different tips above, you can ensure that your massage chair remains beautiful and free from damages even after many years to come. 

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