How to Tell How Much Visceral Fat You Have

How to Tell How Much Visceral Fat You Have

While you hate your fats for messing your body, you also need to know that they don’t just categorically mean the same. In fact, there are two known types of fats: the subcutaneous and the visceral fats. The former may be needed by the body for energy conversion while the latter somehow lean towards the negative side which causes some chronic diseases and other health problems that may endanger the lives of those who have higher levels of such fats. How to tell how much visceral fats you have can take certain procedures and not just by looking or pinching the fats outside of your stomach. Because they are mostly accumulated over time and build up around vital organs, it is very hard to actually spot them, let alone measure them just by pinching the body parts which you think have stored fats.

Don’t Be Deceived

Since visceral fats are difficult to detect, you will never know how they create health issues until you just suddenly become sick. Most people who have diabetes, heart ailment and high cholesterol levels have higher deposits of visceral fats in their bodies. You might be wondering why some thin people also develop the diseases mentioned when they don’t outwardly look fat. Remember that visceral fats are located within and around organs which can only be found internally. Just because they are thin doesn’t mean they don’t have stored such fats. Looks can seriously be deceiving.

How To Measure Visceral Fats?

You can start off with the easier way first. Measure your waist against your hip and get the ratio. The result will be the closest to how much your body has accumulated visceral fats. The circumference of your waist should be divided by the circumference of your hip in order to come up with the waist to hip ratio. Again, the measurement may not be the most accurate but it will somehow give you a glimpse of your visceral fats at the very least. An estimate doesn’t harm, right?

Have Your Visceral Fats Measured Through CT Scan

Considered as the most precise tool, CT scan accurately measure the visceral fats you have stored in your body and their location around your vital organs. Unlike the waist to hip measurement method which only touches the external part of your abdomen and hip, CT scan checks the internal part of your body. The machine doesn’t make mistakes although there are some accompanying risks owing to its radiation. Compared to waist to hip measurement method, CT scan is also relatively expensive, thus, making it an unpopular choice.

Try Bio-electrical Impedance For Visceral Fats Measurement

This machine works by measuring the visceral fats in your body using electrical tolerance as an electrical current goes through it. An analysis will be produced right after the bio-electrical impedance transmits the current all over your body. The machine has the capability to identify the distinctions between tissues that are inclined towards fats and those that veer towards nonfat parts. What sets it apart from the CT scan is the absence of radiation, thus, making it safer. With its function that can actually touch and go through the body, the accuracy in measuring visceral fats can be compared to the precise results generated by CT scan. Furthermore, you need to prepare yourself to cough up a few bucks just if you want to have this machine measure your visceral fats because it is also quite expensive.

The Wonders of Body Volume Index As Visceral Fats Measurement Tool

You may think that this is just another tool that measures visceral fats externally. With the popularity of waist to hip measurement, you may feel there is no need to use another tool that will just produce the same estimate as the former. You need to keep in mind, however, that body volume index employs more sophisticated ways a white light to analyze the body as it scans through it. You will then see images created or formed in three dimensions, focusing on the actual location of fats as well as muscles all over the body. It automatically identifies the risks of diseases caused by the visceral fats. It will also pinpoint the possible target of health-related problems, again caused by the visceral fats. You see, it’ items not as simple as the waist to hip measurement when your visceral fats are just estimated without actually going through the internal figures of your body.

Knowing the health risks that visceral fats may create, it is highly recommended that you have you have yourself checked using the mentioned methods and machine. It is only through proper analysis and study of your body that you will actually understand how the visceral fats can be banished and especially prevented to accumulate more in the future. Your preference of method should depend on the accuracy, though.

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