How to Turn Your Old Bike Into an Exercise Bike

During these days, when mass transportations and gatherings are strongly prohibited in many areas around the world, using a bicycle is one alternative people have thought of in order to avoid the hassle of traveling every day with less public transportation available on the street. However, for better riding experience, some may also be thinking about buying a new bicycle and recycle or display the old one.

So, how to turn your old bike into an exercise bike at home? Here are some quick tips and easy steps to try so you can still have your precious bike with you, standing proud in one corner of your house.

How to Turn Your Old Bike Into an Exercise Bike

It is super simple, and you just need a small amount of money to buy the needed tool for this one. A stationary bike may be an old bike that, because of the cold or rainy weather outdoors, has been stored indoors to rest. However, for regular bikers, thinking about not cycling for a few weeks or months would be boring and frustrating.

Therefore a tool that allows bike owners to let their cute wheels stand and stay with them indoors has been victoriously created. It is a special stand that shall transform your bicycle into a stationary type or one that does not move away from its position in the room.

Regular bike riders can still ride them whenever they like and achieve a healthier body through stationary biking until everything goes back to the normal sunny weather outdoors.

Types of Stationary Bikes

1. A Trainer Bike

  •  It is a kind of stationary bicycle that holds the back wheel of the bike, letting the front wheel stay on.

2. A Roller Bike

  • It is a stationary bicycle that has the bike hanging and letting the two wheels spin around while the biker rides in place.

Placing the Stationary Bike at Home

1. Find the Perfect Place for your Stationary Bike

Small space inside your house or room should be enough for your bike to be stored. Avoid leveled or carpeted spots, too. Setup first the bicycle stand, which may be two pieces or one-piece, depending on the type you shall be choosing to have. This shall tell bikers whether the space they have chosen is enough or not.

2. Installing the Bike on the Stand Prepared

First, place the back of the bike before the front portion. Clamp the stand tightly on this part so no wiggling will happen anytime during one of your cycling sessions. Once done, you may proceed with the front portion, which needs to be safely secured as well. Tight but not too much so as not to damage the bearings of the bicycle due to rubbing.

3. Check the Installation for Stability and Safety

Step back and see from afar if the bicycle has been mounted in a well-balanced manner. Reposition the bike if necessary. Also, it is recommended that you wiggle or shake the bicycle a little to check if it will have any shaking feeling when you run the bike at any speed. The bike needs to be not too stiff nor too loose, just enough to let you move while riding it from side to side.

Benefits of Biking at Home

There are other reasons for some bikers transforming their old bikes into a stationary one aside from the cold weather outdoors.

For one, an indoor stationary bike allows one to exercise and burn fats and calories while staying inside the house. In fact, the government reported that healthy adults spend 150 minutes of cardio per week.

Another benefit is that this activity lets you develop stronger stamina, better mood, improved immune system, and also with reduced risk from having some chronic diseases.

Final Words

With this easy and convenient steps to converting your beloved bike into an indoor type one, there’s less reason for you not to enjoy while losing some of your unhealthy calories inside and to sweat a little whatever season occurs. Find the best bike stand for your bicycle now and start your indoor cycling today!

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