How To Use An Inversion Table Properly

An inversion table is primarily used to relieve a person from back pain. It’s designed to alleviate pressure on the spine that was compressed over time. Using this instrument will help improve flexibility, posture, and joint health. However, not knowing how to properly use the table can result in more problems like hurt ankles and strain muscles.

So, how to use an inversion table properly?

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Step 1

The first thing you must remember is to check the mechanical parts of the equipment. Read the manufacturer’s instruction manual carefully and use the right tools to build the table. Adjust the table to your height and tighten the screws. That way, you’ll ensure it’s not just comfortable, but safe to use as well.

Step 2

Slant the board and adjust the strap to your preference. For beginners, 90 degrees is the recommended position rather than a full 180 degrees.

Step 3

When you’re ready, slowly climb onto the table or stand with your back against the board. Place your feet in the footrests and secure them with the straps.

Step 4

Hold on to the handles and lean back slowly to rotate the table. Don’t drop quickly to avoid getting nauseous or falling off. When you tilt, you should do the prone position or look up at the ceiling.

You can rotate the table by flushing your back on the board and putting weight on it. Expect your muscles, joints, and tendons to stretch as you are rotating. But, do not worry, it’s not going to be so painful.

Step 5

As you hang upside down, relax and breathe deeply. The proper procedure is to inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Stay inverted for just two to three minutes before slowly coming back up again.

Step 6

Gradually increase the time you’re inverted up to ten minutes. Just ensure you’re still comfortable.

Step 7

While inverted on the equipment, slide your shoulder blades down your back and try reaching the ground behind your head. Doing these will let your arms stretch and let the blood circulate well. Hold the stretches for about thirty to sixty seconds.

Step 8

If you want to strengthen your core, perform crunches while inverted. Put your hands behind your head and lift your upper body off the table. Repeat the routine for at least three sets of twelve crunches.

Step 9

Slowly return to an upright position and rotate to prevent feeling dizzy. If you’re done with the inversion table, wait until you’re steady before unlocking your feet and stepping out. The gentle traction you experienced using the equipment should ease your muscle stress.

Some tips for setting up and using an inversion table

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Know its limitations and don’t overdo it

You must understand that the inversion table is equipment that could help treat muscle tension and back pains. What it cannot do is cure any types of diseases or medical conditions. Think of it as a short-term method to get rid of back pain and nothing more.

The use of this equipment should also be controlled especially for people with eye diseases. Blood pressure tends to increase when inverted even for just a few minutes. Continuous use could hurt the head and eyeballs or worse, result in migraines or stroke.

People who are pregnant, suffering from spinal cord injury, have multiple sclerosis or swollen joints should not use this equipment. In addition, anyone who has vertigo should be supervised by a health professional during the use of equipment.

Setup the equipment in a free space

Aside from ensuring the table is safe to use, you should also consider the environment it’s placed in. This is large equipment that requires plenty of space for rotating. Make sure you’re in no danger of hitting your head or injuring someone else.

The best place to set up your table is in an empty room, basement, or attic of your house. If you’re living with kids, ensure they don’t have access to the location of your table to prevent accidents.

Make it stable

You should consider placing the whole equipment on a mat or rug to prevent it from sliding especially when you’re trying to rotate.

Make the necessary adjustments

This type of equipment will produce a maximum result when built properly. Your back pain will effectively diminish if the table is adjusted according to your measurements. Most inversion tables have a twistable knob that makes it easy to change height.

Get accustomed first

Remember not to force yourself into doing the inversion table therapy. When you get accustomed to the feeling of rotating, you will feel that your blood flow or pressure is changing. By then, you can start increasing the degree of angle from 90 to full 180. Start slow and add to the angle over the course of weeks.

For first time users, it’s essential to stay inverted for not more than five minutes. Even if the routine or position make the muscle feel good, forcing your body will cause side effects. The most common angle of inclination is between twenty and sixty. Exceeding this degree also warrant adverse effects.


Back pain can affect all ages and for various reasons like an injury. It’s debilitating and without proper treatment, it could result in more risks. One of the cost-effective and harmless ways of treating such physical ailments is to undergo inversion table therapy.

However, it is crucial to double-check the stability of the equipment before use. Without the knowledge on how to properly set up the equipment and the right approach to use it could produce even more problems in the future.

Lastly, do not think of the equipment as the ultimate solution to cure diseases. Doing routines on it is a great form of exercise, but it should replace the advice of qualified physicians. Consult your doctor before using the equipment or when you feel you’re getting worse outcomes.

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