Keep Your Kids Active with these Exercise

Keep Your Kids Active with these Exercise

At an early age of three to seven years old, kids are on the stage of exploration. They want to try a lot of things. They dance, they sing, they play and every other activity a kid should experience that will help them be engaged in living an active life without them even knowing. The thing is, kids do not just improve physically in being active but it boosts the children academically and behaviorally as well.

According to a study that was conducted, kids who are engaged to an active lifestyle are the ones most likely to have a positive perspective in life, enjoy being around a circle of people, and tend to be more enthusiastic in doing such activities. Kids do what they are told even when they are not told, they have fun even on the smallest things they do. As adults, we are the ones who will accompany them in assistance of the activities that they have to learn. Playing ball, cycling, swimming, and running, some simple activities that are enjoyed by the little ones accustomed to their endurance, strength and flexibility, their growth as the top priority.

These simple exercises can be done at home or even at school just to start the day right and in an enthusiastic manner. Being exposed to exercise activities or letting them play is merely just for fun and for the improvement of their health as they grow up too.

Here are the types of exercises your kids will enjoy


A good work out for kids to tone down their muscles to avoid fatigue and injuries. Having their arms stretched and knees bent boosts the coordination between the upper and lower part of their body. Doing stretching wakes up their muscles that’s why it should be included in a kid’s daily routine before proceeding with basic exercises to start the day

This is the most basic exercise, they can do it standing up, lounging, or even playing in the monkey bars. This is a great warm-up exercise for the kids. Having their muscles and joints relax before the actual activity and once they get used to exercises as being part of their daily routine, it would be as simple as having them play.


Along with the streets, in the garden, or just a simple walk with the dog in the house. Kids love it when they walk, and in line to walking is talking. At a slow pace, walking improves and strengthens their heart as well as their breathing ability. They get to ask questions out of curiosity, just the random whys, hows when enhancing their thinking and developing good communication skills too.

Walking calms both lobes of the brain improving memory and decision making. It’s a spontaneous activity, yes, but it is a fantastic way to have quality time with the kids. According to a study, it develops road awareness too at an early age. This is the simplest exercise accustomed to kid’s every day. Walking to school, for example, five times a week, at least 10-15 minutes a day, can improve their concentration and will help them focus on their activities at school and at home.


In the backyard, all over the playground, along with the hallways, wherever, name it. This is the fundamental factor in experiencing the essence of childhood. Well, for adults, a good run is exercise but for kids, a good run is an indication of a good play. Being involved in physical activities is a great way to have oneself be challenged and focused towards a goal and being trained at an early age, they will learn how to build themselves.

Running is a good cardiovascular exercise for the kids too. It builds and improves their muscle and brain coordination and growth. A kid who runs regularly is proven to be more goal driven and motivated.


Up, down, to the left or to the right. A good part of play for kids, a simple

Exercise that can be done almost everywhere improves the kids’ flexibility and posture. Kids jump for joy, jump for play or just jump for exercise. In line to running, jumping boosts kids’ bodywork for balance. Little did they know that a simple jump makes their heart healthy too.

Jumping is a form of enjoyment for kids but in line to it are benefits for improving their flexibility and toning their joints. A simple jump will help them move at ease in comparison to having them run since jumping has its own way of relaxing as they reach the ground allowing them to maximize the strength that they are capable of.

These simple exercises that can be done almost everywhere is a start for your kids’ living a healthy life that having them engaged in body inclined activities will definitely have a positive effect. This practices discipline and responsibility in knowing that they have goals to fulfill and routines at the task. It is at their advantage to start being active at an early age so that as they grow up, these activities will be included in their daily routine.

Through a kid’s exploration indoors and outdoors, they tend to be more exposed and prone to sickness but come to think of it, living an active and healthy lifestyle will part your kids from ailments increasing your child’s potential to perform.

At an early age, it’s not that bad to spare at least an hour to exercise just to start your day right and strong. With the technological innovation of this generation, it is with the best interest to have your kids be interested in outdoor activities that they will find fun and enjoyable rather than being indoors and playing with gadgets.

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