Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer Review: Is This the Right Bike Trainer for Your Needs?

A bike trainer will keep you in good shape and form. It will let you ride your bike no matter what the weather is outdoors. And if you need help keep weight off and you want a trim and slim physique a bike trainer may be able to help you out.

With a unique design and frame body, the Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 may just be the right bike trainer for you. This Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer review will help you decide if its whisper quiet operation or the onboard watt meter is the best feature you’ve seen in any bike trainer.



Compared to regular bike trainers, the  Kinetic Road Machine looks cool with its fun green apple design. It has round frames, therefore, you’ll be able to use it for high-level routines. It comes with a watt meter so you’ll be able to manage your fitness routines on the go.

  • Ease of use

The Kinetic Road Machine  2.0 Fluid Trainer looks simple and easy to assemble and use because it has only a few parts.  Lead your bike in,  rear wheel-first and attach the wheel to the resistance system. This operates using progressive resistance technology so you’ll feel like you’re riding your bike outdoors.

And when you are was done working out, disconnect the two screws, unload the bike and take a run. It will also fold into a small frame so you may keep it away or take it with you inside your car.

  • Smooth and quiet operation

The problem with most bike trainers is the noise. But the Kinetic Road Machine operates quietly and smoothly. You may use it without bothering anyone at home.

  • Made from heavy-duty materials

The frame of the Kinetic Road Machine may look like frail PVC pipes but actually, these are made from very durable materials, capable of withstanding heavyweights. You may train with your bike all day long or take your bike out on a run every other day and it will remain in good shape and ready to use.

Who is the Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer for?

The Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 bike fluid trainer is for anyone who wishes to use his bike to perform fitness routines. It is for men and women, for anyone new to fitness and cycling. It’s for the young and old as well.

  • For people who want to improve their fitness levels. Regain cardiovascular strength, trim off flabs and create a better muscular form when you train with this bike trainer along with the right diet, exercise and rest.
  • For people new to cycling and fitness. Fitness cycling is using cycling to benefit overall fitness. You can use this bike trainer at home to finish exercise routines, achieve new training goals and more.
  • For people who need a low-impact exercise routine. Whether you’re recovering from an illness or surgery due to an accident then this bike frame can help introduce mobility and resistance.

Key product features and benefits

  • Quiet and smooth to operate

There’s nothing like working out without the unnecessary noise. With this bike trainer, you can even watch  TV or listen to music as you train. If you share your home with other people then this type of bike trainer may be your best choice.

  • With easy inRide Watt Meter

Kinetic’s inRide Watt Meter lets you complete fitness training routines and power training exercises safely and effectively. You can indulge in exercise routines with varying intensities and resistance as well.

  • Easy to dismantle and keep

This bike trainer is easy to assemble plus it is also easy to dismantle and keep anywhere. It will fold into small equipment, barely occupying any space. You can place it under the bed, inside your cabinet or inside the trunk of your car. Just open the frame and set it once you are ready to work out the next day.

What we like about the Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer

  • Quiet and smooth to operate
  • Precisely replicates an outdoor run
  • With 6.25 pound flywheel
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Compatible with the Watt Meter

What we don’t like about the Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer

  • Not for all bikes



FAQ and Additional Tips

  1. How to maintain this bike trainer?

You don’t really need to maintain this bike trainer because its smooth exterior resists stains, messes, and splatters. But if this gets messy, use a soft damp cloth to remove all dirt. You may also wash it down with soap and water. Dirt can affect the progressive resistance of the trainer so be sure to clean it up first if it’s very dirty.

  1. Is it safe to leave your bike padlocked in this bike frame?

Although this may be used as a bike frame, we don’t recommend it as a mobile frame. It is small and therefore hardly noticeable so this may be easily taken from you even if it is still locked in place.

  1. How do you fold this bike trainer away when not in use?

To fold this bike into a small frame, just take the two frames and fold these inwards together.  After this, you may now keep this trainer under the bed, in your closet or table. The low profile lets you hide it anywhere in the room or you may simply place it in a corner because it won’t need a lot of space anyway.

Final verdict

The Kinetic Road Machine is a fluid bike trainer that’s whisper quiet despite use. It can be used for fitness, weight training, and weight loss. It is easy to assemble and use with no need to use any tools or additional equipment. It even comes with an app to monitor your fitness routines day after day.

The Kinetic Road Machine can enhance your training routines by increasing stamina and strength. We recommend this bike trainer to help people achieve their training goals despite a few flaws.